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Why Use a Cloud Video Streaming Solution

By Rabeea Tahir

A streaming video revolution awaits us. The current enterprise use cases for video streaming as a communication and marketing tool are only a forerunner to an impending video streaming wave that is still waiting to be realized. Businesses adopting video streaming not only reap its benefits of improved communication and learning across organizations, but are also setting themselves up for success in the long run.

 According to Research & Markets, the Global Enterprise Video Streaming Market is expected to grow from $13.01 billion in 2014 to a staggering $32.87 billion by 2019. This explosive streaming video growth means that not only will the use of enterprise video streaming surge to unprecedented heights in the near future, it will also become ubiquitous to business operations – mandating its effective use for businesses to remain relevant and competitive in the modern world.

 Everywhere we look today, video streaming is getting bigger and better.

Video is expected to make up over 75% of all mobile data traffic by 2020, and 80% of all global internet traffic by 2019, according to a study by Cisco. 

What does a streaming video surge mean for the modern enterprise?

With video streaming driving internet traffic, enterprises will need to invest strategically in implementing a comprehensive video streaming strategy for internal and external business use.

Video brings with it unanticipated bandwidth strains and storage dilemmas.

The enterprise WAN (wide area network) was never intended to handle video streaming traffic. The transmission of large data packets of video streaming causes latency issues that disrupt the video streaming viewing experience and limit its effectiveness for the end user. Moreover, traditional IT infrastructure housed onsite company’s premises increasingly lacks compatibility with the revolutionizing technology associated with modern video streaming use cases. Cloud vs. On-Premise Whitepaper

However, contemporary video streaming issues are only the tip of the iceberg as with a larger scale use of video streaming, the issues stemming from its management will also inevitably become more complex in nature – pains that will necessitate the need for enterprise video streaming content management systems like VIDIZMO.

Another important factor determining a company’s technological readiness to embrace video streaming lies in its ability to adapt to the use of cloud. All in all, a company is best-suited to handle the video streaming surge with a cloud-enabled video streaming content management system that meets all needs for video streaming and digital content management, while leveraging scalability, security, efficiency and innovation of the cloud.

How does a cloud video platform solve enterprise video streaming pains?

VIDIZMO’s cloud-enabled enterprise video content management and streaming solution offers enterprises scalable storage, speedier video streaming encoding, global scale accessibility, as well as seamless media delivery to all devices and browsers in varying bandwidth conditions. In addition to freeing up business leaders from recurring hardware maintenance and replacement worries, a cloud solution provides organizations the flexibility to innovate and promptly upscale or downscale operations, depending on varying business needs.

With the ability to scale infinitely, a cloud video streaming strategy gives businesses unmatched agility to expand video streaming usage without having to focus on the physical expansion of assets and resources on the ground. Customers can also scale up video streaming usage in case of temporary spikes in demand or scale down when the demand has tapered off.

Additionally, as cloud providers continue to invest in maintaining the highest standards for network security and compliance, customers can be assured of cloud’s reliability for all business needs, from the management of applications and workflows to mission-critical business operations.    

Video streaming possibilities in the cloud

Video holds immense possibilities for innovations and breakthroughs across industries in the future.

Fueled by the power of possibilities created by the cloud, video streaming innovation could impact a broad range of industries, including healthcare, customer service, defense, law enforcement, financial services, telecommunication, automotive, tourism, and entertainment. While the current use of video streaming in the enterprise is only scratching the surface, there is a sea of entrepreneurial possibilities waiting to be discovered with the power of video streaming, enabled by the cloud.

With the revolutionary flexibility built into VIDIZMO’s modular technology and agile development model, VIDIZMO supports any new video streaming use cases to enable our customers to explore new and innovative uses for video streaming. For instance, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System was developed to accommodate government and law enforcement’s growing needs to manage digital evidence stemming from increasing use of video streaming as an evidence management tool.

VIDIZMO enterprise video content management and streaming solution is versatile enough to accommodate varying business needs to enhance core business processes, we can help customers explore new avenues for video streaming use cases for corporate communication, training, knowledge sharing, learning, sales, marketing, among others. 

Additionally, VIDIZMO’s strategic cloud partnership with Microsoft Azure allows our customers to avail innovations in Azure Media Services. With substantial investments in innovative technologies, Microsoft Azure Media Services offers video streaming technologies such as automated transcription, advanced analytics, video streaming and audio redaction (on roadmap), facial and emotion recognition, hyperlapse, and video streaming OCR. VIDIZMO then utilizes all these innovative technologies to create business solutions that are available as part of VIDIZMO’s enterprise video content management and streaming solution, bundled with Microsoft Azure cloud service. This way, VIDIZMO customers benefit from cutting-edge innovations in cloud media services that they couldn’t otherwise create or buy, without incurring an enormous financial expenditure.

Can you imagine the possibilities VIDIZMO’s video streaming and cloud capabilities can mean for your organizations?

Contact us to know more about VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Content Management System or sign up for a free 30-day trial to explore the platform today.


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