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Explore VIDIZMO's Indexer in Video Content Management System

A video indexing software helps you quickly find videos by extracting information contained within them. Read more on how VIDIZMO's platform can help.

If you have thousands of videos stored, then finding the right information is just going to take much time. A report from EY shows that in every 5 minutes a worker spends, 1 minute is wasted in time spent searching for information. As a result, a significant amount of time and resources are wasted in the process. 

Organizations that use video content management systems also face similar challenges. They have tons of videos related to various departments and use cases.  

If you need to find vital information in a library of 100s of recorded meetings, it is almost impossible and counter-productive for you to open and go through every meeting. 

Here is where you will need video indexing software with AI capabilities to extract information and help you find information much quicker. 

If it is a text document, then any simple file explorer can help you easily find what you need. But video data is different! You can only search videos based on titles and not on what is spoken inside them unless you use video indexing software. 

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What is Video Indexing in a Video Content Management System? 

Video indexing is the process of extracting information from videos to help users find and access videos more easily. 

It originates from the term indexing, which generally means making information more presentable and accessible. 

In technology, video indexing involves extracting information from a video and storing it in a database. This information is called video metadata. 

The information can be a transcript of what was said in the video or the names of the people appearing within it. This helps a search engine quickly find a video as it can go beyond the basic title search and look for information contained within the metadata. 

Side-by-side comparison of indexed video and non-indexed video

Why Need Video Indexing Software? 

Video indexing is done through software rather than manually. This is mainly because manual indexing can be a costly and time-consuming process. 

Consider doing transcription of a video, for an average person, it will take 4 hours to transcribe a 1-hour long video. Manually indexing spoken words in a library of 1000-hour-long videos is just not the best idea. So, what is the alternative then? A video indexing software. 

Video indexing software is equipped with AI capabilities to speed up the process for you. We will discuss these shortly. The bottom line, it helps you quickly index videos and save time. 

Screenshot of video indexing in action on VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO Video Indexing Capabilities 

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-recognized video content management software, while the Digital Evidence Management System DEMS is an IDC-recognized market player. These products have the VIDIMZO Indexer, which offers multiple features to help you index videos.  

The following are the key capabilities: 

  • AI-generated transcriptions to index spoken words in more than 40 languages 
  • AI-generated translation of transcriptions in more than 50 languages to improve search in multiple languages 
  • Automatic topic detection to tag videos  
  • Automatic character recognition using OCR. This helps the index appear in on-screen text, such as license plate numbers, names, texts, and numbers.  
  • Automatic face and person identification using AI.  
  • Automatic object detection 
  • Automatic speaker recognition 
  • Automatic vehicle detection 
  • Automatic activity recognition 
  • Custom AI models to detect specific scenarios, such as cracks in footage of pipes or anomalies on industrial premises 

VIDIZMO also offers a powerful search tool to find videos quickly using information contained within metadata. 

VIDIZMO Indexer automatic speech recognition feature

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VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube portal overview

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VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers not just video indexing but a complete video platform, more like a private and secure online video library designed explicitly for organization, where you can store and manage content. Advanced indexing comes in as a bonus! 

The platform is great for managing recorded Zoom meetings, and our customers have used it for this purpose. By indexing recorded meetings, you can harness all the information contained within them. 

Testimonial of customer NESIC on using VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete video platform that can be used to store large amounts of video data and use it for multiple use cases. Examples include training and learning, corporate communication, archiving, live streaming, marketing, or simply sharing videos securely. 

The platform is available as SaaS, in Azure or AWS, commercial or government cloud, or can be deployed on-premises.  

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Final Thoughts 

When managing a large video library with ongoing additions, efficient search methods are essential to avoid wasting time on endless searches. Thus, a video indexer app is pivotal for any video content management system 

The VIDIZMO Indexer app not only ensures smooth search functionality but also employs state-of-the-art technology, extending beyond traditional recognition to detect faces, speech, and license plates, utilizing OCR and other AI-supported search capabilities. 


1. What does it mean by indexing content? 

Content indexing means the process of storing and organizing content in a way that it can be easily searched when needed without wasting time and resources. 

2. What is a video indexing software? 

Video indexing software categorizes and extracts metadata and various other information from videos, aiding in efficient organization and searchability. 

3. How can video indexing be done in a video content management system? 

Video content management systems usually have hundreds and thousands of videos, manual indexing will take forever. The best way to do video indexing is to use video indexer software like the VIDIZMO indexer app for EVCM and DEMS. 

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