Optimize Video Metadata for Improved Video Performance

Have more videos than you can manage? Explore the power of video metadata for a more organized video library and swift searchability.

These days, videos are the most preferred method for information delivery and communication. Organizations are piling up tonnes and tonnes of videos on a daily basis. Their usage is now prevalent in almost every business department, including sales, marketing, human resources, and customer support.

A study even showed that administrative messages are delivered in the form of video by 29% of businesses.

However, storing and collecting all these videos would have been pointless if measures are not taken to make them searchable and, in the case of external videos like advertisements, make them rank on search engines.

Hence, video metadata is of utmost importance in ensuring the usability and longevity of your videos.

Simply recording and publishing a video is of no use if you are not able to make it accessible to the right audience at the right time.

You must organize them on a centralized YouTube-like enterprise-grade video platform that allows you to optimize your video metadata to make your videos organically discoverable as well as swiftly searchable.

But before explaining this solution to you, let us first understand what exactly video metadata is and how it can help you.


What is Video Metadata?

In the simplest terms, “metadata” is the data behind your content data. While video metadata specifically is all the data behind your video files. Videos are especially difficult to index as their content cannot be directly indexed.

Hence, text data associated with your videos is used to index your videos to support content organization and searchability. The main form of metadata that concerns you for this purpose is the descriptive metadata that you can optimize with the right keywords and relevant search intent to ensure that the right audience is able to find them.

This metadata can be created manually or automatically through means of a video indexing software

Benefits of Video Metadata

Here are some key benefits that video metadata provides you in terms of improving your content’s performance:

  • Organized archival system: your videos preserved in your knowledge base or video archive could be easily searched up whenever an urgent need arises

  • Increased video reach: by ensuring that your video actually appears in the search results of the right keywords, you improve its reach and, ultimately, the number of views.

  • Ensuring relevant viewership: The descriptive metadata can help you highlight the most pertinent information covered in your video that you think might bring in the right audience


Types of Video Metadata

Under video metadata, you can attach and optimize a variety of different elements, the most important of which are mentioned below:

Video Title

Write a relevant but accurate video title based on the viewer’s search intent. You must mention the right keywords in case you want your video to rank on search engines.

Video Description

This is where you can mention all the critical details that you would want your viewers to know about the content covered in your video.

Video Tags

These are used to categorize your videos into the right sub-topics to improve their organic searchability. A video platform like VIDIZMO with smart video search capabilities even allows you to automatically tag your videos based on the in-video spoken words and on-screen text.

Custom Identifiers

For better searchability, a video platform like VIDIZMO also allows you to add custom identifiers to make your video metadata more relevant which can help you better categorize your videos.

These custom identifiers help you further filter down your search to the most relevant videos. You can either opt for an open-ended text-based custom identifier (for instance, course name), or you can provide limited choices (dropdown) to label the video (for instance, a “yes or no” response to showcase if the video is urgent or not).

Closed Captions

Have your videos be transcribed and use these captions to have every spoken word in your video be indexed. Video platforms like VIDIZMO utilize these indexed captions to generate relevant tags automatically for improved searchability.

In-Video On-Screen Words, Faces and Objects

Advanced video platforms like VIDIZMO allow you to utilize artificial intelligence to index visual elements and insights, including on-screen words, faces, and objects. These can then be indexed as video metadata and used to search up a particular video.

Technical Attributes

This type of video metadata showcases all the information linked to the video production process. Some examples include:

  • Bitrate
  • Framerate
  • Video dimensions
  • Video codec
  • Audio codec
  • MIME type


VIDIZMO: Helping You Make the Most of Your Video Metadata

By now, the value of video metadata must be clear to you. So, how do you help your organization optimize all its video content?

A simple video platform like YouTube does not provide you nearly enough depth in terms of video metadata as there are no options to set custom identifiers or utilize AI for in-video search.

A platform like YouTube also does not provide enterprise-grade security and video access management capabilities for internal video streaming.

There are dozens of enterprise video use cases out there, like the creation of a knowledge base, video archive, training and learning portal or marketing portal.

Hence, to fulfill any such video use cases, you must opt for an effective enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO that allows you to stream live and on-demand videos on a secure YouTube-like video portal for both external and internal viewers.

You can create a centralized video library to organize all your videos for accurate searchability and organic discoverability.

You can extensively optimize your video metadata to make your filtered search more accurate. Firstly, you can define the standard metadata, including video title, description, and tags (automatic and manual in multiple languages).

Moving on, you can have system-defined attributes that can include a variety of technical attributes (as described above) that can automatically be extracted from your video once it is uploaded and published.

Lastly, you can have user-defined custom attributes like the custom identifiers (as described above). Examples of these include instructor name, course title, department, location, etc.

These various types of video metadata are utilized to provide you with powerful search capabilities that can be broken down into two types:

  • Platform-wide search: You can sift through your entire video library through the meta-data indexed from video title, description, manual and automatic tagging, custom attributes for further filtered search, and other visual insights generated through VIDIZMO’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

  • In-video Search: This allows you to search for audio and visual elements within your videos to jump to the exact points they appeared at. This is done in the following way:

    • Closed Captions: Automatically transcribe your videos and have these transcripts be translated into multiple languages. This allows every spoken word in your videos to be searchable.

    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This artificial intelligence capability enables you to convert scanned handwritten documents, on-screen text, photos of license plates, etc., into machine-coded text that you can index and search.

    • Facial Recognition: Index various faces in your videos and search up a video using a person present in it.

    • Search by Objects: Use OCR to search within your video library through specific objects, like signboards, shapes, etc.

    • Other visual insights are generated through emotion recognition, brand detection, sentiment analysis, etc., to further improve search.

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Through these powerful keyword extraction and metadata optimization techniques, VIDIZMO allows you to centrally access, share, analyze, secure and administer your videos in a compliant environment.

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