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Share your videos with VIDIZMO’s rich sharing options

Share your videos with VIDIZMO’s rich sharing options

Videos have become largely prevalent in modern society. So much so that businesses have started to recognize the value of using videos for internal and external communications. Large enterprises are increasingly using videos in an attempt to save costs and resources while communicating efficiently. 

To make the best of videos, you need a video streaming platform with comprehensive video sharing options for internal and external use. That’s why just YouTube won’t cut it. You need a dedicated system with robust security and privacy protocols in place.

Sharing is the essence of videos

So, you’ve likely figured that sharing videos is extremely important. It’s integral to effectively using videos for corporate communication. The entire purpose of using videos is defeated if no one can see them.

video sharing meeting

Managers share recorded meetings and conferences with employees for future reference, to bring those who missed the meeting up to speed or for any other purpose. These meetings often have sensitive information that should remain confidential. Some organizations don’t even want certain departments or groups within the organization to access certain meetings, let alone anyone outside the organization. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that these meetings are stored and shared securely and privately without compromising confidentiality.

video sharing training

Similarly, organizations use videos for training and learning as well. Although training videos may not seem confidential and sensitive, they are also used to relay sensitive organizational information to new employees. Therefore, many businesses don’t want their training videos to get out of the organization and need a solid platform to share the videos on.

video sharing evidence

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Videos are widely used in law enforcement too. Evidence is captured from CCTVs, body cams, and dash cams, which is then shared along the chain of custody. It’s particularly risky when the video evidence is shared outside the precinct, with district attorneys and prosecutors for example. It goes without saying that these evidence files should in no way get in the wrong hands, which is why law enforcement agencies need a secure video sharing platform that they can trust completely.

Share videos with VIDIZMO

As established, sharing videos is not only important but essential to the entire purpose of using videos for communication in the first place. And they need to be shared securely and privately so as not to compromise any confidential information. 

What you need for your business is a video sharing platform that can accommodate all your sharing needs, regardless of how specific they are. Of course, in the ideal world, all your dreams would come true, but the real world is pretty close too. With VIDIZMO, you have plenty of options for sharing your video, internally and externally.


video sharing option VIDIZMO

The most straightforward sharing option in VIDIZMO is the ‘Share’ button. This is the typical video sharing that you’re familiar with. You can share your video on various social media platforms by simply clicking on the Share button and then the icon of the social media site you wish to share it on (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). This way, you share the link of your video, along with a thumbnail, on your timeline that your followers can see and follow to your video. 

If you’re looking to share the video with someone through email, we've got that covered too. There are two ways to do that in VIDIZMO. You can click on the email icon, in which case you will send a personalized email from your email address. This way works best when you want to send the email to more than one person, such as sharing the video with an entire department in your organization.

The other way is by ‘referring’ the video. If you look at the image above, you’ll see there’s a text box labeled Email Address, accompanied by a Refer button. If you choose to refer the video, VIDIZMO automatically sends a predefined email to the recipient with the link of the video. This way cuts out a step and is best suited when you want to share the video with only one person and the email doesn’t have to be personalized.

Limited Share

limited video sharing VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO kicks video sharing up a few notches with Limited Share. There’s much more to sharing videos than you would have thought. With VIDIZMO, you can control who can view the video, how many times and for how long. Limited share lets you share your videos with users within the portal (i.e. internal users, such as your employees) or outside the portal (i.e. external users, such as clients). 

Not only can you share the videos with internal users, but you can also share them with entire groups. You’ll find this useful when you want to share a meeting you had with the marketing department, for example, with the entire marketing team. Instead of selecting individual marketing members individually, you can make a group of all marketing members and share the video with them all at once. 

Now, let’s bring out the big guns. You can limit how many times a user (or group) watches the video, as well as how long the video will be available for. You can also decide when the video will be available to the person you share it with, as well as when their access will expire. This way, you can make sure time-sensitive and time-appropriate expire after fulfilling their purpose. For example, you can assert a deadline on your training and learning videos that you share with your employees. You can also limit season's greetings, that you share with your customers or partners, to specific seasonal periods. You wouldn’t want to share Christmas wishes after December 25th, for instance.

Limited views make sure that you’re not using up more bandwidth than necessary, which is important when you’re paying for the content delivery.


video sharing by embedding VIDIZMO

You can share videos from your VIDIZMO portal by embedding them on social media, websites, and blogs. This way, the video plays directly from the page that it is embedded in, making it the safest way to share a video because viewers don’t have to enter your portal to watch it. 

Apart from choosing the video player’s dimensions, you can also choose if you want the video to start playing automatically and if you want the video to be muted. You can also choose where you want the video to start from, in seconds of playback time. This comes in handy when you want to show people a particularly relevant part of the video instead of the whole thing. 

Embedding is useful when you want to share a video openly with the general public, which is basically whoever comes across the page it is embedded in. You can embed an introductory video on your website’s homepage, or a supplementary video on your blog, for instance.

VIDIZMO is a Gartner recognized enterprise video platform that takes your content’s security and privacy very seriously. To learn more about VIDIZMO’s capabilities and offerings

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