A YouTube-like Secure Video Distribution Platform

Here's a short guide to video distribution platforms, why they are important and how a platform like VIDIZMO can help in your video distribution strategy.

Hosting videos on your site is important. What is more important is your video distribution platform.

Why, you ask?

A Video without viewers is like a Comedian without an audience. Both talking out into the abyss.

Video content is undoubtedly powerful and persuasive.

Did you know video has 65% higher information retention rate as opposed to other medium of information?

But that will only be the case if the video has an audience, to begin with.

But that will only be the case if the video reaches the right audience on time.

Good news is most of the work is done. You have implemented the video idea. Captured the concept. Edited your masterpiece to perfection.

Now comes the final step. You need to distribute the video to your audience. Not just distribute but ensure its playback-ready on-demand anytime, anywhere.

If not done right, all the previous effort goes to vain.

Knowing the picture-perfect video distribution platform can drive relevant traffic while getting your content to the right audience.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what exactly is a video distribution platform, and why is it important.

Later on, we discuss how the platform VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube ensures smooth video distribution for different types of corporate videos and all the different means of distribution, aka the channels, you may target.


What is a Video Distribution Platform?


A video distribution platform allows you to centrally manage your video content, ensuring secure distribution to a variety of different public and private channels (own/3rd party).

Depending on the video platform, you can edit, upload, store, manage, deliver and playback video content.

The platform should be flexible, giving you the absolute possibility to distribute individual videos to appropriate channels and platforms.

For scalable and fast access to services such as cloud-based storage, video transcoding, indexing, smart search, a video distribution platform should be available on the cloud or provide these services on-premises.

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It must also ensure smooth global content delivery utilizing modern video streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG-DASH to provide adaptive streaming.


Why is a Video Distribution Platform Vital?

Before we understand why video distribution platforms are needed, first, we need to understand the importance of video itself.

It’s pretty clear that “Video Matters!”.

video distribution

Creating high-quality content is not enough though; you need to make sure it reaches the right audience – whoever your content is directed towards. Prospects, Customers, Investors, Certain employees, or Select departments.

If you are a marketer, you want your video content to be discoverable by your target audience, whether locally or internationally.

The main goal is to influence people. Grab their attention and achieve the campaign goal. Above all else, you have to make your brand discoverable.

For other internal or external corporate video use cases, you need to have a different approach based on your specific audience (which is much more limited).


What Capabilities Must Your Video Distribution Platform Have?

Secure streaming is important in either of the two cases.

For a limited audience, you will also require private video streaming capabilities in your video distribution platform. You don’t want to risk having confidential information leaking out there.


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Plus, as a brand keeping content ownership is crucial. You can’t simply upload your videos on a public platform like YouTube.

Why? You ask.

Well, YouTube won't let you retain ownership of your content.

For that, you need a video distribution platform to store, stream, manage, and distribute your videos. And with 100s of different types of videos to handle, the platform must have AI-powered automation capabilities.

VIDIZMO was designed to cater to these critical enterprise video needs. Let’s have an overview of how it works.


How Does VIDIZMO’s Video Distribution Platform Work?

Learn More About Sharing Videos in VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO, a Gartner-recognized secure enterprise video platform caters to all your various online video distribution needs with public and private video streaming capabilities.

It allows you to create a YouTube-like video library – solely dedicated to your content. No need to share space with your competitors and other content creators (some not so appropriate). Or expose them to disruptive ads.

VIDIZMO | YouTube-like secure video distribution platform

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Brand the video library the way you like it. Organize content in different categories with AI-powered platform-wide and in-video search for swift accessibility.

Unlike traditional platforms, VIDIZMO does not limit you to just video marketing use cases.

It caters to every enterprise video use case allowing you to have a video distribution platform to centrally manage all content.

  • First off, connect your video cloud storage (Azure, AWS, etc.) or use VIDIZMO’s cloud to store videos.

  • Our platform will encode your videos and host them on a cloud-based server which can later be automatically transcoded, transcribed, and indexed to make them discoverable as video on demand.

  • After uploading the video, you can edit as you wish.

  • VIDIZMO’s interactive video platform allows you to add interactivity such as quizzes, downloadable handouts, engaging polls, or feedback surveys to convert a passive viewer into an active listener.

  • According to the company branding, you can brand the corporate video portal and player, create custom player templates, add your logo, add closed captions and transcription while making it searchable.

  • Before video distribution, you can define who can access your videos – only your organization OR select users/groups OR any anonymous person OR only to those individuals with a link. In short, choose with whom you want to distribute your video.

    Limited Sharing Gif Final2

  • You can also enable social media sharing as well to the platforms of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Distribute your video in a way that fits your requirements. As simple and easy as that.

  • The video is accessible worldwide eliminating language barriers as the platform is multilingual and you can have automatic transcripts translated into over 50 languages.

  • Lastly, a user can generate actionable insights from video analytics dashboards, understanding audience behaviors and how the videos are performing. The analytics can be measured via the number of views, video watch time, graphs, demographic heatmaps, total times played, likes, comments, even number of embeds and much more.

How You Can Securely Distribute Through VIDIZMO

Video Distribution Through VIDIZMO Infographic

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fashion show stage

Louis Vuitton, Enabled By VIDIZMO, Distributed Private Content To Select Buyers Across APAC region (including China)

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What Are the Channels to Distribute Your Videos?

Here are some of the channels you can consider:

Your own network

The power of your own existing network is more significant than you think. Send your video via email or any other means to your subscribers (contacts in your current database).

Social media

Social Media is one of the most popular video distribution channels, mostly for product marketing and brand building.

Depending on the video content, you need to consider which platform suits you best. The most popular social video distribution channels are:

  • YouTube

    With over 2 billion users, it is a good platform for advertising your content and publishing branded content (beware of its video recommendations offering a variety of distracting content like ASMR videos and dance covers) – However, it is a public platform designed for influencers, entertainers, content creators and not for enterprises.

  • Facebook

    Videos of Facebook get over 4 billion views a day. It is critical to distribute your marketing video smartly on Facebook as it has the highest reach.

  • LinkedIn

    Top platform for employer branding, personal branding, B2B marketing, and investor communication. Video posts generate 3 times the engagement compared to text posts on LinkedIn. Video is clearly ruling all platforms. Share away insightful content to capture your target audience.

  • Twitter

    A site for various influencers and niche business audiences – definitely can’t be ignored in your social video distribution strategy. Even 206 million daily active users, Twitter receives over 2 billion views on videos per day.

Embed on your site

Your website is a distribution channel you completely own – with an audience that is purely interested in your content.

Why not create a public video library accessible right on your website showing various product explainer videos, customer testimonials, and engaging branded content.

Or better yet embed relevant video demos from your VIDIZMO portal onto your product landing pages for better conversion.

More than 50% of businesses place videos on their landing pages – don’t be one of those who miss out on this critical distribution channel!


Distributing videos from your own blog is another effective way. Blogs are a minefield of information – deliver it through the right means.

Embed videos in your blogs to summarize their content and capture the audience that just doesn’t have the time to read through it all.

VIDIZMO’s HTML5 interactive video player is responsive, lightweight and SEO-friendly (indexable on Google to bring the right traffic to your blog!)

Here is an example of VIDIZMO’s embedded video:


Learn More About VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Platform



Apply away all the strategies in this blog to reach the right audience for all the different videos your organization creates. VIDIZMO’s video distribution platform will be your perfect partner in that journey

The best part?

VIDIZMO is not just limited to video distribution. The enterprise video platform fulfills end-to-end video use cases.

A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Onboarding, training, corporate communication, live broadcast, webinars, you name it!

You can also stream live and on-demand while defining the access of your videos, organizing them in a content library and temporarily sharing with internal or external stakeholders.

Contact us to learn more about VIDIZMO's video content management system or take advantage of the free trial.

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Posted by Sabika Tasneem & Bareerah Shoukat

This article is written jointly by Bareerah Shoukat (Technology Content Strategist) and Sabika Tasneem (Associate Product Marketing Manager). Please contact websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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