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Video Distribution Platform | A Short Guide

By Bareerah Shoukat
A woman using a video distribution platform

Video content is the most powerful and persuasive content on the internet. Did you know 69% of people usually prefer video over text when it comes to learning about a product or service? Hosting videos on your site is important. What is more important is your video distribution platform. Let’s face it; you’ve done the hard part of executing the video idea, capturing the concept, and editing your masterpiece to perfection. Now comes the final step, distributing it to your audience.

Knowing the picture-perfect video distribution platform can drive relevant traffic while getting your content to the right audience.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what exactly is a video distribution platform, and why it is important. Later on, we discuss our platform VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube for video distribution in terms of business and the means of distribution, aka the channels.

What is a Video Distribution Platform?


A video distribution platform allows you to centrally manage your video content and its distribution.

Depending on the video platform, you can edit, upload, store, deliver and playback video content. The platform should be flexible, giving you the absolute possibility to distribute individual videos to appropriate channels and platforms. For scalable and fast access to services such as cloud-based storage, transcoding and encoding, a video distribution platform should be available on cloud or provide these services separately on-premises.

Learn more about VIDIZMO deployment models.

Why is a Video Distribution Platform Vital?

Before we understand why video distribution platforms are needed, first, we need to understand the importance of video itself. As it is being said, “VIDEO MATTERS!”. 87% of online marketers opt for video content. This goes to prove how video is an essential part and quite often used for marketing. Creating high-quality content is not it; you need to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Here comes the concept of video distribution platforms that simply share your content with a brand new or targeted audience. As a marketer, you want your video content to be discoverable by your audience, whether locally or internationally. The main goal is to influence people, create connections and make yourself or the brand discoverable.

For an enterprise or business use case, distributing your video on a worldwide level is not an easy job. As a brand keeping ownership of your content is crucial. You can’t simply upload your videos on YouTube. Why? You may ask. Well YouTube won't let you retain ownership of your content.

For that, you need a video distribution platform that hosts, and stores videos and offers you relevant features. Take VIDIZMO for example. Let’s have an overview of how it works.

How Does VIDIZMO’s Video Distribution Platform Work?

This is how VIDIZMO works as a video distribution platform.

  • First off, connect your video cloud storage (Azure, AWS etc.) or use VIDIZMO’s cloud to store videos. Our platform will encode your videos and host them on a cloud-based server which can later be viewed as an on-demand video.
  • After uploading the video, you can edit as you wish. VIDIZMO allows you to add interactivity such as quizzes, surveys or feedback forms to make the videos engaging. According to the company branding, you can brand the video player, add closed captions and transcription while making it searchable.
  • Before video distribution, you can define access of your videos to an anonymous person, users, groups, entire organization, or only to those individuals with a link. In short, choose with whom you want to distribute your video. You can allow social media sharing as well. Distribute your video in a way that fits your requirements. As simple and easy as that.
  • The video is accessible worldwide eliminating language barriers as the platform is multilingual and you can have automatic transcripts in around 80 languages
  • Lastly, a user can have detailed insights on how the videos are performing. The analytics can be measured via the number of views, video watch time, graphs, total times played, likes and comments, number of embeds and many more.

We Offer Much More!  Learn About All Features

What Are the Channels to Distribute Your Videos?

Here are some of the channels you can consider,

1.      Your own network

The power of your own existing network is more significant than you think. Send your video via email or any other means to your primary contacts and others in your current database.

2.      Social media

Social Media is one of the effective video distribution channels. Depending on the video content, you need to consider which platform suits you best. You can distribute your videos via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.

3.      Embed on your site

Another channel to distribute can be embedding them on your site. Platforms like VIDIZMO can help for fast loading and smooth experience with HTML5 interactive video player.

4.      Blogs

Distributing videos from your own blog is another effective way. You can simply brand the player with the help of VIDIZMO and reach your followers while boosting your SEO.

5.      Restricted Sharing

To ensure secure video distribution you can restrict sharing, so only registered users can view your videos. Furthermore, you can carry out limited sharing with people outside the organization to temporarily sign in and view the videos.


A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Using a video distribution platform can help you reach new people and grow your audience. VIDIZMO can help you achieve effective video distribution through its multiple features as its not only for video distribution purposes, but you can use it for other use cases as well. Onboarding, training, corporate communication, live broadcast, webinars, you name it! You can also host videos live and on-demand while defining the access of your videos, organizing them in a content library and options to restrict sharing. You can learn more about VIDIZMO video content management system or take advantage of the free trial.

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