Streaming Videos from AWS S3 with Enterprise Video Platform

VIDIZMO is an application that you can use for video streaming from your AWS S3 storage. It's a YouTube-like, simple and easy to use platform.

Does your organization have multiple videos stored on S3 and are looking for a way to stream them? We are talking about creating a YouTube-like platform, where your users can upload videos, and they get directly stored in your AWS S3 storage. Your users can then access them and play them through the browser without the need to download them. If yes, then you are at the right place as in this blog we will talk about how you can benefit from VIDIZMO – a ready-made web-based platform for streaming video from AWS S3.

If you run a quick search on the internet to figure out how to stream videos from your AWS S3 storage, you’ll end up with complex articles that talk about how you need to code and develop your own platform.

Connect this service with that service, type a few lines of code, select a few options – Do it all just to find some nasty errors that need fixing. Why not avoid all this and opt for a ready-made web-based application?

It’s all complex and good to experiment with. But if you need an enterprise-grade solution with secure high-quality reliable streaming, you’re better off with an already developed application that connects various AWS services on the backend. As a user, you get an easy-to-use YouTube-like interface to upload your videos and let the magic happen.

To purchase an already developed platform is a classical build-vs-buy software decision. You can read more on what build-vs-buy is to get further clarification. Nevertheless, if you are into exploring the possibility of buying a solution to solve your needs, you can read more in this blog.



VIDIZMO for Video Streaming from AWS S3

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-recognized enterprise video platform that on the face offers a YouTube-like solution to upload, stream and manage your live and on-demand videos. But if you dive deeper, it offers multiple features that help you solve multiple video-related challenges in an enterprise:

  • Privately stream videos to internal audiences or choose to stream externally to the public.
  • Define access as to who gets to see your videos and who doesn’t. Read more about the detailed sharing and access features here.
  • Manage security and access management through SSO and IAM integrations with SCIM support.
  • Index videos using AI to improve search.
  • Automatically transcribe videos and translate transcriptions in more than 50 languages.
  • Create multiple autonomous video portals under one account for separate departments
  • Ingest recorded meetings from Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx etc.
  • Connect eCDNs for reliable internal streaming or CDN for public streaming.
  • Encryption at rest and in transit - along with other security features.
  • Videos are optimized for playback using technologies such as transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, etc.
  • Define policies for video use (can users share them externally or can they download videos etc.).
  • Optional redaction tool to protect the information contained in video and audio files.
  • Add quizzes, surveys, handouts to videos and users can comment on videos in a YouTube-like manner.
  • Integrate with existing applications and use the platform's API.
  • VIDIZMO has been validated through the AWS Well Architecture Review (WAR) and AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), to ensure that it meets the best practices established by AWS.

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VIDIZMO provides you AWS as a cloud video storage deployment option and is available on both AWS commercial and Government cloud.

And the best part is that it’s a complete video platform that you can use for all video use cases. Say goodbye to multiple video systems (a thumbs up for IT, security and compliance teams). You can create multiple video portals, autonomous and segregated, to help stream video for different use cases. Be it training your employees, or creating a professional video archive, or embedding an explainer video on your website – do it all through one system.


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How VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube Utilizes AWS for Video Streaming?

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AWS was named as a cloud leader by Gartner for the 10th consecutive year. It’s great in terms of security and covers a range of compliances. We understand that you trust AWS and would want to store and stream videos within your AWS account. Rest assured, VIDIZMO can allow you to host and stream videos in your AWS account. Here’s an overview of the various services VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube utilizes on the backend.


This is Amazon’s Simple Storage Service or S3, which allows you to store any type of data. VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube stores all your videos, their metadata and transcoded copies on Amazon S3. By doing so, all your videos are encrypted using AWS’s security mechanisms. Moreover, you benefit from scalability, intelligent-tiering, security and compliances offered by AWS.  

AWS Media Services

AWS Media Services is a group of services offered by AWS to make video streaming possible. To ensure smooth delivery of live and on-demand videos, it offers the following services:

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Videos stored on S3 may not be ready for delivery, as these may be in formats that are not supported by all devices or browsers. They also need to have multiple quality renditions to support streaming under low bandwidth conditions. Here is where AWS Elemental MediaConvert converts your videos into multiple formats by transcoding video in the cloud. Read more on video transcoding in AWS.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage prepares your video for streaming and delivery over the internet. Without this, you’d end up downloading a video to watch it and won’t be able to stream it. It is also this service that also allows you to protect your content through DRM.

AWS Elemental MediaLive

For live streaming in AWS, you’d need an encoder to convert an incoming video input into an output that can be streamed. AWS Elemental MediaLive does this for you by encoding videos in real-time and compressing it for delivery.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Cybersecurity is important and you can’t just stream video as is. You need to protect your videos during transit. This is the AWS service that does this for you to ensure secure video delivery.

Amazon CloudFront

To reduce buffering and for optimized delivery, you need to stream video through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Amazon CloudFront offers a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is both secure and fast. The CloudFront network has around 225+ points of presence (PoPs) around the world to cache your videos. This way you can ensure that videos are streamed from an edge that is closest to the viewer.

Amazon Rekognition

The use of AI is rising and video is no exception. Video offers a lot of potential to use AI to extract meaningful data. Amazon Rekognition is the service that allows you to analyze your videos and extract meaningful information. In the case of VIDIZMO EneterpriseTube, AI is used to improve video search. Need to look for a specific person or a license plate in 100s of videos, AI can you help here!

Amazon Transcribe

Closed captions and transcriptions are needed for multiple use cases – accessibility or to reach multilingual audiences, or just for the end user's convenience. Amazon Transcribe allows you to automatically generate closed captions and transcripts from your videos. Amazon Transcribe’s ASR technology supports transcriptions in over 30 languages, and you can read about it in their documentation here.


Summing it Up

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Here's an infographic summarizing why streaming your videos in AWS cloud is a good idea.

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