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White Label Video Streaming Platform: What It Is and Why You Need It

By Ziad Amir
White Label Video Streaming Platform: What It Is and Why You Need It

Videos are everywhere – more than ever before. With enterprises using videos for many different external uses, a free video platform like YouTube or Vimeo just doesn’t cut it. With a third-party video platform, the ball is always in their court, regardless of who owns the content streamed on it. What enterprises need is their own white label video streaming platform.

Branding is extremely important when businesses are using videos to reach external viewers. Marketing videos are a good example. It’s counterintuitive to show your customers – or prospective customers – videos to promote your business on a platform that boasts another brand.

What is a White Label Video Streaming Platform

A white label video streaming platform is a digital library for managing videos that can be rebranded to tout the platform owner’s brand. White label platforms are paid applications. Free ones like YouTube and Vimeo are not white label because, since the user doesn’t purchase it from them, they don’t have the right to rebrand it. That’s one of the reasons enterprises cannot entirely rely on a free video platform. They need more than YouTube has to offer. Branding is just one of those things.

What to Expect From a White Label Video Streaming Platform

While modern day video streaming platforms are very capable, enterprises must know what to expect from them so they can make an informed decision when choosing which platform to opt for. A brandable video platform should let them customize the entire interface to reflect their brand guidelines. Many platforms offer customizable video players or customizable color schemes, but that’s not enough. A decent video streaming platform offers the following customizability.

Color Scheme & Logos

The most important branding element for an enterprise is their logo and brand color scheme. A white label video platform should offer its users the ability to customize the color scheme of the platform to reflect their brand. Customers should be able to select 2 to 3 different colors to be reflected in the platform. Customers should be able to place their color scheme in various places like the navigation bar, the header, the search bar, toggle switches, drop downs and many more. A white label video streaming platform should offer as little inconsistencies as possible. The platform should also allow the customers to place their own logos in the navigation bar, on the home page and in the browser favicon.


Even if the platform sports the enterprise’s logo and colors, it’s still easy to turn viewers away from their brand and steer them directly into the platform provider’s brand. That’s why enterprises need all their bases covered. When someone shares a video with their audience, the first thing they often see before even opening the video to view it is the link. Most platforms offer their customers their own subdomains or directories so there’s a good chance that even with a customized URL, an enterprise’s video link will inadvertently promote the platform provider in the domain and possibly divert the viewers’ attention. A decent white label video streaming platform allows the customers to customize the domain to reflect their identity.

Video Player

The video player is the most viewed element of the entire platform. When viewers watch a video shared by an enterprise, they are looking at the video player and noticing the details there. It is, therefore, important that the video player also reflects their brand. A brandable video platform allows users to customize the player as well, by changing the color scheme to match the rest of the platform, and the rand, as well as the font and the logos displayed in the player.

Customizing the video player is important for enterprises because videos are not always viewed on the platform. Many times, videos are embedded on webpages and on social media. The branding has to be consistent even when the video is embedded somewhere else.

Custom Thesaurus

A company’s brand is more than just colors, fonts and logos. They use certain words in their internal and external marketing to establish the tone of their brand. These words need to be reflected everywhere the brand exists. A decent white label video streaming platform allows its customers to customize the thesaurus and use their own vernacular to reflect their branding.


Enterprises operate across the globe and it would be extremely misguided of video streaming platform providers to assume that English is the only language they deal in. A white label video streaming platform should offer multilingual capabilities so enterprises can choose which language to display on the platform. A Middle Eastern enterprise, for example, would most likely want its video platform to be in Arabic. Similarly, a German enterprise would want theirs in German. Plus, an international enterprise would want to leave the choice of language to the viewers. A decent white label video streaming platform should cater to all these different needs.

Custom CSS

While video platform providers should be prepared for a whole range of branding requirements, there are plenty of changes that they may not be able to reasonably anticipate. Therefore, to cover all their bases, video streaming platform providers should allow their customers to make their necessary changes through custom CSS, just in case customers need more customizations than they offer through predefined controls. In such cases, enterprises can use their web developing teams, familiar with HTML and style sheets, to customize the platform’s interface.

VIDIZMO: A Complete White Label Video Streaming Platform


VIDIZMO offers a complete white label video streaming platform with all the essential branding features and then some.

VIDIZMO enables customers to customize the color scheme of the platform and add their logos in the platform. VIDIZMO users can choose to display their logos in the favicon, navigation bar and the hamburger menu. They can customize the background with a solid fill or an image. Plus, users can choose to customize the background with a solid color fill or an image. If they are using a multitenant platform, they can choose to represent each portal with a separate icon in the navigation bar.


On that note, multitenant users can brand each portal individually. For example, if they have multiple users for each department in the enterprise, they can brand the portals according to the department’s branding guidelines. Or, in case of a large house of brands, each portal can reflect an individual brand.

VIDIZMO also lets its customers customize the domain of the platform. They can choose to reflect their brand in a directory, subdomain or in a customized domain. For example, an EnterpriseTube customer can use the URL enterprisetube.com/mydomain, mydomain.enterprisetube.com or mydomain.com.

Furthermore, VIDIZMO offers a brandable video player as well. Users can set user templates for specific roles. Using the check boxes in the portal settings, users can choose to toggle certain options on the player, such as auto play, loop, mute button, seeking, full screen, and much more. Plus, they can customize the color scheme on the player as well, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

VIDIZMO offers its customers the ability to incorporate their own vernacular in the platform. With the custom thesaurus, they can choose to replace almost every word to reflect their brand. They can also choose to view the platform in over 20 languages. To top it off, the platform can have one default language, but each individual user can view it in a language of their choice.

Finally, enterprises can deploy their web development resources to customize the platform using custom CSS. They can change the font family, size and weight, primary, hover, navbar, search bar and background color, as well as typography, buttons contextual color and contextual background. All these changes can be made to represent the enterprise’s brand. They can also use custom CSS to customize the player. They can change primary, secondary, hover, play button, seekbar, time tooltip, time tooltip background, thumbnail border colors, font stack, size and color.


All in all, VIDIZMO offers a completely customizable white label video streaming platform for enterprises to store, manage and share their videos, and other digital media. To learn more about VIDIZMO’s capabilities and offerings

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