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A Complete Online Video Player Solution for Your Website

A complete online video player for your business use-cases and websites.

Finding a good online video player to add on your website is more difficult than it sounds You’ll come across a bunch of free, well-known options such as YouTube. But are they really suited to your needs? Unlike a private video player for websites, free online video players don’t come with the tools to help you take full control of the video content on your website. You’ll need a player that helps you better engage your audiences and understand how they interact with your content to help you reach your business goals.

Why Do I Need a Private Video Player?

Keeping your audience engaged to maintain traffic on your website is a key strategy to ensure visitors stay invested in your organization and what it has to offer. While free online video playing sites such as YouTube seem like a cheap option, they’re likely to divert your viewers to other recommendations, including your competitor’s content.

What’s more, since they’re free, these platforms don’t directly cater to your organization. You can’t tailor the video player according to your needs or brand requirements. They’re also limited in options for keeping viewers engaged with your content. In fact, even paid public versions such as YouTube Premium don’t offer much to add for companies and businesses.


In short, when it comes to business, public platforms aren’t the best way to go. You need a more manageable and customizable video player for a website to fully control and gain benefit from your video content.


What Does a Complete Video Player Have to Offer? 

VIDIZMO offers many innovative customizations for your video player. You can create your own player template and configure settings such as enabling or disabling autoplay, muting and looping for your video player. You can also control the user experience for your viewers, such as enabling them to control the quality or speed of the video and much more.

Create Video Playlists 

You can create a playlist with as many videos as you like and embed it on your website for your audience to watch. You can also enable them to choose which video they want to watch or restrict viewing only in a sequence. 

Check out our guide on how to create a playlist.

You can also create a default playlist template to implement the settings uniformly on all the videos in your playlist.

Not only playlist, you can do much more to manage your video content library and how you can keep everything structured through VIDIZMO.

Increase Engagement, Get Feedback and Generate Leads with Interactivity

The best way to achieve your marketing goals is to clearly understand what your customers want, and what better way of getting to know what they want than directly from them? With VIDIZMO, you can create surveys and insert them into your videos to collect feedback and suggestions from your customers on how you can better meet their demands, such as how to improve a product or a service marketed in your video. You can create and insert as many surveys as you want in your online video player and make different types of questions to obtain specific or flexible responses. Watch the video below to see how you create a survey in VIDIZMO.



You can also share personal messages and information like upcoming content and promotions with your viewers using handouts. Handouts can be any digital media or documents that you can attach to your video player so you can share any related or responsive digital files such as videos, graphics, audios, documents and other digital media.



You can also leverage CRM’s and marketing software for generating leads such as HubSpot. For example, you can insert HubSpot forms into your online video player. You can collect information such as their names, contact details such as their emails and location and create a responsive email for submitting their details.



Annotations help boost video engagement by directing attention to specific details or relaying important information to your viewers that they might otherwise miss or overlook in the video, such as the main features of a product. You can establish the size and the duration for the annotation to appear on the video player. You can also adjust the color, outline and opacity of the frame to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the visual imagery and viewing experience for the video.




Analyze Audience Behavior with Video Analytics

It’s important to understand how your audience interacts and engages with your videos, allowing you to tailor your content to resonate with their wants and demands. VIDIZMO provides media analytics to help you measure the single or collective performance of your videos. Once a viewer interacts with a video, VIDIZMO collects and represents the information on how they engage with the video with measurable statistics. You can view the number of times a video was watched, which browsers and devices the video was played on, which parts of a video were watched the most, and other statistics that show how viewers have interacted and engaged with your videos.



By leveraging media analytics, you can gain valuable insights into the behavior and expectations of your target customers and audience and improve your marketing strategy.

Lightweight Embedding

With just a single line of code, embed VIDIZMO’S lightweight and responsive HTML 5 Video player. This not only compliment your branding but also load faster because we all know how annoying it is when a player loads slowly. It will fit seamlessly with your website front end.

Before embedding, you can change certain options to cater your needs such as the Autoplay option or setting the width and height. Once customized the changes are automatically reflected in the embed videos so you don’t have to make changes manually. Only a complete online video player solution can provide this feature.



Convert Into the Format of Your Choice Through Transcoding

You need to ensure a smooth playback on multiple devices under varying bandwidth. Think about it when the internet lags slightly the video stops, and you wait for it to load all frustrated? Yup, me too! Let’s cater this problem with the help of VIDIZMO which does transcoding in multiple formats and supports adaptive bitrate streaming.

It allows the users’ device to choose the compatible version and play with as minimal buffering as possible under a given bandwidth.

Learn more about Transcoding


Inside Video Search

A good video player allows users to search transcripts and close captions. Skip to the relevant parts by searching through metadata, images, faces, sentiments or even objects. Saving you a lot of time and hassle.

faceted search-1-1

Learn More About VIDIZMO's Search


Transcription and Closed Captions

With VIDIZMO’s feature of auto-transcription, swiftly converts speech to text within your videos and even generate close captions. The user can then further search through it. The close captions are generated in up to 12 languages. This make video accessible to wider audience, increase content accessibility and searchability. The transcript and close captions can be generated for both live and on-demand videos.


Secure Your Videos 

VIDIZMO offers extensive security and privacy for safeguarding your online video player. You can control embedding for your video player on other domains and web pages and prevent your videos from unauthorized and unwanted downloading. You can also control who can access and view your videos. For example, you can create a password for a video, mandating it for others to access the video, no matter where it’s placed or embedded. VIDIZMO gives you full control over your video player.



VIDIZMO's Complete Online Video Player for Your Website 

When choosing to add a complete online video player solution for your website, it’s important to take into account what you need and what the player offers to fulfill your needs in the best way possible. While there are many online video playing sites, they aren’t designed for businesses or enterprises. They’re also limited in their configurations and don’t offer the same level of security that enterprise video platforms provide. 

VIDIZMO provides a complete video player solution designed for enterprise use-cases such as sales and marketing, corporate communications, training and onboarding and more. Unlike free online video playing sites, VIDIZMO is geared towards helping organizations in their everyday operations and realizing their business goals. 

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