VIDIZMO – An Easily Scalable Enterprise Video Platform

Here is an overview of VIDIZMO, an easily scalable video platform and content management system in the cloud, suited for various growing organizations

Looking for a scalable platform where you can increase hardware and streaming capacity as demand grows? One where you can start with one department and replicate the solution across your organizations' departments? Or where your storage capacity automatically scales as per the amount of videos?

SCALABILITY? The #1 problem people don’t actually have but still solve – Eberhard Wolff

The basic definition of scalability is the capacity to change in size or scale along with the growing requirements.

Our platform VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube helps you exactly do that, but what is EnterpriseTube anyway?

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube At a Glance

VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube is a scalable YouTube-like enterprise video content management system for your live and on-demand streaming of videos. Stream to an unlimited amount of people without having to worry about the random surges of viewership. As a business, your demand for storage and streaming capacity increases as the business grows. VIDIZMO helps solve this and you can stream and store any type of videos such as training videos, onboarding videos, product demo or others seamlessly. With extensive security and privacy feature, VIDIZMO is suitable for end-to-end video asset management use cases.

A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube


Yes! Video Platform Scalability is a Thing

For video streaming and management in an organization, scalability applies to various elements broadly categorized as

  • Hardware Scalability
  • Usage Scalability

Let’s see how VIDIZMO offers scalability in both ways


Why Get Stagnant When Your Hardware Requirements Are Growing?

VIDIZMO scales up and down your requirements of Storage, Database, Transcoding, Streaming and caching in the following way:

  • Storage

VIDIZMO provides flexible options in terms of storage. You can store your videos in the cloud, such as Azure storage, AMS, Amazon S3, and Wowza, where the scaling is done automatically. If you want to migrate your videos from one cloud to the other or move your data to a cold storage for creating a video archive, VIDIZMO enables you to do that easily.

  • Database

Rapid increase in the number of videos? Or users? With VIDIZMO’s database on an SQL Server, the database easily scales up or down to ensure smooth operations, without having you to worry about anything yourself.

  • Transcoding

With growing audiences, it is safe to say that they will have varying bandwidth. VIDIZMO offers scalable cloud-based transcoding to deliver high-quality videos. Even if you upload a bulk of videos (in terabytes) at once, VIDIZMO’s transcoding technology will duplicate multiple virtual servers to speed up the transcoding thus saving time.

  • Streaming

Whenever there is a random surge in viewership, the streaming platform automatically serves from multiple servers, balancing the load for disruption-free playback.

  • Caching

Rather than caching your video on a single streaming server for thousands of people to watch, which would be a compromise on video quality, VIDIZMO allows you to cache your live stream on multiple servers hence for load balancing.


Start With One Portal and Scale to Many – Multitenancy

Let’s say you have a portal for one department of around 100 people. As users scale up to 1000, you can create another portal within the same platform rather than having a separate instance. VIDIZMO allows you to create multiple video portals within the application. You can start from one portal and scale up as required.



Start Streaming with One Use Case - Move to More

Have onboarding videos to be streamed to new hires? Probably later, you might want to conduct a live stream to an external audience? Or stream a workplace orientation video? You can use VIDIZMO for streaming video for multiple use cases. You can start with one use case and easily scale to more as business requirements evolve.


From One Place to Worldwide 

You can always start streaming from one geographical area in one language and over time you can expand to your other geographical units, as the platform can be used in more than 40 languages. The videos are automatically transcribed into your desired language, and translation of these transcriptions are provided in 90 languages. 

You can even configure separate storage accounts in the cloud for different portals.For instance, store videos of your European department in the EU region to meet GDPR compliance, store your US department's video in USA, and so forth.



Our cloud video platform leverages Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), which dynamically scales up and grows out storage as the video load increases. So, if you need a solution to scale up and down in every end-to-end use case - upload, stream and manage videos, VIDIZMO is the one to opt for.

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