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Bridge Corporate Communication Gaps with an Enterprise Video Platform

Unleash the power of an Enterprise Video Platform to elevate corporate communication. Explore collaboration, engagement, and productivity enhancements.

Did you know that 74% of American businesses have a hybrid work environment or plan to implement one? This is why it's not surprising that so many companies are turning towards an Enterprise Video Platform to foster a more collaborative virtual environment.

Enterprise Video streaming platforms benefit organizations in many ways. Besides enabling them to ingest, manage, and share their video assets securely, they allow for better collaboration with remote workers, stakeholders, and clients around the globe.

Moreover, these centralized video portals let businesses track their content availability, reception, and employee engagement levels.

Simply put, an Enterprise Video Platform is the right choice if you want to improve your corporate communications.

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Using an Enterprise Video Platform to Connect with the Audience

Before moving on to why you should use an Enterprise Video Platform for corporate collaboration, we must understand the importance of using videos as a communication medium.

Videos are very engaging as most people are visual learners, making graphics a better choice for leaving a lasting impact than audio or text communication.

It is visually stimulating as it helps them form an emotional bond with the content.

Why should you use an Enterprise Video Platform for Corporate Communications?

Any business looking to adopt an Enterprise Video Platform should know how powerful it can be for successful communication.

Here are five reasons that favor the use of Enterprise Video Platforms for corporate communications:

1. An Enterprise Video Platform Lets You Communicate Securely

Enterprise Video Platforms offer role-based access control, so what users get and what privileges can be predefined. For instance, some users can view, whereas others can make amends.

Similarly, you can categorize employees into various groups, each with their rights. This allows complete control of the availability of content to designated groups.

This also secures the content as only relevant parties can access it, preventing sensitive information from falling into unwanted hands.

Furthermore, these platforms automatically encrypt all stored and distributed data, protecting against illegal hacking of any streams.

2. An Enterprise Video Platform improves Internal and External Corporate Communication

With all content stored in one place, employees can access it from anywhere, regardless of location.

Videos tend to sit better with users, hence becoming the most preferred communication medium. They can be used to discuss policies, companywide updates, run meetings or conferences, etc.

They can revisit the content whenever they want without any pressure. Employees can catch up on meetings and review presentations to extract valuable insights.

Enterprise video streaming platforms allow an organization to connect better with internal and external audiences.

Employees can video conference with others, particularly with remote workers, to stay connected while working on various projects, fostering a collaborative environment.

As they facilitate live streaming alongside on-demand videos, you can have a meeting in real-time with stakeholders and clients and record these meetings and share them with relevant parties.

This makes Enterprise Video Streaming Platforms the go-to choice for corporate communications.

3. An Enterprise Video Platform Makes Meetings More Interactive

Videos are more interactive than text or audio. You can add graphs, presentations, or other visuals to make your content enjoyable.

Furthermore, compared to other formats, complex concepts can be explained in videos in an easy-to-follow manner.

You can successfully engage the audience with a well-written script and encourage real-time discussions that can address your viewers' queries.

Also, Enterprise Video Platforms offer interactive tools like polls, questionnaires, captions, translations, and transcriptions to improve accessibility and engagement.

And improvements in engagement levels can be tracked via detailed analytics which shed light on performance.

Based on them, you can change your content for the best results. For instance, if users are bouncing away at a particular time within a video, you can tailor it per your audiences' preference and reupload it.

Likewise, you can integrate the software with other collaborative and editing tools to leverage their features.

4. An Enterprise Video Platform Is a Cost-Effective Way of Corporate Communication

Enterprise video streaming platforms let you host virtual meetings and training sessions with remote employees.

Instead of having to travel for in-person meetings with stakeholders in different countries, virtual meetings make networking easier.

In short, you can network without worrying about travel costs or time zone differences, leading to a better investment return.

5. An Enterprise Video Platform Helps Streamline Training and Onboarding Process

Videos can effectively capture and share knowledge from experts to help facilitate virtual training sessions and create a library of valuable resources for employees.

Enterprise streaming platforms allow live streaming and store on-demand training modules and onboarding materials that new employees can access at their own pace.

New hires can also connect with other remote employees via video. This saves time and resources while ensuring that all employees are adequately trained.

How to Choose the Best Enterprise Video Platform?

As videos are becoming the go-to medium for marketing and communication, investing in an Enterprise Video Platform has become the need of the hour.

So, what should you look for before making this investment?

Back to Basics

Any software you choose should be user-friendly so people can navigate the platform without lengthy training sessions.

This makes managing virtual sessions easier. You can track session times, engagement levels, people present, etc. To make sure employees follow through.

It should offer HD-quality videos and good transmission to ensure viewers do not face video lag or terrible quality.

Your chosen Enterprise Video Platform should offer high security. All data should be encrypted, and video access should be tracked.


The chosen Enterprise Video Platform should allow you to seamlessly integrate with existing applications.

Large organizations are heavily dependent on various software in their day-to-day functioning.

Third-party software like Zoom, Webex, etc, are commonly used within organizations, so you need a video streaming platform that can easily integrate with them.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube — An Enterprise Video Platform that checks all the right boxes!

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers creative and organizational features in a single portal.

The software implements top security measures to protect the privacy of your content. It automatically encrypts your data and tracks accessibility and amendments.

You can use role-based permission access to control the rights of everyone who can access your videos.

Our white-label platform can be customized to perfection and allows on-demand as well as live streaming of videos.

All video assets and other digital media files are securely stored in the same place, and thanks to AI-powered search, you can retrieve files within seconds. Also, you can search within videos, so finding specific information is a breeze.

In-built eCDNs and adaptive bitrate reduce buffer and load times while maintaining the quality of videos to ensure a smooth user experience.

Furthermore, the software also provides detailed analytical reports to track the performance of uploaded content.

Moreover, automatically generated translations and transcription in 50+ languages make video content inclusive to all. This is a top priority for brands with multinational workforces.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Enterprise Video Content Management?

The optimal Enterprise Video Content Management software facilitates comprehensive file categorization. It enables users to search for content through various criteria, including keywords, metadata, authors, etc. This helps enhance user experience and contributes to streamlined content retrieval.

What is the market size of Enterprise Video Content Management?

The global Enterprise Content Management market size was valued at USD 43917.29 million as of 2022 and is expected to increase to USD 116754.28 million by 2028.

What is ECM, and briefly explain?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses the comprehensive strategies, methodologies, and technological tools employed to capture, organize, store, and deliver content vital to the organizational processes.

Why is an Enterprise Video Content Management system important?

EVCM systems play a pivotal role in optimizing the information lifecycle through Video asset management capabilities and automation of workflow processes. As organizations manage vast quantities of content, EVCM systems are crucial to achieving significant reductions in operational inefficiencies and cost optimization while improving control and accessibility.

What are the benefits of Video Content Management Systems?

A few benefits include:

  • User-friendly – everyone can navigate the system without needing extensive training. It has easy-to-use features to help create and manage video content.
  • Interactivity – modern enterprise video content management systems offer integrations with multiple third-party platforms so organizations can easily leverage their tools.
  • Encourages collaboration – since everyone with permission can access the content, it makes it easier to collaborate with all employees by staying up to date with all progress.

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