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Recorded Online Work Meetings: Maintaining a Meeting Record is a Must!

By Sabika Tasneem
Employees attending online work meeting that is being recorded

Why record your work meetings? How to manage large amounts of these recordings and what benefits this could have for your organization? To put it simply, recording your work meetings can help you capture and distribute knowledge across your organization. In this blog we talk about 7 benefits of doing so.

Our world is increasingly becoming globalized and remote work's prevalence is continuously rising. A major reason for this increase is the support that virtual work meetings provide in connecting with dispersed employees. In a 2019 research, it was estimated that remote work would rise by 77% between 2019 and 2022. However, the ongoing pandemic has sped up this process exponentially, with a global research estimating that, by the end of 2021, about 25 to 30% of employees will remotely work more than one day a week. Hence, the number of online work meetings has grown to the point that maintaining an accurate record has become of utmost importance.

7 Reasons Why Online Work Meetings Should Be Recorded:

There is no question that recording online work meetings is absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, as with any emerging trend, there are always skeptics opposed to the ongoing trend. Here are a few of the critical reasons why online work meetings should be recorded:

  • Important details are recorded in the work meetings

A research on work meetings in the USA showed that busy professionals attend over 60 meetings per month, with most meetings' duration being around 31 to 60 minutes. It is next to impossible for humans to retain that much information.

A tired work-from-home employee sleeping during an online work meeting

On top of that, a survey showed that around 91% of employees who attended meetings have daydreamed during them, and 73% have done other work while attending them.

This is why recorded meetings help the employees easily recall what was discussed during the meeting regarding things like their task assignment, work feedback, or general goals.

  • Time spent on note-taking can be rather spent on having a fruitful discussion

An employee taking notes during an online work meeting

When employees know that the work meeting is being recorded, they start getting more involved in the discussion rather than focusing on capturing minute meeting details into their notebooks. These notes they make are, in most cases, not an accurate representation of the meeting discussion anyways, as the work meetings these days are very fast-paced with several topics discussed in one-go. Human writing speed is just not fast enough, especially when employees have to contribute to the discussion alongside note-taking.

  • Recordings allow every employee to be included in the work meetings

It is ironic how choosing a mutually agreeable time for all employees to have a meeting takes a great deal of time. With the fast-paced nature of work, scheduling conflicts are bound to occur, especially for meetings held on an urgent basis. Adding to this problem are unexpected emergencies, like a health problem, leading to the employee missing out on an important meeting. Recording all work meetings can take away the pressure of waiting for the right time. Unless an employee's presence is absolutely necessary, the meeting can just be held and made available later on as an on-demand video viewable at every employee's convenience.

  • Record is kept for future review of the work meetings

Watching recorded work meetings, like goal setting or quarter-end review meetings, helps evaluate team success by comparing results with pre-defined goals or past quarter's results. It is always best to have a record kept of the discussions held for reviews and comparisons so that there are no doubts left in terms of who said what and valuable work time is not wasted on sifting through notes and meeting minutes. Annotations can also be made directly on recorded meetings to accurately reference the part that needs to be discussed.

  • Knowledge management with a record of important work meetings

A video content management system integrates with Zoom to manage the recorded meetings. It can be adopted to auto-ingest all the meetings and create a centralized video library containing different playlists and collections of recorded online work meetings. When new employees are onboarded or an employee enters a project midway, this handy centralized video repository can be used to quickly bring them up to speed without having separate lengthy meetings to explain all the things in a haphazard or time-taking manner.

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  • Recording work meetings keeps the employees accountable

Recording work meetings keeps all the employees on alert and ensures that they only discuss necessary action items rather than straying away from the topic. Reviewing the recordings also brings such things to light, making the employees be mindful of what they are saying next time. Research has shown that every month 31 hours on average are spent in unproductive meetings. Keeping the employees accountable can help save the valuable time of busy employees.

  • Recordings put a stop to recurring redundant work meetings

Employees are often forced to hold recurring meetings that require duplicated efforts. Meetings like new employees onboarding and information sharing can be held just once. Then, the recordings of these meetings can be published as on-demand videos on your centralized video library and shared with employees whenever the need arises to save up time and money. Research has estimated that these basic meetings cost about $338 on average, while 21% of the meetings held are purely for the purpose of information sharing. Hence, utilizing recordings to reduce this number increases employee productivity and frees up their time for more important tasks.


Why Do Organizations Avoid Recording Online Meetings?

Organizations are usually wary of recording online work meetings due to the risk of security breaches and information leaking out. The meetings held are often confidential the go from being basic staff meetings to top management policy meetings and CEO briefings. Each meeting needs to be shared with a different group of people. So, organizations struggle and sharing while controlling access and ensuring security.

So, How Can Recorded Online Work Meetings Be Shared While Maintaining Security?

The concern of security is completely valid and the solution is simple. Organizations should opt for a video hosting platform like VIDIZMO, which automatically ingests recorded meetings in its video portal from video conferencing solutions like Zoom and MS Teams. The meetings can then be readily playable as an on-demand video.

With compliance, security and privacy features like SSO integration, end-to-end encryption, audit log, and much more, an enterprise video hosting platform can help your organization develop a centralized video library. You can then share the recorded work meetings with role-based access control and content segregation based on user groups like different work teams or departments. You can also customize the video portal based on your branding guidelines and add in-video interactivity like quizzes, handouts or surveys to engage viewers.


Online Video meetings are the future and their presence is only going to rise. A survey conducted amongst enterprises from different industries showed that 57% of them anticipate an increased adoption of room videoconferencing solutions at their offices to connect with remote employees working from different regions. Maintaining an accurate record of these work meetings is the need of the hour and the companies who adapt well to the change are surely going to be successful. To learn more about VIDIZMO's video hosting platform, click below:

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