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What is Customer Education and How a Video Platform Can Help?

Looking for ways to create a video based customer education platform? Watch our live demo and create a similar platform for yourself now!

Does your company provide a customer education platform? Why need one? What are the benefits of such a platform? Learn more in this blog.

Customer education is the process of explaining your customers as to how to use your product, provide them with the skills that are necessary to harness its business value.  

Imagine, your organization has come up with one of the most competitive artificial intelligence software in the market. You are fully sure that launching this product will boost up your business level insistently. Now, one of your clients purchases your advance artificial intelligence software. That is a bit difficult to operate, and a proper demo would be needed. However, you do not provide a customer education platform where demo videos (how-to videos) are stored, and because of that customers will have to wait hours for you to respond for that one query they want to know.

This process is not only exhausting but customers in turn become dissatisfied no matter how much good your product is. They might not purchase again from your company because they know it would be a hassle to learn about your product. 

Customer service is important! 93% people surveyed by HubSpot preferred to do repeat businesses with companies that had good customer service.  

The Problem with Not Having a Customer Education Platform

Mostly businesses, overlook customer education platforms, which in turn becomes a reason for their product failure.

New or technologically complex products require demos to be given to customers. Moreover, if clients are not told about the advantages of a product or service, they will not have the option to utilize its full value. Therefore, customer education video platforms essentially help in customer empowerment.

Majority of the companies do have customer support for their clients where all their queries are dealt with. However, the problem here is that customers have to wait for them to respond. It also is resource consuming for the company.

For instance:

At times, your customer might be living in a different country. There is a time difference so in that case, the customer will have to wait for an entire day or even hours to get your reply which will not only decrease the customer’s productivity but will also make them irritated. And next time that customer might not prefer your company.

How VIDIZMO Helps You Empower Your Customers?

Click on this link below to look at how we help our customers in understanding how to use our product through our customer education video platform.


We provide our own Knowledge Base (KB) platform where all of our demos and product related videos are shown. Every feature or service which we offer is explained in videos in an easier and understandable way that customers will hardly need any of our assistance.

KB is a platform where our customers can find demo videos, use cases, press release, blog videos and what not! These videos can be played on any device; be it mobile, tablet or whatever.

Customer Education videos do not only save customers time but is also fruitful for us too. Our employees do not have to go on calls over and over again, which saves them time. Only if some technical complex issue occurs, this is when customers call us. Our company's resources are less consumed and our productivity rises too.

For instance:

One of our clients purchased our EnterpriseTube. An employee from their organization wants to know about EnterpriseTube’s interactivity feature so instead of calling or emailing us all he has to do is go on our kb website. His every query will be answered there. This is shown in the image below.

A screenshot of our customer education platform and how it helps you search for a videos

Our customer education platform is multilingual, so that, there should not be any language barrier. You can also embed these videos on to your website. We also allow you to brand the portal; attach your own company’s logo, change background, and completely customize the look so that you can connect with your viewers’ vibe.

We empower customers through our customer education platform highlighting the concept of self-serving. This gives customers an enlightenment, and their loyalty towards the company is also increased. They do not feel like being dependent on customer service agents all the time and asking around things.

Videos boosts up the confidence level of employees at times as people do not understand text or technical things written in textual form. So, by watching videos step by step employee can easily perform their required action.

Set Up Your Customer Education Platform Today


Visit EnterpriseTube to learn more about our product

This blog sums up the significance of customer education. Customer satisfaction rises when customers are aware of a product, and are properly educated about the product or service. It also boosts customer engagement as a customer education platform improves each customer’s experience of the product or service. And certainly, everyone likes to engage with those companies more on which they can rely on and enjoy.

And VIDIZIMO is a platform you can count on in educating customers via a video platform in a right way.

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