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3 Traits Of Best Enterprise Video Streaming Solutions


Enterprises who make use of the right tools thrive. Enterprise video streaming solutions have taken the industry by a storm. Choosing the right platform that suffices your needs is important since once the decision is made, they are less chances of going back. However, many platforms in the market lack integral features which hinder progress.

Organizations invest in enterprise video streaming solutions to make the work flows synchronous and to offer automation that will eventually make operations seamless and easier. However, certain streaming solutions fail to cater to this primary need once deployed.

Here are a few factors to consider while choosing an enterprise video streaming solutions platform:

  1. Interface:

The first thing that organizations need to consider while investing on an enterprise video streaming solution is its user friendly interface. Employees and customers have different expertise, thus a simple and easy to use platform can cater to all people across the board. Moreover, the interface should adapt to various devices and operating systems making it accessible. Vidizmo’s modern and simple interface increases user interest and intrigues them to use the platform frequently. The platform strives to integrate the power of cloud with a user friendly interface to make video communications engaging. VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

  1. Reliability:

Nothing can be worse than an enterprise video streaming solution that does not perform at the time of need. Organizations need to make sure that the platform they opt for uses technology that is forward looking and consistent. Investing on obsolete or aging technology results in scalability issues which get hard to counter. Having a cloud native platform such as Vidizmo allows users to stream unlimited content on any device with unmatched security.

The platform has been designed in a manner that offers flexibility by being accessible on various devices, giving users the power to add and remove users as per need. Moreover, Microsoft Azure offers unparalleled security that makes the solution perfect for all your video communication related activities.

  1. Usability:

Any organization while making purchases considers usability. The question generally asked is how the investment will solve or incentivize the company? Similar is the case while purchasing enterprise video streaming solution. While choosing the platform look at the functionalities of the product. Buyers need to see if the product is scalable according to the needs of the organization before investing in it. Vidizmo makes use of Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure to ensure scalability.


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