Benefits of Live Streaming in Enterprise Video Platform

The blog explores the social and environmental benefits of live streaming technology and the sustainable and positive impact on the world.

Recent time has seen the most significant surge in the popularity of live streaming as a preferred mode to consume video content.

Despite the great demand by audiences for Video on Demand (VOD) platforms like YouTube and Netflix, what sets live streaming apart from pre-recorded videos is the immediacy of witnessing events unfold in real time.

In this blog, we will explore the world of live streaming and unveil the incredible social and environmental benefits it brings to our lives.

Moreover, we will introduce you to VIDIZMO, which is an excellent platform for live streaming for all that is highly secure and comes with additional functionalities to cater to all live streaming challenges. 

Social Benefits of Live Video Streaming

Before discussing the social benefits of live streaming, we should know what Live streaming is.

In simple terms, Live streaming transmits video content in real-time to a global audience over the internet without being recorded and stored.

Live streaming has opened the world for content creators and influencers who have boomed in the past few years. It allows them to broadcast events, performances, discussions, and much more in real time directly to their audience via the internet.

People watch live content more than Video on Demand (VOD) as it gains 27% more per view minutes per view than VOD.

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Real-Time Communication and Collaboration

Real-time communication and collaboration

We all have most probably imagined the thrill of video calling through WhatsApp and Skype with our loved ones that are distant from us, right? 

Live streaming provides the same benefit but at a macro level, allowing you to connect with people across distances instantly. It helps you to bridge the gaps and transcend all geographical boundaries helping you connect with people across the globe.

Live streaming has benefitted remote teams, geographically dispersed organizations, or global companies with multiple offices sharing ideas, solving problems, and accelerating projects.

You can check out the VIDIZMO Enterprise video content management (EVCM) that provide integration with major video conferencing platforms, i.e., Zoom and MS team, to securely conduct online meeting seamlessly.

So, you might be wondering why to opt for EVCM when we can conduct a live stream directly through Zoom.

Well, Zoom itself has some limitations regarding security and scalability.

Increased Audience Engagement and Interactions

Increased Audience Engagement and Interactions

Live streaming interactivity features such as live Q&A sessions, real-time polls, and chat features have changed the audience experience from passive to active viewers. It sparks the audience's interest, creating a more participatory environment that makes them feel more included.

Suppose you attended a live session of your favorite celebrity or social media influencer where they most interact with the audience in the session by taking their questions. In that case, they usually call out the individual name and respond to that question or comment.

It creates a notable feeling among their fans and wouldn't be possible without live streaming.

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Enhanced Learning and Education

Enhanced Learning and Education

Live video streaming has made our learning no longer confined to traditional classroom settings. The norm of virtual learning has opened a world of possibilities for learners to access real-time lectures, webinars, and virtual classrooms from anywhere.

Live video streaming interactive nature creates an immersive learning experience, where students can actively engage with instructors and peers, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback. It fosters collaboration, critical thinking, and personalized instruction, ultimately enhancing the educational experience.

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Environmental Benefits of Live Video Streaming

As we have observed, organizations focus on working for a sustainable environment through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. But the question is how successful and relevant in today's time with increasing populations at a rapid pace.  

Live video streaming is a solution that connects us and contributes to a greener planet. Let us explore some environmental benefits of live video streaming, which provides eco-friendly solutions.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Aviation and air travel has caused great contributor to CO2 as we will now be looking at some of the facts that prove why there is a dire need to reduce carbon footprint.

According to Statista, Carbon emission from commercial aviation was 671 million metric tons in 2022.

In 2021 aviation accounted for over 2% of global energy-related CO2 emissions, having grown faster in recent decades than road, rail, or shipping.

Live streaming is a great way to counter that problem, as traditional meetings, conferences, and events that require participants to journey globally are now seamlessly replaced through virtual mode.

Whether it's a global conference, a product launch, or a company-wide meeting, live video streaming allows us to reach people worldwide while leaving no carbon imprint.

Imagine how immensely it will reduce global carbon emissions as millions, if not billion, are connected remotely.

But this requires Organizations to look for video content platforms that provide capabilities to cater to large audiences, robust security features and can smoothly stream at all bandwidth conditions without buffering. 

Resource Conservation

You might have heard economists and politicians talk about the preservation of natural resources due to the depletion of these resources much faster in recent years.

Live streaming contributes to making that goal possible by replacing the need for physical handouts, brochures, and printed materials. These can be made paperless by simply embedding these resources in our live stream through video interactivity features.  

By turning paperless and minimizing trash creation, sustainable practices can ease the pressure on our forests and eliminate the wasteful accumulation of flyers and event agendas, ensuring a more environmentally friendly conference experience.

Live video streaming transports us to a digital domain where information is available easily while leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

VIDIZMO: Scalable and Interactive Live Streaming Platform

VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) provides an enterprise-grade secure platform with advanced live streaming capabilities that caters to all your live video streaming requirements.

Some of the key features that made VIDIZMO the right choice for live video streaming:

  • VIDIZMO out-of-box CDN network that lets you live stream smoothly across the globe; you can configure e-CDNs for secure global content delivery on a private network.

  • It can transcode your live streams into various quality levels allowing viewers to watch content seamlessly across different devices and network conditions. Adaptive streaming optimizes the viewing experience, adjusting video quality in real time based on viewers' internet connections.

  • It supports redundant backup streams to seamlessly shift from the main live stream to a backup to avoid disruption caused by a failed stream during the live session.

  • The interactive features like live chat, Q&A, quizzes, surveys, and more lets you make your live stream more engaging and inclusive for all.

  • The reporting and analytics dashboard allows you to generate detailed reports, access an analytics dashboard that visualizes key metrics and performance tracking, and make data-driven decisions for future live streaming initiatives.


VIDIZMO EVCM provides a comprehensive set of live-streaming tools that enable businesses to deliver impactful, interactive, and secure live events. VIDIZMO ensures a practical live streaming experience, from seamless event broadcasting to interactive audience participation, solid security measures, and sophisticated analytics to gauge success.

VIDIZMO is committed to positively impacting the world through its comprehensive offering. By providing a powerful enterprise video platform, VIDIZMO enables organizations to embrace sustainable practices and reduce their environmental footprint.

With features like live streaming and virtual event management, VIDIZMO empowers companies to minimize travel-related emissions and promote remote collaboration, fostering a more sustainable way of doing business.

Embrace VIDIZMO EVCM to fully realize the promise of live streaming for your business, engaging your audience and fostering significant engagement.


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Final Thought

In today's world, we must not leave the external environment to preserve our planet's natural resources. Organizations must find alternatives to get work done efficiently. As the blog has emphasized the importance of Live streaming platforms as a solution considering their social and environmental benefits, organizations need to look for a solution that provides them with a secure and robust video platform.

A high-quality video platform is the need of the hour for companies to capitalize on the full capabilities of live video streaming and get their reach across the globe.

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