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6 Ways You Can Make Your Training Video Lectures More Effective

Improve the effectiveness of your training video lectures through interactivity, video training platforms, and more for better video learning experiences.

Training through video lectures is much more different than giving a lecture in-person. How do you know if your learners are engaged? Or whether they even understand the topic? While video learning can certainly be challenging, there are things you can do to improve the experience for both you and your learners. Advances in video streaming technology such as video training platforms and events like the coronavirus pandemic have made remote learning incredibly popular. So, here are six ways you can add value to your training video lectures.

Keep Your Videos Short

Longer videos make it difficult to keep your learners engaged and focused. Break lengthy training video lectures into shorter segments for microlearning. This allows the learners to digest topics more easily and review past topics more quickly. It also allows learners to better organize their whole learning progress. On the occasion that content needs to be updated, shorter videos are easier to clip and edit, and it’s much more convenient to record and replace a shorter video than a long one. Review your lectures to identify the smaller topics within the main topic in a long lecture and break it down into smaller video lectures accordingly.


Engage and Evaluate With Interactive Training Videos

Adding interactivity to your video lecture can not only keep things interesting, but also help measure how your learners are progressing and gather important feedback. Adding a quiz with different types of questions for knowledge checks, surveys for collecting opinions on the learning content, and handouts to share workbooks for assignments or presentations with visuals and graphics can help learners stay focused and interested. At the same time, you’ll get insights into how well your learners are performing, how effective your lectures are and where improvement might be needed.

Generate Leads through Greater Engagement and Interactivity 


Use Pre-Recorded or Existing Videos

Whether it’s a recorded classroom lecture or a talking head video, you don’t have to use entirely new content. Whether from your own collection or from another source, you might be able to find several existing video lectures for training that already do a great job explaining a specific topic. Instead of investing time recording and creating an entirely new video, try using existing, reputable videos to save time, give your learners more variety, and reduce unnecessary workload.


Make It Easier to Find and Recall Topics in a Video Lecture

Newer topics in a lecture are usually related or built upon the concepts from older lectures. Add small notes to your video at relevant moments and insert media such as previous lectures or documents to help learners quickly recap previous topics and concepts, and streamline the learning process. Adding tags and organizing training video lectures into playlists/collections can also help learners to easily find and revisit past topics relevant to their current lecture. Transcripts can also help learners easily search for a topic inside a video lecture and instantly fast forward to the moment instead of having to search for the information by watching the entire recording.



Be Yourself

Don’t be afraid if your speech doesn't come out like a rehearsed script or if you stumble over a word. Be natural and add a human touch to your training video lecture so your learners can relate and connect with you more. Sprinkling in some witty humor in your lecture can also make it more interesting and keep your learners from getting disconnected. Use test videos to experiment with different styles that help you connect and portray yourself in a more genuine and natural manner.


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