Video Content Management Software for Educational Webinars

Webinars are rapidly gaining traction in the educational landscape. Reap the benefits of webinars by hosting them on video content management software.

Forbes said it, and we couldn't agree more. Webinars are here to stay. The good news is that with video content management software at their disposal, education service providers can create effective learning content.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the online learning boom. The educational landscape went through a large-scale digital transformation as the world witnessed a lockdown.

What people once regarded as a fad has now become commonplace as educational institutes transition to digital learning. Online education is the #NewNormal, and people are fully embracing it.

With e-learning making new waves, it becomes essential for education service providers to adopt the new medium for education that not only derives better results but also makes learning fun and engaging for students.

To make things clearer, the educational landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Educational institutions that fail to adopt webinar-based learning may fall behind. Stay ahead of the curve by signing up for the 7-day free trial of the leading AI-powered video CMS platform. 

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In this blog, we will explore how to host effective educational webinars by leveraging video content management software, complete with the benefits of hosting them.

Why Need Video Content Management Software for Hosting Successful Educational Webinars

Hosting educational webinars via video content management software is an art, and we would love to see you become the Picasso of it. 

Effective educational webinars are characterized by the clear, complete communication of knowledge, information, or skills to learners beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

Effective educational webinars make efficient use of various learning aids, such as slideshows, movies, interactive activities, and other media. 

Well, you must be wondering how all of this is possible when the learner is detached from the classroom environment. Is it even plausible to think that webinar-based education can be more effective than traditional classroom-based learning when the screen acts as a barrier? 

For you to ensure effective educational webinars, we have curated 4 tips to help you host effective educational webinars on a video CMS platform, as follows: 

Enhance Webinar Engagement

You might have heard of the old cliché “Humans are social animals.” Well, that’s true. To make webinar-based learning effective, foster student engagement through live chat, in-video quizzes, polls, and Q&A sessions to encourage participation and discussions.

Offer Practical Participation to Webinar Attendees

Traditional classroom learning reeks of boredom. In order to make online learning more effective, it is crucial for instructors to include practical activities, mind-boggling experiments, or interesting projects to pique the interest of learners and reinforce learning. 

Integrate Webinars with Various Training Tools

There are a lot of opportunities to make learning effective by hosting webinars on video content management software. Education service providers can integrate webinars with videos, e-books, and forums to create a comprehensive learning experience. 

Utilize Webinars for Staff and Parental Engagement

Education goes beyond imparting knowledge into the students’ minds. Educational institutions are no longer merely places for students to get a degree or a certificate. Instead, quality education service providers see their institution as a community comprising multiple stakeholders. 

For effective educational webinars, host webinars for efficient communication with faculty and students’ parents, promoting a sense of community and keeping stakeholders informed of the progress made by students. 

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7 Benefits of Webinars in Education 

In case you are thinking about why you should strive to make educational webinars effective via video content management software, here are 7 benefits of hosting educational webinars on a video CMS platform: 

Reaching a Larger Audience

Leaving behind the physical boundaries, webinars usually don’t have a limit to the number of people who can attend. Education service providers can leverage scalable video content management software to attract international students or experts delivering guest lectures. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Traditional classroom setting requires huge monetary investment. Lights and fittings, ventilation, furniture, and whatnot. Moreover, students also have to bear the commute costs for traveling to their institute. 

However, with webinar-based education on video content management software, instructors can enjoy the cost-saving benefits with little investment in setting up an interactive learning environment.  


Okay, so this benefit is linked to the one you just read above. Who doesn’t like flexibility, right? Webinars are accessible from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an Internet connection. 

What’s even better? Advanced video content management software like EnterpriseTube can deliver low-latency, buffer-less video streaming even when the learner’s Internet connection is acting up. Isn’t it cool, right? 

Interactive Sessions

Advanced video content management software is equipped with a range of interactive features, namely live chats, in-video quizzes, polls, and real-time Q&A sessions. This way, teacher-student engagement is not compromised, and learners experience dynamic learning. 


With video content management software at your disposal, you don’t have to experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Did you miss the webinar? Don't freak out. Webinars can be recorded and made accessible to students on a secure, centralized video CMS platform. 

This feature is especially beneficial for students who need additional review or cannot attend live sessions due to time zone differences or other commitments. It promotes self-paced learning, resulting in better comprehension. 

Listen to Guest Speakers

How about having a renowned scientist drop by to share their wisdom or a business leader revealing the secrets of their success? 

With webinars hosted on video content management software, you can easily invite guest speakers and experts from anywhere, turning your lessons into exciting journeys filled with real-world insights. 

Efficient Administration

Say goodbye to endless paperwork and administrative hassles with a video CMS platform. Webinars take the weight off your shoulders by offering user-friendly tools for tasks like student registration and grading assignments. 

This means more time for what truly matters – teaching and creating engaging content to supercharge your students' learning adventure. 

VIDIZMO's EnterpriseTube for Successful Educational Webinars

VIDIZMO's Video Content Management Software, named EnterpriseTube, empowers education service providers and learners to make the most of their knowledge by enabling instructors to host effective educational webinars.

By leveraging the following capabilities of the Gartner-recognized enterprise video content management software, educational service providers can ensure their educational webinars are highly engaging:

  • Chat live, create polls to get feedback, ask and answer questions on the go with live Q&A, and create frequently asked questions (FAQs) for repetitive and trivial questions.
  • Add in-video quizzes, forms, and handouts inside recorded webinars to double down on learners’ engagement.
  • Stream webinars smoothly with low-latency, buffer-less streaming.
  • Host invite-only webinars with secure single-sign-on (SSO) logins to ensure a learning experience.
  • Track the progress of learners and monitor their interest in the webinar with granular media analytics, including drop-off rate, engagement data, user-level analytics, and more.
  • Embed your media on external platforms to ensure a wider reach to a large audience.
  • Integrate with video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Go to Meeting.

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It is a no-brainer to understand now that webinars serve as an effective medium for engaging learners. Video content management software like VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube enables education service providers and students alike to make use of effective educational webinars.

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Posted by Rafey Iqbal Rahman and Shahrukh Adil

Rafey and Shahrukh are Associate Product Marketing Analysts at VIDIZMO. As experts in enterprise video content management technologies, both are actively engaged in researching the video and digital content management trends.

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