Is Video Learning the New Norm? User Analytics to the Rescue!

Make sure your employees are on the right track – measure training effectiveness and bring improvements with the help of advanced User Analytics reports.

We can recall a time when training and learning activities were solely based on presentations, documents, numerical charts and in-person lectures.

Well, times have indeed changed! The corporate training and education sector are moving towards online on-demand video-based learning, a much more accessible, effective, simpler, and fun way to learn and understand.

Here are the reasons why:

The current workforce, filled with Gen Zs and millennials, finds it much easier to learn by watching engaging bite-sized videos.

It is critical to enable a learning environment while ensuring the delivery of the right knowledge to your workforce. Ensure that your workforce has the tools and resources they need to be successful by investing in a learning environment.

Video Learning Platform To Measure Training Effectiveness Through User Analytics

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In this blog, we will get in-depth look at how Video-Learning is opening doors for speedy yet effective corporate training and learning, further enabled by detailed User Analytics capabilities of on-demand video training platforms like VIDIZMO.

Be Worth Millions, With Video Learning

Video-based learning upholds the following benefits, which truly are worth millions in the long term:

It Is a Time-Saving Approach

Instead of training each recruited employee repeatedly individually during the onboarding process, the trainer can record videos, saving the valuable time of senior employees while ensuring streamlined delivery of accurate information on time for new resources.

Makes Learning More Engaging and Effective

Text-based material and images are static content, not as engaging compared to video content. A video is designed to make sure that the information and knowledge are retained long-term in the memory of the learners.

visual learning

Did You Know? In a day, 90% of the information that your brain processes is visual. Therefore, there are much higher chances of video-based learning content being preserved in the learner’s brain.

Reduces Training Cost

Video-based learning is much more cost-effective than face-to-face training. It saves time, space, and money for organizations, helping trainees smoothly intakE information without any inconvenience.

Access to On-Demand Learning

Some trainees already know some information and want to see only a specific part of the video. On-demand learning enables the viewer to skip a section of a video and watch only the relevant part without watching the entire video from the beginning.

Enables Micro-Learning

Corporate learners are mostly occupied with their work, and taking time out of their busy schedules is challenging to watch lengthy training videos.

Plus, they have a short attention span and lose interest quickly. Micro-learning content is short-form informative videos breaking down the more significant topic into bite-sized, engaging and interactive videos.

They can be made even more interactive through a video learning platform that can support collaborative learning with interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, handouts, timed annotations, comments, and much more. VIDIZMO’s video learning platform provides you with just that in a secure environment perfect for private corporate training needs.


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Increases Engagement and Productivity

Video learning is convenient and accessible on the go. With remote work on the rise and organizations incorporating Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) culture, it is important to create asynchronous training programs accessible on-the-go from anywhere, anytime.

Which is another reason why an on-demand video-based learning platform like VIDIZMO is the need of the hour.

But Are You Sure Your Videos Are Viewed?

Delivering training alone is not enough. If your employees are not really watching them, all this effort is in vain. Active viewing is required to get the expected results. But how to measure your training’s effectiveness?

Well, it is essential to keep a record of who is watching the videos provided.

This is where an enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube comes in handy. With it, not only are videos more easily accessible on the go and much more engaging through interactive learning options, but you can keep a track record of all the various training analytics.

Know exactly what videos are preferred. Are the trainees completing the courses assigned to them? Get into the nitty-gritty of which users are watching what videos, their quiz results, and overall, who is excelling and who is struggling.

To support your eLearning needs, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube provides organized advanced media analytics capabilities in easy-to-read detailed video reports dashboards.

Training Analytics-1

These analytics now go one step ahead with the newly introduced feature that’s called User Analytics.

Now, it is easier than ever to keep a trail of people who viewed your videos, track their course completion to see if they skipped any content, and make use of the feedback they provide. It also helps maintain an in-depth stat of each viewer and keep track of content without hassle.

Wondering what is it exactly that you can track for each user? Well, wonder no more! Let us explain what User Analytics allows you to track.

User Analytics: Track Who Viewed Your Training Videos

The User Analytics dashboard details a variety of content viewing, engagement, and interactivity stats for all the users in your VIDIZMO portal.

Overall, you can know details linked to:

  • Media files viewed

  • Quizzes and Surveys attempted

  • Quiz and Survey Results

  • Course certificates achieved

User Analytics - User Activity Summery

To get a general idea, you can view a complete record of all user viewing and engagement activities in a detailed User Activity Summary table:

User Analytics - User Activity Summery 2

Analyze bulk videos of your choice or even an entire video course to understand each learner’s performance and track their progress without any hassle. Generate granular user insights detailing what each user watched, how much, and what their performance was on the quizzes assigned to them. Track various metrics to know per user media progress, impressions, views, completions and interactions.

You can even track all the various interactive activities of users, from likes to sharing and much more. Filter these further according to the specific media information you are looking for in terms of certain users.

User Analytics - Filter Results Based on Users, Media, Format, and Time Frame (1)

To understand the viewer’s history more effectively, you can find data mapped out in statistical charts, graphs, and tabular forms. Use these to analyze the effectiveness of your training content and make decisions regarding what changes to make for the content to be more compelling.

User Analytics - Device Usage and Demographics

Moreover, the employees can be monitored to ensure they complete assigned quizzes and surveys. You can view each user's specific quiz and survey-related analytics and responses to track their progress, retention, and understanding.

User Analytics - Quiz Analytics for Every User

The best part is that for those that are completing courses in due time, you can give them course completion certificates and other rewards as incentives for better performance.

You can even custom design your certificate template and reward certificate to those who successfully complete all the course videos and pass the assigned quizzes. The Achievement tab in the User Analytics section will track all such progress for your ease and showcase user achievements clearly in one place!

User Analytics - Certificates Achieved

A Complete Video Training Platform

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, hence, equips you with all this information to help you generate actionable insights for improving your training effectiveness, ensuring every minute watched is beneficial.

A corporate training platform allows your organization to create your very own personal Corporate YouTube, where you can easily stream, upload, and manage all your training-related media content, especially designed to handle all your video-based trainings.

VIDIZMO Enterprise training video portal

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You can stream live training sessions, record them, and make them available for those that missed out. Or directly uploaded planned-out pre-recorded training videos that you can playback on demand whenever you want!

Once your video is uploaded to the VIDIZMO platform, you can preview, edit, and trim it if necessary. This will save you time and allow you to curate your videos to best fit your desired length and remove any unnecessary bits.

Most importantly, you get a secure video hosting platform designed with a security-first approach to support secure streaming.

Restrict content to authenticated users, where restricted videos cannot be downloaded and shared with unauthorized users. You can also share content with tokenized URLs to limit viewing or to expire video access when you wish.

Overall, you can benefit from a variety of security features, including single sign-on integration with SCIM support, end-to-end encryption, IP restriction, and various other features.

If all this piques your interest, you should go for a free trial to experience these capabilities first-hand.

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