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Categorizing Digital Evidence in Digital Evidence Management System

Managing digital files stored on your system is difficult. But adding custom attributes makes your digital evidence files easily searchable.

Done with the storage of massive digital evidence files? Wondering how to organize them and make them quickly searchable for you whenever needed? We have the answer - Custom Attributes!

It is overwhelming and time-consuming to find digital evidence files when you need them. Instead of focusing more on the entire investigation process you just got lost in searching for the relevant case files.

According to a recent survey from Wakefield Research

infographic showing results of Wakefield Research survey

Have you ever thought about how to organize digital evidence and what is the best way to do that? And how to search for the digital evidence files quickly?

For example, a law enforcement officer wants to search for a robbery case that happened last week from thousands of stored digital evidence files. How is this possible with just one click?

You can do this by assigning a specific attribute or property to it such as case no, publishing date or you can add relevant tags, category names etc.

This article will clarify how to organize digital evidence files through custom attributes. Why should law enforcement agencies use them to organize and categorize important evidence files and how does VIDIZMO help you to categorize and instantly search for an evidence file?

How to Organize and Categorize Digital Evidence Files?

Firstly, you can create multiple case folders. You can handle digital evidence files within these folders by assigning custom attributes such as incidence no, case no to each evidence file. Custom attributes appear as filters and help to improve search visibility of your uploaded digital evidence files.

Researchers have concluded that:

“Ultimately, the researchers concluded the best system involves folders *and* tags... (we can) use tags to make them highly findable.” 

(Source: Zapier)

Here is how VIDIZMO DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) is the best platform for categorizing and searching for digital evidence files by adding custom attributes to them.

Adding Custom Attributes to Digital Evidence Files Using VIDIZMO DEMS:

adding custom attribute in VIDIZMO portal

VIDIZMO DEMS enables you to make your digital evidence files easily searchable. You can:

  • Create multiple case folders for the compilation of digital evidence files such as videos, audio recordings, images, and documents.
  • Generate smart tags automatically for your digital evidence files.
  • Assign custom attributes such as case number, incident number to refine your search.
  • Organize all similar cases under the same category. Maintain access rights for each case folder.
  • Apart from that, you can ingest digital evidence from multiple sources such as dashcams, body worn cameras, CCTV, etc.
  • You can detect, track, and redact personal identifiers in digital files automatically before sharing them with third parties or presenting them in court.
  • Handling and sharing evidence securely with end-to-end encryption, tamper detection, and consolidated chain of custody reports.
  • Transcribe digital evidence files into 40 languages and translate them into 50+ languages using artificial intelligence.

Be sure to check out our feature page for more information about VIDIZMO DEMS.



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