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Choosing the Best Enterprise Video Platform


Enterprise Video platform has truly converged the gap amongst user groups, where all demographical boundaries have blurred so businesses can target a diverse audience in just one go. People all around the world, from all economies, age groups, classes to the socio-cultural background have only shown a remarkable rise in the demand consequently leading to forecasts predicting 89% of purchasing decisions being driven from videos by 2022. The global video enterprise platform market predictions by Markets and Markets show a revenue increase up to $40.84 billion in the next three years, which indicates an upsurge in the growth rate of about 20% annually. This is evidence that to make a powerful impact all businesses should make a shift from their existing strategies and adopt video as their primary medium of content. There is an insatiable demand for enterprise video platform that every business needs to fulfill to stay at the top of their game and to cater this essential need it is crucial to implement a holistic enterprise video platform such as VIDIZMO to create, distribute and engage through videos seamlessly. 

What to look for in an Enterprise Video Platform?

Surely, the benefits of Enterprise Video Platform outweigh the alternate solutions for efficient and effective video streaming but with an annual growth of enterprise video market by 20%, expected to reach over $40 billion by 2022, how do you choose the best platform for your company?

VIDIZMO provides an exceptionally well-integrated platform for companies, enabling the corporation to get the most out of their content. Here are features you should look for in an Enterprise Video Platform to ensure all your enterprise wide video needs can be met:

Customizable HTML5 Player

Adobe plans to phase out Flash completely by 2020, when it will stop releasing updates for the buggy plugin. However, Flash is nearly dead as websites ditch the software ahead of its retirement. In this scenario, HTML5 has emerged as the most widely used JavaScript. By reducing the cost of developing web applications and seamlessly integrating all HTML elements on the web page, it greatly enhances scalability and interoperability without using any third-party applications or plug-ins. This allows for better video-on-demand and live streaming capabilities. HTML5 is natively supported by all browsers and does not need any third-party plug-ins to execute its resources.

Stream live and on-demand content to your viewers with the fastest and smoothest playback experience with VIDIZMO video and audio HTML5 Player. The player provides a variety of options such as settings to set the stream quality and speed, choose captions for the video from the available subtitle tracks, view your video in theatre or full-screen mode, book-mark your favorite videos and much more.

Live Streaming

Many organizations today have shifted to video as their prime medium of content. The rapid rise in the popularity of live streaming has prompted many organizations to consider how they might use the medium to engage customers and employees. Live streaming is helpful for employees geographically dispersed in a large corporation, for presenters to communicate remotely and for producing interactive content.

VIDIZMO makes it easy for both technical and non-tech media professionals to schedule, test and deliver webcasts, webinars and live event broadcasts. Whether it’s a public event, an internal meeting with employees or a private webcast for external pre-registered viewers, VIDIZMO allows you to easily setup and deliver your live stream, track viewing, automatically record and publish the recording post-event for on-demand viewing.

Analytics Dashboard

It is important for modern businesses to have video analytics. Whether tracking customers, or identifying business opportunities and failures, this feature helps achieve company goals easier by keeping the focus and vision aligned. Analytics help users make critical decisions based on hard data.

VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box analytics to its customers when it comes to tracking media-specific analytics as well as the quality of service (QoS) or quality of experience (QoE). We provide analytics that cover during-live streams, after-delivery as well as on-demand videos.

Multi Tenancy

VIDIZMO has a unique multitenancy platform. VIDIZMO’s portal-level autonomy not only provides complete user and content segregation but goes as far as to provide separate portal management and administration policies, branding, licensing, compliance, security, storage, membership types, hosting options (geographically/cloud or on premise), encoding, live streaming, single sign-on, and more. 

Practically, what this means for a customer is that they have complete control and autonomy over department-level portals, so each department can have its own storage, encoder, CDN, SSO, branding, hosting location, etc., to meet their specific regulatory compliance and security requirements. This also means that VIDIZMO’s multi-tenant software enables customers to run multiple virtual instances of VIDIZMO portals within one deployment instance. 

Content Management

Managing a website is a whole lot easier with a content management system which reduces the time spent running the site. An EVCM will effectively aid you in scaling your website and digital marketing efforts.

Uploading: VIDIZMO supports the ingestion of different digital media types, including videos, audios, images, documents, slides and interactive graphics. VIDIZMO also allows you to bulk upload files, triggering detailed workflows to perform basic and advanced processing on the uploaded files such as thumbnail capturing, clipping, metadata extraction, generating preview thumbnails, transcoding and much more.

Encoding: All uploaded videos can be encoded into multiple pre-configured formats (MPEG4, HLS,  WebM, WMV etc.) and resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p) using compression codec H264, to allow playback on different devices and browsers in varying bandwidth conditions. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this growing digital age of the information era, AI is inevitably taking over many major functionalities of a company and its products, reducing the need for human presence and erasing the chances of human error. It is highly beneficial for corporations to integrate AI into their systems.

VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to draw information from three main pillars audio, visual, and audiovisual content. These contents can be further broken down to OCR, Face Detection and Visual Content Moderation under visual AI features and Voice Activity Detection, Language Identification, Emotion Recognition under audio AI features. Audiovisual AI features are used for Brand Detection, Keyword Extraction, and Topic Modelling. 

Network Optimization

For system resources to improve and ensure optimal usage while increasing efficiency for the organization. Network optimization is the key. Network optimization looks at everything from the individual workstation to the server, connections and any tools associated with it.

VIDIZMO uses a wide range of WAN optimization and edge caching technologies to ensure smooth, high quality streaming video delivery on any device, and in challenging network or bandwidth conditions. In addition to utilizing public content delivery networks (CDN) for a geographically dispersed audience, VIDZMO also provides its own enterprise CDN (ECDN) for optimal on-premises video delivery for offices or branches with poor network connectivity or limited bandwidth availability. 

VIDIZMO’s video platform provides the most flexible and efficient options for optimizing video delivery over corporate networks in the cloud or behind the firewall. VIDIZMO WAN optimization technologies help reduce latency and buffering, conserve WAN bandwidth consumed in live and on-demand streaming, while also speeding video startup time. 

Security and Compliance  

While integrating EVCM into a company is highly beneficial, security, access and moderation of all the content should be kept in mind. By choosing the right EVCM, security measures can be taken.

VIDIZMO adheres to the industry’s highest standards for platform security to keep your video and rich media safe. We believe in building a highly collaborative video ecosystem for enterprise communications while driving security best practices to maintain organizational data integrity and confidentiality. 

Integration Capabilities 

While a website may be designed well and pleasing to the eye, the quality which attracts end users is ease of use. Look for an enterprise collaboration solution providing an easy, approachable and intuitive interface to make adoption easier, one which allows your end users to maintain their existing tools and workflows by being easily deployed within your current environment.

Easily integrate VIDIZMO with a broad range of existing line of business application like CMS, CRM, LMS and video conferencing systems as well as IT infrastructure such as enterprise active directory, cloud, content delivery networks, encoding hardware, etc. With a highly interoperable video streaming solution, we provide you the most flexible range of out-of-the-box integrations with your enterprise ecosystem so you can maximize video and media usage in your organization. 

VIDIZMO: an easy, user-friendly Enterprise Video Platform

With such a simple and flexible life cycle of content capture, hosting, processing and deployment, VIDIZMO is disrupting the Enterprise Video Platform market with latest features and technologies, such as extracting hidden insights from audiovisual content by using artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing in-video annotations, providing human transcriptions capabilities, enhancing data descriptions by defining custom attributes and much more. These latest feature releases are allowing VIDIZMO to provide a better video experience to its customers, all the while improving content accessibility, search and discovery, moderation workflows, and user engagement and interactivity.  

For a detailed exploration of modern-day Enterprise Video Platform also referred to as Enterprise Video Content Management System(EVCM), read  A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Video Content Management.

If you would like to know how VIDIZMO can address your company’s  Enterprise Video Content Management and Platform challenges, contact us today or visit our website for details.


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