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Discover the crucial features to consider in an EVCM platform to enhance and simplify your HR training and onboarding.

In today's world, video has become the most widely used medium for entertainment and learning. YouTube has become the first choice for people looking for tutorials or short videos for conceptual understanding because it has a user-friendly interface and high-quality videos.

The dynamic of corporate Learning and Development (L&D) practices has drastically changed from a traditional instructional learning or in-person training methodology to video training. According to Training Magazine industry data, 88% of large companies use virtual classrooms, webcasting, and video broadcasting as training methodologies.

Many organizations use Learning Management Systems (LMS) for HR training and onboarding for numerous benefits. Still, a move towards an inclusive learning environment is shifting companies to adopt an Enterprise Video Content Management System (EVCM) that offers much more advanced features and streamlines the HR training and onboarding process.

This blog discusses how Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) enhances HR training and employee onboarding. It also guides you through why organizations turn to EVCM for HR learning and onboarding and the key aspects to consider when selecting the right EVCM platform.

What is an Enterprise Video Content Management System (EVCM)?

Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) is a software that allows you to store, manage, and distribute video content for video training and onboarding within your organization across different units in a "YouTube-like portal." It can seamlessly integrate with your LMS, so it would be correct to say it complements it.

EVCM provides a centralized platform that allows enterprises to upload, organize, and manage their video content in a structured manner. It enables Organizations to create a video library, allowing them to categorize content in the playlist and add metadata for quick and easy search.

The best part is that this content is accessible from multiple devices –computers, smartphones, tablets, and more – allowing users to access it anywhere. 

Why are Organizations Using EVCM for HR Training and Onboarding?

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The Learning and Development (L&D) department has recently gained prominence and emphasizes employee training. According to the 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning report, 59% of L&D professionals said upskilling and reskilling was their top priority in 2021.

It shows how companies are changing their approach to prioritize employees, putting more effort into their growth. It not only increases employee retention but also cultivates a culture that is both productive and positive for them.

The rise of OTT (over-the-top) platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime has accustomed people to accessing video-on-demand content. This shift also applies to employee training, where a more adaptable learning setting is necessary, often in an online or self-paced course format.


Source: 2022 Workplace Learning & Development Trends

The widespread popularity of YouTube has positioned it as a benchmark for evaluating the functionality and design of video portals, including Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) systems. Companies are increasingly adopting EVCM as a platform for video training and onboarding, capitalizing on employees' familiarity with video-based learning, like the user-friendly nature of YouTube.

However, a question arises: why choose EVCM when free platforms like YouTube are readily available?

EVCM goes beyond the capabilities of YouTube by providing a suite of advanced features tailored to the specific needs of organizations. It includes the creation of a customizable white-label video portal that aligns with your brand guidelines.

Additionally, EVCM offers enterprise-grade content security measures and ensures adherence to compliance standards. In essence, EVCM provides a comprehensive solution that caters to the unique requirements of businesses, encompassing branding, security, and regulatory needs.

What Makes for an Ideal EVCM System for HR Training and Onboarding? 

There are a lot of video content management platforms in the market, but choosing the right platform specific to your Organization's HR training and onboarding needs is necessary to leverage its full potential. The ideal VCMS facilitates learning and transforms it into an engaging, efficient, and practical experience.

The following are some of the factors that make an EVCM solution the right and ideal choice for training and onboarding new employees:


An ideal EVCM platform offers a highly effective way to scale HR training and onboarding as an organization grows seamlessly. It includes accommodating an increasing number of users on the portal without straining resources. Scalability becomes an invaluable advantage, particularly when a company expands and needs to train efficiently and onboard new employees across diverse departments, locations, and countries.

In the traditional training approach, this expansion would demand additional trainers, venues, and learning materials, which could burden resources. However, with EVCM's digital, accessible, and reusable training platform, a compelling solution emerges to address this challenge. It enables you to scale your training efforts without necessitating a proportional resource increase.


Organizations are also shifting towards EVCM for HR training and onboarding so that every employee has access to the same content, which is standardized, up-to-date, and aligned with the Organizational goals and values. 
Organizations frequently face challenges where employees receive varying levels of training, resulting in differences in performance. Traditional in-person methods cannot maintain this Consistency as different trainers may have variable expertise, venue, and schedule.

A competent EVCM provides a centralized platform to store all HR training and onboarding material so all employees can access them regardless of location. It ensures that each employee has access to the learning material and receives a uniform training experience that promotes a unified corporate culture.

Robust Security

Unlike YouTube, EVCM systems have strong security features to keep your private training and onboarding materials safe for internal use. It uses encryption and access controls to ensure that only authorized people can access your videos.

Additionally, the EVCM solution has a feature called URL tokenization. It lets you securely share videos with others outside your organization. The links have a time limit, so they automatically stop working when the set time is up.

User-Friendly Interface

EVCM platforms offer user-friendly interfaces that simplify content management for administrators and provide learners with seamless navigation. If a platform is hard to navigate, users might give up on using it, defeating its purpose. The platform should be simple, enabling users to upload, organize, and access training videos effortlessly.

To encourage engagement, users must spend time on the EVCM platform and interact more with the available training material. A user-friendly design, easy navigation, and intuitive access to desired content are crucial factors. These elements combine to make the platform attractive and effective in driving engagement.

Integration Capabilities

Moreover, comprehensive EVCM platforms can seamlessly integrate with other training and learning tools, such as LMS. For instance, The LMS integration makes SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) files easily incorporated into the platform, allowing seamless integration of courses containing playlists of training videos.

Analytics and Reporting

Simple uploading, HR training and onboarding videos will not help, as there needs to be a feature of monitoring the performance of these videos. Robust analytics within EVCM platforms that provides details regarding user engagement, such as likes, comments, and live chat, will help HR gauge how users perceive the content.

Video analytics also offer data on completion rates, providing valuable information about how much content people watch. This data helps you understand if the content is relevant and if learners are fully engaged. It enables you to assess your content's effectiveness and improve based on the insights gained.

Data Organization and Categorization

Another significant feature that the EVCM platform offers is data organization and categorization that allows you to properly organize your abundance of video content by making a video library, playlists and categories. It helps neatly manage your content and easily search and retrieve it faster. It allows you to create a video library, playlist and category.

Video Library allows you to organize videos neatly, storing all your training and learning videos in an organized and easy-to-find way. EVCM should also allow you to create a playlist to put the collection of related videos creating a cohesive learning journey.

The video category feature lets you organize your videos based on training topics, roles, and departments. It offers learners a clear path to explore content that aligns with their learning objectives.

Transcription and Translation

As organizations strive for a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment, HR is adopting EVCM platforms for training and onboarding. Transcription and translation features are essential to overcome language barriers and enhance employee connection to achieve this inclusivity.

Transcription involves converting video content into text. It helps individuals who prefer reading over watching videos, making the content more accessible. It's especially beneficial for those with hearing impairments, ensuring that video material is inclusive for everyone.

The translation feature is also crucial. It breaks down language barriers for employees from various parts of the world who speak different languages. It enables them to access and benefit from consistent training materials, fostering a more unified learning experience.

Live Streaming for Remote Onboarding

As organizations shift to remote working, geographical limitations no longer restrict their hiring efforts. Remote hiring is rising, emphasizing the need for an EVCM platform that enhances communication with remote employees through live-streaming capabilities.

EVCM platforms provide a live streaming feature that organizations can effectively utilize for onboarding remote employees. These platforms let HR engage in real-time conversations, warmly welcoming new team members. Additionally, live chat features within the live streaming session add an element of engagement, making the onboarding process more engaging and interactive.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube: A Robust Solution to Elevate HR Training and Onboarding

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers an enterprise video training and learning platform recognized by Gartner, with over 20 years of experience in the video streaming industry. It offers a customizable white-label solution, allowing you to customize your video portal per your brand's guidelines.

For HR corporate training and onboarding requisites, it empowers you to compile video content training material within a secure, centralized platform and allocate them to employees for self-paced learning. 


Some of the key features of EnterpriseTube that corporate organizations can utilize for training and onboarding new employees are as follows:  

  • Enhanced Security: EnterpriseTube is FIPS 140-2 compliant and offers AES-256 encryption for data at rest and during transit. It ensures that your video assets are secure and accessible only for internal use.

  • Customizable Portal: The platform provides a video portal with an intuitive user interface. It enables you to incorporate logos and designs that align with your brand's guidelines.

  • Integration Capabilities: EnterpriseTube integrates seamlessly with tools like LMS, Zoom, MS Teams, HubSpot, and more, expanding its functionality and utility.

  • Video Library and Playlist Creation: It empowers you to organize content effectively by creating a video library and playlists that cater to your specific requirements.

  • Interactive Elements: The platform offers interactive features such as quizzes, polls, handouts, surveys, likes, and comments, enhancing engagement and participation.

  • AI-Powered Transcription and Translation: Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, EnterpriseTube facilitates automatic transcription and translation of videos, making content accessible to wider audiences.

  • Live Streaming: EnterpriseTube enables live streaming with CDN support, ensuring uninterrupted streaming. Adaptive bitrate technology optimizes performance across devices and varying bandwidth conditions.

  • Advanced Search Functionality: The platform offers advanced search capabilities, allowing you to search within videos and enhancing content searchability.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers these features and much more.

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