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Enhancing Video Experience in SharePoint with VIDIZMO 

By Zed
Enhancing Video Experience in SharePoint with VIDIZMO

With over 100 million users, Microsoft SharePoint is used by organizations globally for employee collaboration and management of digital assets. Although SharePoint is well-suited for management of documents and images, video remains a challenge, especially with digital transformation initiatives magnifying consumption of video in organizations.

How do you overcome that challenge? Or are the limitations of SharePoint with respect to video overhyped?

Limitations of SharePoint in Video Management  

While SharePoint can store and play video, it lacks features that make video such a powerful collaboration and communication medium: video ingestion, encoding, live and on-demand streaming, analytics, etc. Organizations need a method to adopt these video capabilities into their existing SharePoint ecosystem without much hassle. The end result would be a tightly integrated platform that enables enterprise-wide collaboration of all types of digital assets.

Although Microsoft has its own enterprise video product—Microsoft Stream— but it’s a long way from being recognized as a competitive enterprise video platform. For starters, Stream cannot be deployed on-premises, which makes it a no-go for organizations with strict security and compliance requirements. Stream also has a number of feature and functionality limitations. A better option would be to integrate your existing SharePoint with an enterprise video solution that is recognized globally and can integrate with your other enterprise applications seamlessly too.

Integrating SharePoint with VIDIZMO  

VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform provides ease of integration with Microsoft SharePoint—versions 2007 and onwards—in multiple ways:

  • By embedding HTML code into your existing SharePoint application 
  • By using VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App 
  • By custom embedding of VIDIZMO HTML widgets

All of these approaches are available whether you wish to deploy VIDIZMO on-premises, on public or private cloud, or are considering a hybrid deployment. 

1. Embedding HTML Code in SharePoint 

VIDIZMO allows users to embed published video files for playback in their existing SharePoint channel using HTML iframe element. This type of integration is favored when users want to view only certain videos through their SharePoint application. The video will not be able to interact with other HTML components, such as SharePoint search, media library etc.

2. VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App

VIDIZMO add-on: SharePoint Video App provides a stronger integration as compared to the embed code route. The app provides a platform where common VIDIZMO functionalities are pushed into SharePoint Online (cloud) or SharePoint Server (on-premises). These functionalities include:

  • Video playback page
  • Media page
  • Channels page
  • Search and find page 

And more.


SharePoint Video App Model

At a high level, VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App is a collection of HTML widgets (VIDIZMO Search, Most Recent Videos, Portals List, etc.) that provide easy configuration and installation with your existing SharePoint application provided by SharePoint server. Simply put, VIDIZMO SharePoint App integrates common video functionalities with your organization’s SharePoint user interface.

When a user accesses video content in their SharePoint Video App, they’re actually making API calls to VIDIZMO application server. In turn, VIDIZMO API may interact with VIDIZMO Business Logic Layer to satisfy user requests. VIDIZMO application server can interact with enterprise-grade encoders, streaming servers, content providers etc. This enables SharePoint Video App users to access video capabilities while remaining in SharePoint UI

Features of SharePoint Video App

  • Single Sign-on (SSO): 
    Users can sign-in to their SharePoint Video App using their SharePoint credentials, enabling ease of access for employees and ease of management for administrators.
  • Video Playback—Live and On-demand Streaming:  
    The app provides a number of VIDIZMO playback functionalities on the playback page, offering on-demand and live streaming of videos through video player and different sections for related videos, recently added videos, feedback area, etc. Additional features and sections can also be added to the playback page as required by the customers.
  • Video Search:
    SharePoint Video App allows users to benefit from VIDIZMO’s advanced search capabilities that enable searched to be based on works spoken in a video, on-screen text, keywords appearing in video title, description, meta tags, and more.
  • Video Ingestion and Encoding:
    SharePoint lacks the ability to use proper video ingestion workflow such as video encoding, indexing and cataloging etc. VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App allows SharePoint servers to benefit from multiple encoding options that are provided by VIDIZMO encoding services.
  • Single-Click to VIDIZMO Portal:
    Other VIDIZMO video capabilities are just a click away from the SharePoint application, giving users access to media management, video analytics, transcoding options, content moderation, playlist creation, player priority, etc.
  • Smartphone Access:
    SharePoint Video App, along with its SSO, playback and smart search capabilities, can be accessed on any mobile or tablet.
  • Compatibility:
    VIDIZMO SharePoint App is compatible with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016—on-premise, cloud and hybrid models—making video management easier in a familiar interface.

3. Customization using VIDIZMO HTML Widgets

VIDIZMO also offers a variety of HTML widgets that users can embed in their SharePoint application to create a custom video experience in SharePoint. Along with HTML widgets, VIDIZMO also allows access to its API, offering both the tools and the code, empowering customers to integrate with SharePoint however they see fit.

Such customization options can be adopted by either using VIDIZMO professional services or the VIDIZMO HTML widgets and API access can also be provided as an open-source library for organizations to custom-embed functionalities according to their needs.

For further details about VIDIZMO enterprise integrations, contact us  today or visit our website for more information.

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