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Enterprise Video Communications: Giving Your HR Department Autonomy

Learn more on how a video platform can help the HR of your organization.

The human resource (HR) department at almost all enterprises is overworked with a plethora of tools and resources that just make the task more complex. In today’s time, the HR department needs simpler tools that can help in facilitating the staff and gaining maximum advantage out of their day to day activities. By investing in the right technology, the productivity of your employees can rise instrumentally.

Enterprise video communication platforms are making it convenient for HR teams to scale its mechanism and make the process efficient.  A major issue faced by the HR department is the engagement of the employees there spread at vast distances and time zones which make the sharing of resources tedious. A good Enterprise video communication platform bridges this gap and scales the output of in-house, remote and disbursed employees.

Here’s how the HR department can make use of videos for their everyday activities:

Connecting The Organization


With time, employees are now demanding internal transparency. With employees becoming autonomous, there is a niche requirement for businesses to reveal their work mechanism along with the strategies deployed and the driving force behind them. This helps them to align themselves with the company’s mission, goals and allows them to contribute better to the organization.

To facilitate this need, organizations have started to conduct enterprise video communication so that the executive and managerial body can communicate effectively to the employees. By investing in a video content management system such as VIDIZMO, it not only becomes easier for the executives to communicate to every employee with ease but the analytics metrics also allow the HR to keep a check on the outcome of the video being circulated.

This overcomes the time barriers, distances and cuts significantly on the hefty costs of arranging Town Halls or Executive Roundtables. Moreover, those who cannot attend the event in person can also take advantage of the on-demand video storage offered by Vidizmo.

Team Learning


Organizations have to spend hefty budgets on Learning and Development where a huge chunk is merely spent on logistics. This includes transportation, travel, meals, locations, equipment, etc. All this can simply be avoided by conducting eLearning via a secure video content management system such as Vidizmo’s Virtual Academy, which minimizes expenses exponentially.

With enterprise video solutions, there is no need to organize training sessions at numerous locations since the same information can be shared via videos remotely. This helps the HR department to streamline resources, ensures fruitful results and keeps a track on employee productivity.

Videos are an invaluable asset for the employees since the user can go back, play, rewind, pause, and replay as per his need. Moreover, videos allow the presenter to experiment, rehearse and diversify content with time. The nonverbal and verbal cues can also be used to make the session productive.

Break The Monotony


According to research conducted by Forrester Research, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read text like documents, emails, or web articles. Video communication tends to make the life of HR easier.

For instance, a new policy has been implemented, and a text heavy document has been released to the employees. There are high chances that the employees will not thoroughly go through the entire document resulting in confusion and frustration.

In today’s time, everyone is busy and does not have enough time to skim through documents. Videos, in such enterprises, act as a blessing since the pace of delivering content fastens and the retention also increases.

VIDIZMO allows its users to add text, graphics, animations, etc. to make content sound and engaging which makes retention easier.  Viewers tend to get engaged via video since the message is easier to digest and there fewer chances of misinterpretation allowing the HR department to take a sign of relief.

VIDIZMO is a powerful tool for your enterprise video communications that has immense potential to organize, store, and manage your video content. The top tier companies are already leveraging this technology. To embrace a significant change in your company operations, request for a free trial today to experience a plethora of possibilities.

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