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How Can the Intelligence Community Benefit From an Enterprise Video Content Management System

Here are the top 8 features that every robust and reliable video streaming platform should offer your organization.
by Zohaib Khan Updated on January 16, 2024

Recently, the US Intelligence Community has been aiming to modernize its digital infrastructure through enterprise IT systems. In 2019, the DoD released the Digital Modernization Strategy as a core initiative to modernize their joint information enterprise environment in conjunction with cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Technology such as an enterprise video content management system combined with cloud computing can help not only in improving interoperability but also build on contemporary cloud technology to strengthen cybersecurity and unlock greater potential for the IC’s data.

Role of Enterprise Video for the Intelligence Community​

Contemporary developments in video technology have seen their ascension from a luxury asset to becoming an indispensable part of enterprise operations and environment. This means government agencies now have an ever-increasing amount of video assets piling up from use cases such as online training, virtual meetings, internal communication, remote working and other video use cases. As such, together with cloud technology, video technology such as an enterprise video content management system has become a necessity for the development of modern organizations and agencies.

These changes in the way organizations and agencies operate are not solely the result of technological advances or developments. The COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on the entire world, including on how organizations such as government agencies operate. Video immediately evolved from a vital supporting asset to becoming the primary means of conducting many important and everyday activities & operations.

The 17 intelligence agencies that compose the US Intelligence Community focus on different aspects of a common mission, and aim to support foreign policies and national security for the United States of America.

Technology modernization efforts have pushed them to approach some of the leading cloud providers in order to build on cloud technology and leverage the power of artificial intelligence for innovative solutions to create a more positive impact on their activities. These activities may include online training and support, protection and surveillance of facilities, analysis and extraction of important information from metadata, and secure sharing and transfer of information. Whether playing a supportive or an indispensable part in these activities, the impact of video is unquestionable. In addition to cloud and AI technology, these activities more or less would require quality, around-the-clock video streaming capabilities, large or unlimited storage capacity, extensive tools for video management, and most importantly the highest level of security and government compliances.

Delivering timely and intelligent information from video assets means it’s important to leverage an enterprise-grade video content management system based on the cloud and capable of leveraging AI to create actionable insights.


A Consolidated Enterprise Video Content Management System


Recognized by Gartner for Enterprise Video Content Management, VIDIZMO is capable of addressing the most extensive of needs for live & on-demand video streaming and management. As a leading provider of enterprise video content management system, VIDIZMO has more than two decades of experience in delivering solutions to challenges for video streaming, digital content management, security & privacy for digital assets and flexible, legally compliant solutions based on the cloud from leading cloud technology providers, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and others. VIDIZMO’s solutions have created a growing list of federal customers, including U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Department of State. ​

VIDIZMO enables agencies to securely store, manage and share an ever-increasing amount of video assets, while enabling them to leverage cloud technology, and AI for video analysis to generate actionable insights and avail all the innovations and benefits of cloud technology. Interactive live & and on-demand video management enables organized, real-time and self-paced training, internal video communication and knowledge transfer. Robust security controls ensure only authenticated and authorized access and video asset distribution for sensitive information, while powerful AI video analysis services enable enhanced data extraction for faster search and information retrieval. Integration with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure & AWS ensures compliance with all government laws and regulations. All these features make VIDIZMO a consolidated solution for managing all the needs and requirements for video content management.

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Posted by Zohaib Khan

Zohaib is a Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming and digital evidence management technologies, actively researching and consolidating information regarding innovative features, customer challenges and emerging trends in these domain.

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