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Helping Police Manage Digital Evidence Quickly with Evidence Software

The police struggle to manage huge volumes of digital evidence. VIDIZMO DEMS helps police forces to collect and manage digital evidence in ample time.

Police forces are typically involved in maintaining law and order while investigating criminals every day.

In addition to that, all police forces are responsible to gather sheer amounts of digital evidence to identify a suspect and solve criminal cases as early as possible.

Therefore, it is quite overwhelming for police forces to collect and manage such a huge amount of digital evidence in a brief period of time.

Do you find it challenging to conduct the entire process of investigation within the required period?

Due to the availability of various digital devices, such as body-worn cameras, dashcams, and CCTV, police forces need to adopt innovative ways to collect and manage digital evidence.

Is there any tool available that quickly ingests and manages massive amounts of digital evidence, saving your time and effort?

Are there any software elements that could aid police forces in making evidence collection and handling faster and more efficient?

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System


Police Forces Have Limited Time and More Digital Evidence!

Police officers initiate the process of a criminal investigation through which they identify a suspect based on probable cause to make an arrest. There must be probable cause to decide whether the defendant is guilty or not.

For this reason, he must collect relevant digital evidence to establish the probable cause to make an arrest.

After an arrest is made, he is responsible to file charges against the criminal as soon as possible.

Police officers cannot keep suspects for more than 24 to 48 hours, varying based on state and country laws. 

Infographic containing law statement of the US state of California

Source: U.S State of California

So, police forces usually have little time to gather, manage and analyze digital evidence to file charges against the arrested person.

Less time, more evidence!

So, what is the solution?

Digital Evidence Management System Is The Answer

Police forces struggle to collect, manage, and share digital evidence every single day.

They are using various digital devices to capture evidence such as vehicle dashcams, body-worn cameras, drone cams, CCTVS, etc. It is no doubt a tedious task for the police forces to manage such a massive volume of digital evidence.

With evidence in hand, police officers must share their investigation reports with the prosecutors to continue the legal proceedings further.

As many departments are involved in the investigation process most of the time, digital evidence needs to be shared with other officers and investigators within and outside the departments - a huge security risk as you can imagine.

The police must ensure that the shared evidence is authentic and not tampered with while maintaining the chain of custody at every level.

Therefore, police forces require a tool that is cost-efficient, user-friendly, and secure for storing, managing, analyzing, and sharing digital evidence in a time-efficient manner.

In this way, they can ensure evidence security while saving time, improving efficiency, reducing workload and whatnot...

But wait!

Is there any platform available for police forces that offers all the aforementioned features within the same system?

Fortunately for you, we have an option where you can find these features altogether!

VIDIZMO DEMS: A Complete Solution for Police Forces

VIDIZMO provides an IDC MarketScape Recognized Digital Evidence Management System that helps police forces and other law enforcement agencies to collect, store, manage, analyze, and share a huge volume of digital evidence quickly.


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VIDIZMO DEMS uses artificial intelligence to automatically ingest digital evidence from multiple sources helping police forces to become more efficient in criminal investigations and digital evidence handling.

Here is a list of features offered by VIDIZMO DEMS:

  • Collection of digital evidence from various sources such as vehicle dashcams, CCTV footages, drone cams, body-worn cameras, audio recordings etc.

  • Segregation of digital evidence files by creating multiple autonomous portals.

  • Security features such as FIPS compliant end-to-end encryption, IP address restriction, SSO integration, and access reason provisioning for securing and protecting digital evidence.

  • Tamper detection for proving the authenticity of digital evidence through SHA cryptographic hash values.

  • Flexible deployment options e.g., Azure Cloud, AWS cloud, on-premises, commercial cloud or in a hybrid infrastructure.

  • SSO integration with various identity providers such as Azure AD, Okta etc.

  • Role-based access control for granting permissions to specific users and groups to access and use the portal.

  • Automatic detection and redaction of personally identifiable information visible in digital evidence.

  • Secure sharing of digital evidence files with other officers, defense attorneys, and prosecutors with limited access options such as the number of views, view only, block download etc.

  • Preserve and track the original digital evidence file by maintaining a chain of custody report.

  • A quick search within the evidence file with AI-Powered features such as metadata, auto tags, speech to text, reaches the relevant part of an interest in video and audio files.

  • Automatic transcription of evidence files in up to 39+ languages and translation of digital evidence files in 50+ different languages.

This list does not end here!

We offer much more beyond your expectations!

DEMS interface-Justice and law

We Offer Much More  See All Features!

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