How To Record and Efficiently Manage Microsoft Teams Meetings?

Confused how to record Microsoft Teams meetings? Recording management seems like a hassle? This guide details how to easily record & manage recordings.

The pandemic certainly shook the world of business communication in 2020. With most employees working from home, video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams were direly required for organizations to collaborate online and connect through virtual meetings. Businesses also chose to record Microsoft Teams meetings to utilize these as digital assets for recurring use in knowledge sharing and communication.

As part of the Microsoft 365 universe, Microsoft Teams was found to be one of the most trusted video conferencing platforms by the corporate sector and the general public alike. The software’s active users jumped from 75 million in April 2020 to 145 million in April 2021.

These real-time virtual meetings also liberated the workforce to explore more remote working opportunities. At the same time, organizations no longer felt restricted to their location while searching for employees that best fit their needs. Above all else, having your meetings recorded on Microsoft Teams surely opened up many new video usage possibilities while reducing the number of required meetings. Redundant meetings could easily be avoided now recording existed on this remote working technology for anyone to refer back to.

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How to Record Meetings on Microsoft Teams?

Recording meetings on MS Teams is a straightforward process. After the meeting starts, simply click the more actions button and select “start recording and transcription”. All the meeting participants can view the live transcription. They will also be notified as soon as you start recording the meeting. When you want to stop the recording, you can simply select the option “Stop recording and transcription”. You can also choose to have all your meetings be automatically recorded to avoid the hassle of remembering to record each new meeting.

It is advisable to ask for their consent before recording the meeting. It is critical that you take consent in order to meet various privacy compliance requirements like GDPR Article 7.

In case of a channel meeting, the recording will be accessible in your SharePoint account. Any other type of meeting would be available on your OneDrive account. For organizational use cases, it is recommended to conduct recorded meetings on your Microsoft Teams channel. That way, you will store the recordings in your SharePoint account. SharePoint is a content management system that will allow you to swiftly limit access to these meetings within authorized users only while enabling you to centrally manage these recordings alongside your other digital files.

While SharePoint excels in managing digital documents and images, the application falls short in terms of video streaming and management. Nevertheless, there is not much to worry about as VIDIZMO, an enterprise video platform with SharePoint integration for video streaming, will allow you to overcome all these challenges seamlessly without even leaving your SharePoint application.


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Let us first do deep dive into the benefits and limitations of managing recorded Microsoft Teams meetings on SharePoint.

Limitations of Managing Microsoft Teams Recorded Meetings on SharePoint

SharePoint has not been developed to handle video streaming and management requirements. It is a content management system that supports the management and security of all types of digital files, be it documents, images and now videos. However, videos are a rich media asset that has its unique requirements. It is simply not enough to store and share a video. A few limitations of SharePoint were solved by the introduction of the New Microsoft Stream, but there are still multiple drawbacks that SharePoint faces, including:

  • Only progressive playback of recorded meetings is possible by viewers being forced to download the video if they are unsupported. This is not only a time-taking hassle, especially for large files; it is a huge security risk as unauthorized users could view video.
  • Videos are not transcoded to create multiple renditions to support adaptive bitrate streaming for an optimized viewing experience in any bandwidth conditions.
  • No playback speed options (0.5x to 2x).
  • Live transcriptions of recorded meetings cannot be edited and corrected afterwards. It is also not possible to translate the transcript or display it next to the video player.
  • Not possible to clip your meeting recordings or remove the unnecessary parts.
  • Cannot add interactivity elements in the meeting recordings like quizzes, forms, or handouts.

There are more limitations and you can read more in our blog on the New Microsoft Stream.

VIDIZMO SharePoint Integration | Make Your SharePoint a Video Streaming Expert

What if I told you that you can overcome all the video streaming limitations of SharePoint without losing out on any of its centralized content management capabilities?

VIDIZMO is an enterprise video platform that can easily help SharePoint overcome these capabilities through its out-of-the-box integration with VIDIZMO.

What is VIDIZMO?

VIDIZMO supports enterprise-grade streaming and management of live and on-demand videos for internal or external audiences. Create a YouTube-like video portal with your home page containing featured videos and playlists for swift discoverability. You can organize, search, analyze, share and secure these videos through the help of artificial intelligence while meeting all major compliances. Above all else, VIDIZMO does not operate in a silo. It can integrate with tonnes of business applications, one of which is SharePoint.

VIDIZMO + SharePoint – End-to-End Recording Management of MS Teams

Integrate VIDIZMO with SharePoint to bring its video expertise right into the SharePoint application. There are two ways your users will be able to benefit from VIDIZMO:

  1. They could just keep using their existing SharePoint folders. VIDIZMO’s interactive video player will pop up when they view a meeting recording instead of the New Microsoft Stream’s video player. Your users will hence be able to get an optimized viewing experience.SharePoint-Video-Integration
  2. You would also have the entire standalone VIDIZMO application as a separate tab in your SharePoint account. Here you get a YouTube-like video portal. Feature videos and playlists on its home page and split your recorded meetings into different categories or segregate them into different user groups. You can hence benefit from the powerful video management capabilities of VIDIZMO through that tab.

Do all this while maintaining your video storage on SharePoint. Here’s all that VIDIZMO enables for you in terms of MS Teams recording management on SharePoint:

  • Automatic transcoding of your recorded meetings in different resolution levels and formats to support adaptive bitrate streaming. So, now even your employees working in remote areas can view these recordings without buffering.
  • Utilizes universally accepted video streaming protocols like HLS to ensure that small and large videos alike are easily playable on any device and browser at any location.
  • Playback speed options are available (0.5x to 2x).
  • Possible to automatically transcribe your meeting recordings with the translation of transcriptions available in around 80 languages. You can also manually edit or add entirely new transcripts to your recordings. These transcripts are searchable.
  • AI-powered in-video search capabilities for spoken words, on-screen (through OCR), faces (through facial recognition), and objects (through object detection). Hence, you can jump right to the parts in the recordings where the relevant topic appears.
  • Clip and shorten up your meeting recordings to remove any irrelevant bits.
  • Accelerated redaction possible of any face, audio, on-screen word, or any word within your transcript through the help of AI-powered facial recognition, OCR and automatic transcription.
  • You can even add interactivity elements like quizzes in a recorded training session or forms to collect feedback from the viewers or even just handouts to provide additional information linked to the meeting topic.

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