How To Use Video for Pharma Online Training?

Standing at $1.2 trillion in 2020, the pharma industry is rapidly growing. Read this blog to learn how Pharma online training helps in the progress.

Fast growing. Every changing. Highly regulated. These are words that best describe the pharma industry. A deadly combination that comes with a variety of in-person or online pharma training requirements ensuring implementation of the right processes and best practices.

Vaccines Developed - Success of Pharmacy Industry

The pandemic only brought in its own set of disruptions. The Pharma industry did not disappoint facing the challenges head-on, successfully developing and manufacturing the required drugs and vaccines. Read this article to learn more about how the pharma sector helped tackle the COVID crisis.

All these disruptions further prove why continuous learning and knowledge-sharing initiatives are a must for the pharma industry workforce.


In-Person Training Has Fallen Behind

In-person training does not cut it any longer. Compared to virtual courses, in-person training is costlier and time-taking, with higher resource requirements. Very few skilled trainers are available on a regular basis.

The pandemic has made it even more impossible with the social distancing measures in place. More so, Pharma online training has a variety of benefits, especially effective video-based training courses facilitated by an online video training platform like VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube.


Online Pharma Training Is the Way to Go

And why not? A platform like VIDIZMO allows you to create an internal YouTube-like video portal for all your online Pharma training content to be centralized, streamlined, and organized.

Pharms Online Training YouTube-like Portal

You can surely use this platform to reuse lectures from various skilled trainers. It will be an ever-growing knowledge base with smart search functionality and in-video trackable interactivity options like quizzes and handouts.


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Why Go for Video-Based Online Pharma Training?

Importance of Video Training - Pharma Online Training Infographic


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube for Pharma Online Training

Simply put, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube helps you easily stream and manage all your video content. And when we say manage, we mean manage everything.

  • Store
  • Stream
  • Organize
  • Search
  • Analyze
  • Secure
  • Govern
  • Share
  • And much more

Integrated With Your IT Systems

But we still don’t leave you out to dry in a digital silo! VIDIZMO provides high interoperability with your company’s IT and business systems. There are multitudes of prebuilt integrations, including:

  • Video Conferencing Tools like Zoom and MS Teams
  • LMS like Moodle and Blackboard
  • CMS like SharePoint
  • Tracking tools like Google Analytics
  • SSO with 25+ authentication providers
  • Many more prebuilt integrations are available
  • Request our team for custom integration for any unique requirements

Live or Self-Paced

Pharmacist watching Pharma online training

Use VIDIZMO to conduct recorded live training sessions and upload them for future playback. Or upload on-demand training videos, arrange them in playlists and make them available as self-paced courses. You can add in-video interactivity elements like quizzes to test learners’ retention, handouts for additional information, and surveys to collect feedback.

Interactive and Trackable

All videos and interactivity elements are trackable with detailed analytics reports simplified as various analytics dashboards summarized as metrics and visualized through graphs, tables, and handouts. You can even keep an eye on the quality of experience dashboard to improve the learners’ viewing experience.

Pharma Online Training Analytics

Organized and Searchable

Categorize your training content and auto-tag it with the help of automatic transcripts. The automatic transcripts can be created in 12+ with their translation possible in 40+ languages. You can even add custom identifiers like instructor name and course title to improve the search filters.

Automated Through AI

Above all else, VIDIZMO offers a variety of AI capabilities. You can use these to search inside videos for spoken words, on-screen text, faces and objects. So, learners will quickly find that one short topic in the hour-long recorded training session. However, we advise you to break these long sessions into short, bite-sized learning videos arranged in a playlist. This will definitely ensure better attention and retention. Do this through VIDIZMO’s video editing capabilities.Search Inside Video

Share Restricted Content with Limited Viewers

In the pharma industry, there are a variety of trainings for different departments. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) training is critical (required by FDA) for these working on the manufacturing side. At the same time, pharma sales rep training is critical for these sales personnel in ensuring that they don’t violate any policies and understand the drugs accurately.

Create different user groups based on different departments or projects. Training videos or playlists uploaded on these groups will not be available to any other user or group unless granted access. You can share these restricted videos with other internal or external viewers through an expirable link with password protection. Limit can even be set on the number of views allowed.

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Test It Out Yourself!

VIDIZMO’s video training platform is undoubtedly capable of handling all your Pharma online training needs. But that’s not all. VIDIZMO is built for all types of enterprise video use cases, be it corporate communication, live events or even just video archival.

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Contact us to clear up any specific queries you may have. Or better yet, try our Gartner-recognized enterprise video platform yourself for free to test out all the capabilities.

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