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VIDIZMO for Defense & Intelligence Agencies

VIDIZMO is helping defense and intelligence agencies foster a safer, more secure world by providing enhanced security environment and a modern IT platform

Technology and innovation have always been critical for effective defense and intelligence activities. Today, cloud computing provides a critical platform for IT modernization to deliver an efficient, flexible, and security-enhanced environment to create strategic advantage. Sentiment on the cloud is changing from caution to preference for agencies around the world.

The value of digital transformation for defense and intelligence agencies goes beyond cloud infrastructure, platform models, and the economic and efficiency gains of modernization. With Microsoft defense cloud extending beyond the core cloud computing benefits derived from the modernization of legacy defense infrastructures solutions offered by VIDIZMO multiplies the value of siloed legacy systems and data through the application of intelligent services such as cognitive services, & artificial intelligence (AI) on digital assets such as videos.


Protect Defense and Intelligence Information

For many years, defense departments and forces built their standalone systems to increase operational resiliency and security. However, the use of these multiple legacy applications often forced the use of different operating platforms, devices, display technologies, and reporting systems to build a complete operational picture. This also created challenges when employing a variety of architectures, networks, and communications protocols, particularly when needing to collaborate and cooperate on joint missions within and between forces and nations.

This legacy of siloed development has created considerable cost and complexity in the process of modernizing defense IT to meet the needs of a more integrated new data-driven fighting force. Increasing budget constraints, the need for improved efficiency, and the inability of procurement and acquisition processes to keep pace with advantageous technology innovation have exacerbated these challenges.


Strengthen Security Posture with Defense Technology

VIDIZMO, through its flexible deployment options, provides defense and intelligence agencies the ability to leverage the full breadth of Microsoft Azure's cloud computing technology to optimize, modernize, and transform its IT landscape. VIDIZMO can also be deployed in Microsoft Azure's Government Cloud, providing the capabilities for improved flexibility and scalability while helping to ensure the appropriate level of mandated security discipline.

VIDIZMO, ensure that our customers meet any data residency, data localization, or data sovereignty laws and security standards. By offering the most versatile range of deployment models, content storage, application hosting, encoding, and video streaming capabilities, companies can choose where data such as videos are stored, hosted, encoded, and managed based on geographic locations.

With VIDIZMO, agencies can deploy systems between their onsite data centers and a security-enhanced cloud to create a seamless enterprise environment to meet their specific needs.

This provides defense and intelligence agencies to benefit from enhanced in-country sovereign cloud environments to meet the data sovereignty and high levels of protection and data governance required by some government departments.

Furthermore, military leaders now have practical options when making decisions regarding data sovereignty and security. Data and information can be governed and classified for the optimal platform with a choice of cloud in your terms, especially in the areas of day-to-day operations and defense readiness and trade surveillance.

Strengthen Alliances and Partnerships

Militaries and intelligence agencies conduct operations and exercises as multinational coalitions and must be able to share information securely across all classification domains. Knowing what to classify and at what level is key to military and intelligence partnerships. Classifying at too high a level means information is protected, but cannot be shared.

VIDIZMO provides its users with over 600 such system created and limitless user-generated descriptive and structural metadata. By using metadata, personnel can classify the ever-growing flood of digital assets such as videos. This can help them identify information that could be sensitive and then label and classify it in inappropriate ways.

Furthermore, VIDIZMO provides straightforward content sharing with internal and external (third-party) users by generating a link and password protecting digital content. These features enable personnel to share digital content with specific viewers (internally or externally) or groups. Admins have the option to make evidences available by email or specifying viewers and groups for a particular time frame by entering details such as hour, minute, beginning, and ending date of the digital evidence to be shared.

Drive Collaboration and Productivity 

Sharing information and insights can lead to improved results in any environment, but especially in the military, where diverse perspectives and experiences can mean the difference between success and failure in critical situations. With voice and video meetings, real-time coauthoring, and team-based chat available on any device—and secured with enterprise-grade protection—teams within and across organizations can work together to achieve their shared objectives.

With VIDIZMO, these video meetings can then be recorded automatically and made available in a secure YouTube-like platform where you can store, manage, index, search, and share the recordings inside and outside your organization. Furthermore, these recorded meetings can be used to train recruits on policies and important discussion.

In addition to training, VIDIZMO provides a solution for another issue many defense agencies face: the scarcity of highly trained technicians. Using VIDIZMO's training & learning solution, defense agencies can create a library documenting the intelligence, knowledge, expertise of highly trained technicians, which can be made available to anyone around the global enterprise.

Even when expert technicians are few and far between, they are still needed to supervise complex repairs. Usually, this requires physical travel and can lead to a backlog of vehicles, aircraft, and equipment that require attention. VIDIZMO's Virtual Academy can be used to facilitate remote assistance providing the required expertise without the cost and time commitment of traveling to remote sites. Taken together, all these scenarios can increase operational efficiency and support an optimized rate of mission capability.


Optimize Defense and Intelligence Operations

Gain Advantage with Artificial Intelligence

With the explosion of multi-format data, volumes of video data comes with an increasing need to integrate, analyze, interpret, and build knowledge from this content. VIDIZMO's solutions can ingest, store, manage, share, analyze any digital form content from any source to provide massive storage capacity for any unstructured data - images, videos, audio, documents, and more - combined with cognitive services, delivers valuable potential gains for defense agencies.

By leveraging Microsoft's cognitive services in the cloud, VIDIZMO provides intelligent tools that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret these data types and natural methods of communication. For example, VIDIZMO solutions can enable systems to classify, categorize, and process visual data such as reconnaissance images or training videos, identifying image types, reading captured text, adding descriptions, and redacting sensitive content.

Communication can be simplified by translating and converting speech to text and back again to understand meaning and intent. Identities and sources can be indexed and verified. And by applying intelligent search to the outputs, information queries such as video searches can be applied to vast volumes of information and resolved faster while similar content can be suggested for further analysis.

Ensure Equipment Effectiveness

With massive inventories of physical assets and equipment, defense agencies can gain an operational advantage by foreseeing asset breakdowns and failures so that action can be taken before an issue impacts mission capability. Volumes of equipment sensor data can be live-streamed through VIDIZMO to the cloud so that machine learning algorithms can analyze and detect the symptoms of failure. Sensor data can be continuously analyzed and compared to patterns of data to provide early warning and the timely scheduling of maintenance or corrective servicing to prevent costly downtime. Also, predictive maintenance data can be applied to the supply chain so that spare parts are ordered in time, and service personnel are made available, optimizing time and resources and keeping assets at peak performance.

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