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Improve Training & Onboarding with Interactive Online Training Videos

Use interactive training to make your training videos and programs more effective and efficient.

It's not easy to make a professional interactive online training video. You need to put a lot of time, money, and resources into making the whole thing. There's a lot of things you need to look out for and a lot of effort that goes into producing the whole thing. 

And yet, everyone's doing it. 

That's because the benefits of using training videos are far greater than the costs of producing it. The idea of creating interactive online training videos for employees to make training and onboarding more efficient isn't a new one. Many articles like this one show how effective videos can be when it comes to training employees. Moreover, they're a one-time investment, renewable resource; once you've gone through the process to create training videos, you can reuse them as many times as needed.  

But with all that investment and effort going into it, you need to make sure you get the maximum valueCreating interactive training content such as interactive videos can help in creating a training program that makes the most of your digital assets. 


What is Interactive Online Training?

As the word 'interactive' implies, interactive online training involves interaction between the employee in training and the manager training them. And with the rise of eLearning, that interaction has carried on through digital learning content such as interactive videos. 

Interactive online training has become immensely popular with enterprises. It makes training more interesting, allows you to get immediate feedback, and improves the organization's efficiency. More and more organizations are beginning to make interactive videos and content for training and onboarding employees. 


Why Use Interactivity in Training Content? 

It takes a lot of thought process into learning how to create interactive videos that get you the most returns. A number of articles like this one discuss how interactive training makes learning through videos more effective. When it comes to e-learning, you need to keep viewers invested by making your content as engaging and accessible as possible. Interactivity not only keeps a video interesting, but also pushes viewers to actively watch, listen, and think. They also help viewers retain information more easily. 

On top of that, interactive online training is a great way to get almost real-time feedback on whether your training is working. Word-of-mouth isn't a very reliable way for this kind of information. It's important to know how an employee is progressing and responding to the training. Interactive elements are also a big help to keep track of an employee's performance. Tracking their performance and knowing where they stand helps a company to evaluate its training content and improve on how they create interactive online training videos for employees in the future. 

In this age of the millennials, most employees are well acquainted with online digital content. You need to make your training more dynamic and engaging by making more creative and interesting training content; interactive training is one such effective and easy-to-execute strategy. 


Creating Fruitful, Interactive Online Training Videos 

Interactivity is a great way to add a little zest into your corporate training videos. It makes training a little less dull and keeps your employees attentive to the training video. Adding elements such as quizzes, surveys, and handouts to make interactive videos can make training more engaging for your employees.



When it comes to training, enterprises need to keep track of how their employees are progressing. On top of that, they need to make sure the employees are focused and retaining important details. Quizzes help track how knowledgeable and invested an employee is in the training by generating reports on their performance on a quiz. This is especially important for fast-paced organizations where time management is crucial. Quizzes can also help highlight the key details of a topic to make sure new employees pick up the most important details during onboarding.


Quizzes can be a powerful and helpful tool in creating interactive online learning videos when creating a training program. While usually they're kept until the end of a training session, they can also be used to test employees at successive points in a video to keep them focused and alert during an interactive training session. 



Surveys can be used to explore the effectiveness of your interactive training session. You can get their real-time feedback and gain insight into how engaged they are with the training content. Surveys are an extremely flexible and excellent tool for employees to chip in and contribute to improving training programs.


Employees can share their opinions and respond to a training video in a more flexible manner. This helps gain a more personal, detailed feedback on training and allows employees to share their thoughts on how to improve corporate training videos. Gaining insight into how employees respond to the training not only helps better the training but make employees feel like they're playing a part in improving the organization. 



Some organizations use a combination of digital assets, including videos, documents, and other media to create effective training programs. While training videos can be effective on their own, combining them with other digital assets can help make them even more effective. 

For example, while a training video might extensively cover a topic, a text document can highlight more details or specific information. And while videos are becoming increasingly popular, there are still some people who prefer to read rather than watch.


Additionally, you can share media related to the training, and employees can download the media for offline viewing, making them less dependent on an online connection. You can also attach handouts such as workbooks for employees to fill and return, eliminating the need for an immediate assessment when watching the video.  


Add Interactivity to Your Videos with VIDIZMO 

With VIDIZMO, you can create a quiz or survey and insert it into a training video or playlist. Quizzes and surveys in VIDIZMO are extremely flexible and can tailorable to any business use-case. You can add multiple pages and create questions and statements with single and multiple choices or open-ended responses. Quizzes can also contain a passing mark to measure the employees' performance. VIDIZMO records all the results and responses from a quiz or survey and generates reports of each employee. 

Media files such as images, presentations, more videos, and other digital media can be attached to a training video for downloading and viewing offline as "handouts" to improve the effectiveness of your training session.  

You can choose to insert each of these elements in a training video, or separately in a playlist as well to create training video programs. Additionally, VIDIZMO integrates with other technology infrastructures, such as CMS or LMS systems, so you can seamlessly store, share, and migrate your interactive training videos and related content such as quiz results between your systems. 

Watch the videos below to click here to learn more about how quizzes, surveys, and handouts work in VIDIZMO.


It has become a norm to use videos for everyday operations in an enterprise. Nowadays, HR and other departments in most enterprises create interactive training videos since it makes training and onboarding more efficient. Corporate training videos for employees help save time and reduce the investment of resources while providing a more engaging experience as compared to only audio or visual assets. 

By adding interactivity to your online training videos, you can create a more personalized experience for your employees. Moreover, elements such as automatic quiz reports and downloadable handouts provide more flexibility and reduce dependence on someone to be physically available and make creating a training program much easier. 

With VIDIZMO, you can design interactive training sessions to effectively engage new and existing employees, so they can familiarize themselves with the organizational culture and adapt to the corporate environment. Moreover, by integrating  VIDIZMO with other systems, you can store and share information efficiently, which frees up time for HR and corporate planning to focus on strategy and other business objectives. 

VIDIZMO is deployable on-premise, cloud, or hybrid storage. You can also request for a free trial below.

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