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An Enterprise Video Platform With Seek Frame by Frame and Annotations

VIDIZMO is a video platform with a player that includes the capability to add annotations and seek frame by frame.

With videos increasingly becoming a common mode of communication in the corporate world, enterprises expect their video hosting platform to provide enhanced video interactivity options. To cater to these rising expectations, VIDIZMO has introduced a couple of new features in its latest product release. These features are enhancing the VIDIZMO player to provide better and improved video interactivity and playback experience to its users. 

These new features include: 

  • Drawing in-video annotations and leaving comments against drawn highlights. 
  • Ability to navigate through a video via seeking frame by frame. 

We’ll discuss what each of these features has to offer, how it is used and the value it adds to your enterprise video platform. 


Annotations are small notes or comments that are targeted at specific point of a digital media asset in order to highlight some important aspect or bring a viewer’s attention to that part of the playback. Annotations have increasingly become common in images and documents, but when it comes to videos, it is still a new and long-awaited concept.  

VIDIZMO is now allowing its users the ability to draw highlights and leave in-video comments in your video content. This is something that is increasingly becoming of use for enterprises belonging to different industries such as learning and development, sports and entertainment and healthcare among others. 

Trainers in the field of learning and development annotate their instructional material to provide better learning experience to their learners. This can be done by annotating specific terms and providing descriptions as comments, offering in-video links, drawing arrows and other shapes to underline important concepts, etc. 

In the field of sports and athletics, annotations can be used to analyze and highlight different sports player strategies in big game events, allowing coaches to visually communicate individual skills, movements and team tactics to their players by drawing highlights in recorded videos. 

Medical practitioners increasingly use annotations on patients’ medical records as a tool for collaboration and coordination. When it comes to video content, important notes are left throughout medical procedural videos for different reasons such as highlighting anomalies during surgeries, sharing possible diagnosis, asking for or circulating information and many others. 

VIDIZMO allows you to draw these annotations anywhere in a video with a single click of a button and decide: 

  • duration for which the annotation will appear, 
  • the color of your highlight, allowing you to keep your branding strategy intact and 
  • the opacity of the highlight for setting its visibility. This also provides you the option to obscure any object that you want to redact or hide.

To learn more about this feature, read Understanding Annotations. 

Annotating a video 


Seeking Frame by Frame

VIDIZMO has added support for allowing users to navigate through their visual content with an increased precision by seeking videos frame by frame. This is achieved by converting your videos into their corresponding frames, providing you a series of images for navigation and reaching a required shot in a scene.

Let's take an example of a sports organization which arranges an official car race on an annual basis. When we talk about cars with a blasting speed of over 300 km/h, it becomes pretty tedious of a task to determine which car rightfully completed the last lap first. Having the entire video recorded and having the ability to seek via frame by frame in a video immensely helps in determining who won and who lost by a small fraction of a second. 

Another interesting example would be the crime scene investigation team trying to catch the culprit of a bank robbery via the CCTV footage. Having VIDIZMO deployed, they can make sure to seek video frame by frame, for an in-depth analysis of the scene, faces, objects and activities involved in the crime. 

To learn more about this, visit Frame by Frame Analysis of a Video. 

 Seeking frame by frame


 VIDIZMO is constantly enhancing its video player features to provide a better and advanced playback experience to its users. To know more about VIDIZMO player features and functionalities, visit VIDIZMO HTML Player.

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