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South Koreans streamed 169 billion minutes of videos in the 2nd Quarter of 2021. Here is an intelligent video platform for your Korean Video Hosting needs.

South Korea has one of the fastest internet connections in the world with an impressive penetration – 92% of the country uses the internet. South Koreans streamed a whopping 169 billion minutes of video content in the 2nd Quarter of 2021. The growing trend has resulted in the rising demand for video marketing to reach new-age customers. But that is not the only reason why businesses are in search of an intelligent Korean video hosting solution.

Known as the “miracle on the Han River”, South Korea’s rapid economic transformation from a low-income economy to a high income-economy was achieved in merely three decades, leading it to be the 12th largest economy in the world (exports alone rose from $10 billion in 1977 to $542.2 billion in 2019). The country’s fast-growing business hub no doubt requires video usage for private internal and secure external communication. The pandemic has been a fuel to the fire – it can no longer be avoided.

Hosting videos in South Korea to facilitate businesses

Becoming a global leader in technology, entertainment and other critical industries also means that the businesses now have to compete on a global scale – marketing to customers, communicating with investors, connecting with teams in different regions and even conducting global live events like virtual conferences. Video is the most effective method for such interactions. How so?

Video is a rich media asset with visual cues, narration, and text as a supporting element. It also brings a human touch to your communication. Interactive elements can further be added to ensure active listening. All in all, video has a much greater engagement value and retention power.


How To Efficiently Manage All Your Video Assets?

VIDIZMO EntepriseTube | Video Platform for Enterprise-Grade Korean Video Hosting

A Gartner-recognized Enterprise Video Platform that allows you to securely stream live and on-demand videos, published on a YouTube-like video portal for an internal or external audience (have more than one portal if you want some to public and some to be private!).


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Multilingual Platform

안녕하세요! 잘 지내셨어요? VIDIZMO prides itself on being a multilingual platform supporting 40 languages; and yes, it is available in Korean too!

Automatic Transcription & Translation in Korean or Other Languages

Automatically transcribe your videos in 12+ languages (Korean included). And go one step ahead to have these transcriptions be translated in 40+ languages viewable as closed captions and searchable transcription panes beside your videos.

Flexible Deployment – Host or Store Your Videos in Korea

VIDIZMO prides itself on the variety of deployment options it offers. You can deploy on Azure, AWS, any other private cloud provider, on-premise, as a hybrid model or opt for a simpler SaaS application. You can choose to store and host your videos in a data center in Korea or any other region of your choice to meet your compliances.

Air-tight Security and Wide Compliance Coverage

Designed with a security-first approach, VIDIZMO definitely doesn’t take security lightly. Below is just some of what it offers:

  • SSO integration with 25+ SSO providers alongside SCIM support for user and group provisioning and synchronization with your existing company directory
  • End-to-end encryption
  • DRM support available as an add-on
  • IP, domain, and location restriction
  • Role-based access controls for quickly limiting what video actions certain types of users may perform
  • Create user groups to share content with restricted access even within your organization
  • Securely share with external viewers through an authorized email invite – do limit the number of views allowed and set the time duration for the video’s availability

On top of it, VIDIZMO allows you to meet all major industry and regional compliance requirements through additional features for video data governance like audit logs, custom retention period, anonymous user policy and custom security policies.

More About Video Data  Governance Features in VIDIZMO

Optimized Global Content Delivery

VIDIZMO’s CDN support and use of modern video streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG-DASH ensure global video content delivery anytime anywhere on any device or browser.

Additionally, multiple renditions of your videos are created through automatic video transcoding that supports adaptive bitrate streaming providing your viewers the best possible buffering-free video experience based on their bandwidth conditions.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Here is a white-label VOD platform that can be entirely revamped with logo placement, color modification, custom plater templates, and even more with the help of custom CSS. You can even customize the thesaurus based on your brand’s vocabulary and change up the navigation. And don’t forget to opt for a custom domain!

end to end brandable enterprise video platform - VIDIZMO

Content Organization & Smart Search Capabilities

Playlists. Collections. Featuring on Home Page. Categories. Tags. All these content organization capabilities ensure the organic discovery of your videos.

Finding the right video quickly shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds. VIDIZMO uses AI to automatically tag your videos and allows you to add custom identifiers to them for even more accurate video filtering. You can even search inside your video for specific spoken words, on-screen text, faces, objects, emotions, and whatnot.

Do Not Operate in Silos

The video platform offers out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of IT systems, including Zoom, MS Teams, LMS, SharePoint, and Google Analytics. You can even request a custom integration for your unique requirements.

We Offer Much More!  Learn About All Features


Korean Video Hosting Is Just One Platform Away

With an end-to-end intelligent enterprise video content management system like VIDIZMO, there is no need for businesses to look elsewhere for Korean Video Hosting. Don’t believe me?

Contact us now to clear up any doubts or go for a free trial to experience all the video capabilities yourself.

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Existing IT resellers in Korea with customers on the lookout for an enterprise video platform can also contact VIDIZMO for joint partnership opportunities.

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