Make Your Manufacturing Training and Development Effective with Video

Learn more on how you can improve manufacturing processes through training and development videos and a YouTube-like portal to deliver them

Did you know? Jobs in manufacturing are now more technically demanding than before. As it was projected, around 2.4 million jobs are to be unfilled for skilled labor between 2018 and 2028. The industry is growing day by day, and so are the complexities. It’s critical now that organizations in the manufacturing industry invest in the training and development of their employees.

An effective way of training and learning is through videos! In this blog, we will tell you how you can make your manufacturing training effective with videos and how VIDIZMO, a YouTube-like solution for training can help. But before that, let us brief you with industry challenges, examples and reasons why manufacturing training is important.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges


As the industry is growing, organizations are looking for multi-skilled employees to handle the increasing complexities. They need to be able to perform a range of tasks.

The solution to tackle the complexities can be the training and development of new and existing employees. This will help employees contribute to the organization effectively along with boosting their careers. Manufacturing development training helps boost the overall organization's productivity and decreases turnover. However, in-house training comes with several challenges, two of which are the following:

  • High Cost

Manufacturing technician training or training employees generally in the manufacturing industry can be costly. It requires skilled trainers and supervisors to demonstrate the skills and processes. To keep training costs at bay, you can conduct training online through live sessions. The training sessions can be recorded and used as an on-demand video. It will reduce the trainer’s costs as well as the traveling costs that come with it. Furthermore, it is flexible, and employees can learn at their own pace.

  • Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can be dangerous and costly when your organization spends time and money for their training and development. A key aspect here is that knowledge transfer and social learning needs to occur often to avoid a brain drain resulting from employees leaving.


How You Can Use Video for Manufacturing Training

  • Manufacturing technician training can help develop the needed skills according to advanced technology as it is an integral part of the new-generation manufacturing industry. You can learn skills to operate cutting-edge machinery to perform precision production. Study shop floor mathematics, computer skills and introduction to computer-aided drafting (CAD).
  • Your workers should understand safety standards. And they should adhere to your company's safety compliance program.
  • As technology, equipment, methods, and materials constantly change, operators must also stay up to date. Machine operation training will provide employees the necessary skills. Businesses can only grow when the operators grow their skill levels as well.
  • Suppose you replaced an old system and deployed the new one for more efficient workflows. This is where systems training comes in to teach your employees the nuts and bolts of the newly deployed system.
  • It is necessary for you to communicate company values and marketing training in the manufacturing industry because the employers need to be clear about the vision and turn values into specific operating principles. This will help the business grow.


3 Reasons Manufacturing Training Is Essential

  • Keep Your Employees Safe

Employees in the manufacturing industry require safety training as they deal with different machines. Manufacturing process training ensures that workers know how to carry out the critical functions of their role safely.

Employees taking safety training in manufacturing

  • Increase in Productivity

Manufacturing training ends up resulting in high employee and production efficiencies. When the training is done, they are less likely to make mistakes that would have affected their productivity.


  • Boost Employee Retention

Employees are more compelled to stay at a company that supports their development through training opportunities.

Employees standing on manufacturing site

Manufacturing training with VIDIZMO

A better way for manufacturing training? - is through video!

Looking for an engaging and comprehensive online video training platform to overcome tough business challenges in manufacturing?

Look no further because a YouTube-like platform, VIDIZMO (EnterpriseTube) is there for the job. But what is EnterpriseTube anyways?

EnterpriseTube is an enterprise video platform that lets you upload, manage, stream and share live and on-demand videos. You can upload your how-to videos, such as operating a machine or using a system or videos that informs employees of the safety and compliance rules. VIDIZMO caters to every end-to-end video use case for both internal and external audiences.

EnterpriseTube New Layout-02

You can make your videos engaging by adding interactive features such as quizzes and surveys to gain feedback. Furthermore, segregate video content for departments with its multi-tenant nature and integrate with multiple IT systems like LMS, CRM or CMS for your video training needs. Let your employees learn at their own pace and develop the necessary skills to boost productivity. Through this process of manufacturing training, there is less likelihood of employee turnover, and you can help them reach their full potential.

Learn more about all the features VIDIZMO offers or make the most out of our free trial.

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