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Manage Your BlueJeans Recorded Meetings with VIDIZMO

Learn how to easily share and manage your BlueJeans recorded meetings and webinars through VIDIZMO's secure and user-friendly video management platform.

BlueJeans is one of the most well-known brands out there in the market for their video conferencing solutions, even before the coronavirus pushed the world into lockdown, and everyone began jumping on the video conferencing train.

After all, they're one of the most reliable platforms for online chats, conferences, and webinars. And when it's over, you can save a recording to watch it again whenever you want. But what do you do as the number of meetings spikes up, the recordings begin to pile up, and managing all of them as it is turns out to be a not-so-easy task? That's where we come in.

Through VIDIZMO's seamless integration with your BlueJeans account, you can automatically ingest your meeting recordings to share and manage easily on a secure, user-friendly video management platform. Once you've uploaded your recordings on VIDIZMO, you can also delete them from your BlueJeans Cloud to clear up some space. It also becomes much easier to search and organize your recordings. Additionally, there are a bunch of tools you can use to add more value to your recordings. 


What can VIDIZMO do for me?

Recognized by Gartner for Enterprise Video Content Management, VIDIZMO boasts a number of functionalities that can help take full advantage and extend the value of your BlueJeans recordings: 


Enhanced Search and Information Retrieval 

Do you remember a meeting, but having trouble recalling its title? Or do you have trouble recalling what one of your colleagues exactly said in the meeting? Simply search for a keyword or topic in the meeting to look for it. 

How? Once your recording is ingested, VIDIZMO automatically generates metadata and tags using artificial Intelligence to transform each word spoken in the recorded meeting into a searchable keyword. This helps you retrieve the recording in just a few seconds. 

Going through the entire recording until you find what you're looking for can also be very time consuming and just plain bothersome. Fortunately, you can let the AI find the information for you!




Looking for a particular conversation? You can search for a word or sentence to see where it occurs in the recording! Want to see what a certain speaker has to say in the meeting? With facial recognition, you can identify everyone in a meeting and see when they appear in the recording! Can't remember if the meeting is about training, marketing, both, or entirely something else? The AI detects that too! On top of that, the AI can detect the sentiments or emotions from the speech in the video, so you can also judge the flow of the meeting and what everyone feels about how it's going! 

This deep level of search is what we refer to as 'multi-faceted search' and helps you save valuable time which would otherwise be spent on scrolling through recordings to find an hour-long meeting and then scrolling on the progress bar to try and find who said what and when.


Edit a Recording 

Did you forget to stop recording when you took a break in a meeting? Or shared some confidential information not meant to be recorded? You can clip the recording to remove any extra, confidential, or unwanted parts from the footage. 

And it's not just about removing unwanted parts from the footage; you can clip a single meeting into multiple smaller parts, rearrange those parts and create an entirely new video out of it. What's more fascinating is that you can insert PowerPoints, PDFs, and other such documents in the recording as supporting material to enhance your viewer's understanding.   


Edit a Recording


Let's say you and your colleagues are discussing the annual financial report, which your viewer has yet to take a look at. Under normal circumstances, the viewer would need to spend time searching for the report, but with VIDIZMO, you can just insert that annual report as a downloadable handout and save on valuable time. 

You can also add annotations or video overlays to catch the audience's attention and relay important messages that they might have otherwise overlooked while watching the meeting recording. 


Quick & Easy Sharing  

Sharing recorded meetings can often be challenging, especially when they're highly confidential. Typically, a recorded meeting is shared using a link that could end up with someone you don't want to watch it. Wouldn't it be better to have multiple options depending on the scenario to choose from? 

VIDIZMO gives a lot of options to share recorded meetings. Apart from a shareable link, VIDIZMO offers password protected sharing that protects your meetings from any unwanted viewer. You can also share a recording with a single viewer or a group of viewers at once. Limited time sharing is also an option that lets you specify an expiry date, and anyone with access to the meeting recording will not be able to watch it once the time is up 

On that note, have you ever heard of an option where you could limit views? With VIDIZMO, you can limit the number of views that allows a recording to be watched only a specific number of times. Once they reach that limit, they would not be able to watch it anymore.


Secure and Control Access to your Recordings 

It was just a few weeks ago that Eric S. Yuan, the founder, and CEO of Zoom, another popular video conferencing platform, apologized for being unprepared to meet up to the security expectations of their customers. The platform has come under fire for several privacy issues. Not a big surprise. After all, security is one of the most (if not THE most) important things when it comes to online content. 

VIDIZMO's robust security guarantees that such issues will never surface. Our numerous privacy settings give you extensive control over security and make sure only the right people can view your content. 

You might want to share certain recordings with the public, such as a community announcement by the CEO on a webinar, while keep others private, such as company meetings which are a confidential affair.  For each recording, you can decide whether to make it public for everyone to watch or private so only authorized users can see it.  

On that note, you might also want certain recordings to be viewable only by select people from your authorized users, such as keeping people from other departments from listening in (and watching in) on another department's private meetings. To that purpose, you can limit access to each recording for selective users, groups, or the entire portal. You can also set up a password to control and limit who can watch or access the recordings.


Access Tab for Publishing


Additionally, by using role-based access control or RBAC, you can apply permissions to each user based on their role. This way, you can set preemptive controls for each user on what they can do or access, and can be very useful, such as allowing only managers from different department to access meetings among managers. You can also integrate with your existing SSO providers (e.g., Azure AD, ADFS, etc.) to use any previously established permissions and control access for authenticated users. 

You can also monitor all activity that occurs on the platform to see how your content is being used or interacted with through audit logs. 

Finally, we provide end-to-end data encryption to protect your recorded meetings and webinars, and make sure we don't fall short of your expectations.


Collaborate on your Meetings 

The platform is multilingual; you can enable automatic transcription for 12 different languages, and translation for 52 different languages, so no matter where someone lives or what language they speak, anyone can understand what they're trying to say in the recording! 

You can also allow user to share their feedback and responses through comments or by inserting a survey in a meeting recording. They can also tag each other on the comments to communicate, share information, and exchange views on the meeting.



In addition to being accessible on any browser, VIDIZMO automatically transcodes all video recordings so you can playback your BlueJeans meetings or webinars from any desktop, mobile, or tablet device, whether it's Apple, Android, or any other, under all network conditions.


And much more! 

There are also some other notable features for supporting your content such as media analytics, which you can use to see who's viewed your meeting recordings, and our extensive customizations for branding, including colors, logos, configurable domains, and a branded player.


How do I get started with BlueJeans-VIDIZMO integration?

It only takes a few simple steps to get your VIDIZMO-BlueJeans integration up and running! Check out our article on How to Integrate BlueJeans with VIDIZMO to get started. 

VIDIZMO can be deployed with any on-premise, cloud, or hybrid storage, and is also available as SaaS on the Azure and AWS marketplaces. You can start a free trial or buy now using the links below. 

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To learn more, you can check out our website or contact us now using the link below.Contact Us


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