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Everything You Need to Know About Limitations of OneDrive

This Article Highlights the Limitations of OneDrive For Business and What to Choose Instead of OneDrive?

Undoubtedly, the simplest benefit of having secure private cloud-based storage is that you can store any data and access your stored data from any device anywhere around the globe.

You can upload, store, protect and share your files and access them from anywhere independent of the devices and operating systems available around.

MS OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage and file-sharing platforms that connect you to all your files uploaded on the cloud.

Ultimately, OneDrive could be an excellent solution for cloud-based storage and file sharing for an individual or small, medium business use case but sometimes, it might not be enough to fulfill all your business tasks (say if you have a specialized use case - like evidence sharing).

This article highlights some of the limitations of MS OneDrive for business or specialized use cases.

Limitations of OneDrive

Infographic showing OneDrive Limitation


Access Management

OneDrive can restrict users from gaining access outside the specified IP address network location. OneDrive allows access to a specific number of security groups. Users not included in the security group cannot access OneDrive files.

For security concerns, you can add expiration dates on shared links. But OneDrive cannot assign a specific role to each user in terms of Access permissions, e.g., roles like who will access files as a viewer, editor, administrator, contributor, etc.

OneDrive does not provide a complete chain of custody. You cannot monitor all the actions or alterations performed on important files by users.

Use of Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence is evolving rapidly in the software industry and is helping organizations enhance productivity at the workplace.

MS OneDrive lacks an AI-based automatic transcription feature, video face detection, and automated captions. MS OneDrive cannot detect or obscure personally identifiable information in the digital content.

OneDrive cannot mute the specific audio segment in audio recordings that contain sensitive personal information.

Editing Options in Digital Files

Sometimes, you need to edit your digital files, but OneDrive cannot edit your videos. You cannot cut trim the unnecessary part within the digital files, unable to split videos into multiple parts.

Assign Custom Attributes

By adding custom attributes, you can improve the search visibility of the media files uploaded on the cloud.

At times, content needs to be segregated and categorized by assigning its attributes. This helps easy retrieval, indexing and searches, but unfortunately, in OneDrive, there is no supported way to set custom metadata with the uploaded files (such as Lecturer Name, SKU#, Case Number, etc.).

OneDrive does not offer a feature to assign custom properties within a file. So, searching for documents in a huge set of folders would be a time-consuming task.

Add Annotations

Although you can comment on OneDrive files, you cannot add annotations or highlight any important information shown in videos. You also don’t have timed comments, so interactivity in long videos is not possible.

Integration with Other IT Systems

In terms of SSO integration, OneDrive only supports Azure AD. MS OneDrive cannot integrate with Identity Access Management (IAM) services such as OKTA, OneLogin, and third-party login services.

The same is the case with other integrations, as OneDrive provides very limited integrations out of the Microsoft stack.

File Size Restriction

OneDrive offers limited file size support, like MS does not support files over 15GB in OneDrive. For larger files, you may need to utilize compression utility.

Limited Offline Access and Support

Although OneDrive for Business allows offline access once a user downloads the app but if your team needs to conduct a lot of work offline, you may require a more robust system.

Why Choose VIDIZMO Instead of OneDrive?

Today’s desperate enterprise system necessitates compatibility between different IT and Business applications in a highly integrated fashion.

VIDIZMO offers a broad range of platform integrations with its flexible digital content management system to host your digital data in various regions worldwide, whether on the cloud or your company’s premises.

Do you want to know why VIDIZMO is a more secure and appropriate platform than OneDrive?

Distinguishing key features of VIDIZMO are listed below:

  • VIDIZMO User Management allows the specific number of users to access digital content by assigning roles to users like who will access it as a viewer, contributor, administrator. You can block the download option for some users as well and change other permissions.
  • With artificial intelligence services, you can search the content easily by entering any of the details, e.g., custom attributes, titles, tags, spoken words.
  • VIDIZMO offers AI-based automatic transcription and translation for audio and video files. You can translate the content into more than 52 languages and convert speech to text into multiple languages to improve speech recognition.
  • You can easily search inside the digital content for spoken words, fast forward and reach the relevant part of the video instead of watching the entire video.
  • With VIDIZMO’s editing capabilities, you can trim the undesired part in a video, split the entire video into various segments, or add interactive elements in your videos such as surveys, quizzes etc.
  • VIDIZMO AI services can automatically detect, track and redact people, faces, objects frame by frame in videos.
  • VIDIZMO can integrate with IAM Services such as OKTA, Onelogin, Ping, Azure AD and third-party login services, including Facebook, Microsoft Office 365 etc.
  • Besides that, VIDIZMO provides a complete Digital Evidence Management System that empowers organizations to collect, store, manage, share and analyze ever-increasing digital evidence.
  • You can maintain the integrity of highly important files such as digital evidence through a chain of custody audit log that identifies trails of activities performed on digital evidence files.
  • You can deploy VIDIZMO DEMS as SaaS on-premises, Commercial Cloud or in the Azure Government Cloud and AWS Cloud.

Do you want to know more about VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System? Head on to our website to learn more or sign up for a product demo.

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