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Background Noise Removal With an Enterprise Video Platform

Looking for easy-to-follow ways to remove background noise from video and audio? Well, we have simplified the process with VIDIZMO’s Content Creator Tool.

Professional videos will do you justice if they are concise, focused, and have zero to no distractions. This is why you must remove background noise from video and audio before publishing.

Remember, attention spans are dwindling, and the slightest disturbances can rub the wrong way, sending your potential customers toward competitors.

Let us put things in perspective—77% of people do not continue watching low-quality videos, and 62% of users develop a negative view of your brand.

And nowadays, video content is of the utmost importance to stand out and stand tall. So, it is unsurprising that 100,000 videos were uploaded daily in 2020, and 87% of marketers use videos to market products and services.

So, whether you want to train or inspire people, market your offerings, or host a webinar, ensure there is no background noise such as traffic, chatter, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss various tools and techniques that will keep audio interruptions at bay and guide you on how to remove background noise from video and audio.

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What are Different Types of Background Noises?

Background noises are any unwanted sounds that interfere with audio; let’s look at a few types:

White Noise

Also called ‘broadband noise,’ it contains all frequencies that can be heard in equal parts. These create a high-pitched static-like sound, similar to that of fans and air conditioners.

Pink Noise

It is like white noise, creating a steady, soothing hum using lower sound waves and deeper sounds.

Blue Noise

Similar to a hissing sound, the blue noise intensifies as the frequency augments. It is relatively shriller than pink and white noise.

Brown Noise

Brown noise is called ‘red noise’ and produces a rumble-like deep sound.

Now that you know the different types of noise, let us talk about removing background noise from video and audio.

Ways To Remove Background Noise From Video And Audio

Here are some easy-to-follow methods to remove background noise from video and audio:

Record in a quiet setting

You can opt for an acoustically treated room for noise isolation and reducing echoes.

A quiet room, away from windows, air-conditioning units, fans, traffic, and other noise sources. You can also opt for carpeted rooms since they are sound-absorbent.

Opting for Dynamic Mics

Dynamic mics are relatively less sensitive to background noises than condenser ones, giving them an upper hand in noisy environments. Holding a dynamic mic close to the mouth improves the speech-to-noise ratio, making removal of background noise easy.

Noise Gates

Noise gates are beneficial when looking to remove background noise from video and audio. They automatically remove low-frequency background noises when the speaker is not talking, thus eliminating distractions during silent moments.


Equalization helps in reducing or boosting specific frequencies to filter out background noise. You can filter out high-pitched sounds or deep rumbles to make the recording clearer.

Besides the tips mentioned above, you can also use software designed especially for the removal of background noise.

Which software is best for removing background noise?

Are you looking for software that can remove background noise from video and remove background noise from audio? Well, keep reading:


Audacity is a famous audio recording tool that is open to all. It allows easy access into the world of recording and editing supported by Windows, MacOS, and Linux, among other operating systems.

You can easily trim, copy, mix, and match various files according to your liking. With in-built noise reduction and noise gate features, audacity removes background noise within minutes, leaving you with crisp audio.

However, the software does not support MIDI playback, and the sound quality does not meet high-end standards.


Lalal.ai is an AI-powered noise reduction tool that provides sound separation and background noise removal. This software allows you to conveniently isolate video and audio files and quickly remove background noise with just a few clicks.

However, you’ll need to have knowledge about audio stems and the appropriate type of stem separations for each file, which can pose a problem for newbies.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition provides editing features for pre-recorded audio and videos and live narrations. It features both multitrack, non-destructive mix as well as destructive-approach waveform editing.

Its noise reduction feature effectively identifies and removes background noise, preserving the original audio's clarity.


This software is excellent for online game streaming. It removes background noise while talking to fellow gamers over the mic. You can hear others talking without any sounds of their keyboards, fans, or anything else.

While the software is free, a NVIDIA RTX graphics card is required, starting from $350, depending on the model.

VIDIZMO's Content Creation Tool

VIDIZMO’s Enterprise Tube provides an easy-to-use, versatile noise reduction tool within its latest Content Creation Tool, coined as noise suppression.

Moreover, for guaranteed results, besides perfecting audio delivery, virtual backgrounds can also be added to enhance a professional look and feel.

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All this and much more can be done within clicks, even if the said user has yet to gain prior experience.

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All Set to Remove Background Noise from Video and Audio?

With over a decade’s experience in the Enterprise Video Content Management Industry, VIDIZMO has perfected video content delivery.

Our Content Creator tool is riddled with many dynamic features to record stellar content without taking much of your time or burning a hole in your pocket.

For more information on VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform and to further explore the Content Creation Tool, contact us today or visit our website for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why remove background noise?

Background noise distracts the listeners from the main message and disrupts the audio quality. Nowadays, with more options to explore than ever, the slightest of disruptions bounce users away to the next best alternative.

Is background noise good or bad?

It’s bad because it distracts listeners; hence, you should rid it of all video and audio content, giving users a clear, concise, and focused piece of art without any disturbances.

How do I remove background noise from audio and video?

Various techniques and software let you remove background noise from audio and videos. Among the many, VIDIZMO’s Content Creator tool is highly recommended, allowing background noise removal within clicks!

How important is sound quality?

A high-quality sound is crisp and free from any distortions. It allows listeners to distinguish the different elements of the audio.

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