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Reveal Hidden Insights in Videos with AI in Enterprise Video Platform

Learn the application of VIDIZMO’s visual Artificial Intelligence features across different industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping how businesses are using video. By leveraging machine learning and tapping into unstructured data inside video content, organizations can mine valuable insights and unearth significant optimization opportunities. Companies working on AI now rely less on bottom-up data and more on top-down data reasoning that bears a close resemblance to the way humans approach problems and tasks.These AI features are empowering organizations to use videos, increasing their video libraries, and granting them quick access to critical insights like never before. By indexing these insights, it paves the way for better in-video search, accessibility, user engagement, monetization, content moderation, and much more. 


VIDIZMO’s Visual Artificial Intelligence Capabilities 

VIDIZMO’s visual AI features turns unstructured video data into rich sources of insights, encompassing an array of technology choices and opportunities. VIDIZMO’s visual AI has a broad spectrum with the main focus on facial analysis, vision analysis, and video analysis. Face detection, celebrity identification, custom face identification, and best thumbnail extraction are part of facial analysis. Whereas visual text recognition – aka Optical Character Recognition (OCR) –, object identification, and visual content moderation come under vision analysis. Video analysis encompasses scene segmentation, shot and black-frame detection, rolling credits detection, and keyframe extraction. 

The output of these analysis techniques involves rich insights which are then indexed, allowing users to categorize their assets and optimize content discovery and accessibility. By using a supervised deep learning-based model for different visual analysis ontologies, VIDIZMO indexes videos to understand the hidden relations present inside your media files, and therefore provides a solution that is efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than manual categorization. 


The Industry Experience 

VIDIZMO’s visual AI features can help organizations and companies across industries derive new insights from video to create a more personalized audience experience and employee engagements, as well as effectively managing the sheer volume of video content. 


In the educational sector, we often see presentation slides are used within videos. VIDIZMO performs optical character recognition (OCR) of your videos and indexes the resulting insights, offering extraction of both spoken words and displayed sentences and hence, helping learners find relevant videos much quicker. 


Due to the increase of IP cameras, there is a proliferation of surveillance videos. Manually reviewing surveillance video is time-consuming and vulnerable to human error. VIDIZMO’s visual AI analysis provides several components, such as face detection, face grouping, face identification, and visual text recognition, to make the process of reviewing, managing, and creating derivatives easier. Surveillance footages of criminals who are repeating offenders can have their faces recognized by VIDIZMO’s facial identification. 


Emerging technologies, such as drones and artificial intelligence (AI), are transforming and improving the insurance claims process in different ways. These include VIDIZMO’s object identification that results in automatically identifying and labeling objects (car, property, etc.). Moreover, VIDIZMO’s new AI features have the potential to compress the claims lifecycle across the board. Drones, for instance, are already being used to investigate property claims in remote locations and provide anomaly detection, thereby speeding up inspections while reducing the risk to adjusters. 


As identity management becomes increasingly digital, a collaborative effort towards boosting cybersecurity and protecting the privacy of traveler data will be crucial to maintaining customer trust and public safety. VIDIZMO’s visual AI features (such as facial recognition, object recognition, and video monitoring via AI) can be used to create a ubiquitously safe environment.  

Sports and Entertainment

One of the difficulties faced by sports analysts, commentators, audiences when streaming an event like a football game is identifying a particular player. VIDIZMO’s vision AI can not only provide custom face identification, celebrity identification but also through OCR recognize the numbers on a specific player’s shirt and thereby making the process of identifying a lot smoother. All the identified faced are highlighted by VIDIZMO’s facial analysis, allowing users to navigate to the point where a specific face appears, thereby making the process of an in-video search easier. 


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