VIDIZMO’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Visual Data

VIDIZMO’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for visual data makes it easier to extract insights from videos for business value.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps organizations deliver greater value from their videos and automates processes, which helps consume fewer resources. One of the advantages of storing videos in an enterprise video platform such as VIDIZMO, is that businesses can readily run various AI features the moment videos are uploaded on to the platform. For instance, VIDIZMO can be used to analyze your videos automatically through AI and detect faces, objects, spoken words or any other custom attributes. This eliminates the need for users to take each video and run third-party AI services on them.

This article talks about the various AI features for video offered in VIDIZMO and the business value these can deliver.

What are VIDIZMO’s AI features?

VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Streaming and Content Management System uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) features to offer solutions for vision, speech, language, search and redaction. The out of the box features offered in VIDZMO products include:

  • Automatic Transcription &
  • Translation of Transcriptions
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Auto-Tags
  • Object Recognition & OCR
  • Brand Recognition
  • Video Insights
    • Sentiments
    • Emotions
    • Topics of discussion

Business Benefit

These various AI features allows businesses to make videos more searchable, improve accessibility of video content, and help in content moderation.


Searching through a large library of videos is difficult as you need to go through each video to look for specific information. VIDIZMO through video indexing enables extraction of understandable, time-stamped metadata and by building search indexes based on that metadata, a more substantial search solution is presented to consumers.

For example, indexing faces and spoken words provide the search experience of finding a point in a video where a specific person spoke certain words or when two or more individuals were seen together. Through OCR, law enforcement agencies can search for an exact number plate amongst a large number of evidence files. Search based on such insights from videos applies to educational institutes, news agencies, entertainment content owners, broadcasters, enterprise LOB apps and particularly to any industry that has a video library that users need to conduct a multidimensional search.


VIDIZMO through indexing extracts metadata for instance spoken words, the text that is part of the video, the people present in a video segment, etc. In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice revised the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II regulations, introducing the possibility of accessibility requirements. This generated metadata can be used to make content reachable to people with visual or audio disabilities. Also, the player widget provided by VIDIZMO has built-in closed captioning support, and the insights widget can translate the transcript into other languages.

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