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Search For a Face in Videos within a Video Portal

VIDIZMO helps large organizations including law enforcement agencies to search for faces in videos for various purposes in no time.

Usually, we use faces to identify people in videos. Faces are not as unique as fingerprints but can be captured and searched quickly. You can search for faces in a video for various purposes. For example, police officers and law enforcement officers search faces in a video to identify suspects, public threats etc.

or you can search for the face of one person amongst thousands from video archives. For instance, if you wish to search for the face of any employee amongst thousands of employees in your office, you can quickly jump to the relevant part where that person appears in a video.

Do you know around 60% of Americans believe that it is acceptable for law enforcement to search for faces in a video for public safety by assessing any security threats in public spaces?

Traditionally, face detection technology was used to recognize faces from still images but now, as a result of technological development done over the past 30 years, the whole focus has shifted towards video-based face recognition.

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of facial recognition in videos and how VIDIZMO helps law enforcement agencies and other organizations to search for faces in videos for various purposes in no time.

Why Is It Important to Search for Faces in Videos?

The excessive use of video cameras and their increased processing power makes it feasible for everyone to capture, store and analyze videos. You can search for faces in various kinds of videos such as news programs, movies etc.

Law enforcement officers frequently use facial recognition technology to identify people in videos. To extract relevant information, law enforcement officers search for faces in videos such as digital evidence collected from CCTV footage, dash cams, body-worn cameras, drones etc.

Along with that, they can use facial detection technology for ongoing criminal investigation procedures or during an encounter in a noncustodial setting.

Not only that, but you can instantly search for faces inside the videos to improve your search visibility. You can jump to relevant parts in a video by searching for faces. In this way, you can speed up your search process.

If you want to learn more about how to search inside videos quickly, click here: Search inside videos

How to Search for Faces in Videos Using VIDIZMO Software?

With VIDIZMO software, the process of face detection is simple and clear. You need to log in to your portal, select any video you want to process, and then select studio space. Here, select the scanning types such as faces. Click on the start scan option to initiate the scanning process.

VIDIZMO’s AI Indexer will search for faces in videos automatically and detection boxes will appear on all faces appearing in videos.

You can recognize any face in a video by using different competent tools, one of them is VIDIZMO.

Search for a face in videos

VIDIZMO provides two such applications to search for faces inside video in a time-efficient manner for different use cases.

  • VIDIZMO's Enterprise Tube
  • VIDIZMO's Digital Evidence Management System

but what about those people who are genuinely concerned about their privacy?

According to a survey, 32.5% of U.S citizens have disapproved of the use of facial recognition technology at airports to improve overall security because of privacy issues.

Therefore, to ensure the privacy of every person visible in videos, you need a redaction tool to hide their faces.

To address your concern about privacy, VIDIZMO offers video redaction of faces, people and custom objects identifying personal information. [This capability is available as optional in VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube and DEMS as well as available as a standalone solution]

VIDIZMO: Leading Edge Solution For Quick Searching Inside Videos

Searching inside the videos quickly has never been easy. With VIDIZMO, you can do it in three simple ways:

  • Speech to Text: Convert speech into text form and quickly jump to the relevant part in a video through spoken words or phrases.
  • Video Analysis: Detect, track and analyze what is appearing in videos using artificial intelligence such as names, faces, objects, and vehicles.
  • Metadata: Add auto-generated tags to indicate what is inside a video e.g topic of discussion.


To facilitate you in searching for the face of one person amongst many in a video, here is how VIDIZMO's different product offerings come in handy:

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-Recognized Enterprise Video Content Management System that empowers leading organizations to store, encode, manage, share and stream bulk of videos.

Above all else, you can create a centralized video library with smart search capabilities allowing you to jump right to specific points in videos you're in search for.

Using face search, you can find a video where, for instance, a certain employee comes in.

Learn More About VIDIZMO's Search

Digital Evidence Management System

IDC-Recognized Digital Evidence Management System enables law enforcement agencies to ingest, store, manage, analyze and share digital evidence securely in a centralized repository along with AI-Powered features and flexible deployment options.

You can use the search functionality to easily find relevant digital evidence. Plus, facial search allows you to save manhours for actual crime-solving by allowing you to automatically detect where a suspect pops up in a video (among other use cases).

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