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Tackling Sheer Abundance of Video File Formats

By Rabeea Tahir

Present-day digital media and digital evidence comes from a host of sources, all in disparate media and video file formats that can seem difficult to consolidate into a set of standardized formats. 

Consider a scenario where law enforcement agencies receive material digital evidence in relation to criminal investigations from a large variety of sources. This could include digital media from body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, surveillance footage, videos captured by the general public, private businesses or the media; crime scene videos and images; 911 calls or other audio recordings; documentation scanned and converted to digital files; as well as digital media from computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices – each one being a different media type with varying data and video file formats.

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Adding to the complexity, each evidence or media type comes in numerous media and video file formats. Digital cameras, for example, are available from a variety of manufacturers that in turn use a wide range of video file formats for storage.

Furthering the challenge are traditional cameras that still use proprietary video file formats, each requiring different players or even a specific player version for playback. Not just this, several law enforcement agencies continue to receive evidence from old recording devices with archaic video file formats that are no longer compatible with the modern digital evidence management software.

Even though a great variety of modern-day camera manufacturers have standardized files to RAW format, legal investigators and other stakeholders continue to struggle with the commonly-used old or proprietary video file formats that cause a significant amount of hassle with evidence handling and processing for digital evidence management.  

So how does VIDIZMO handle a multitude of video file formats and its associated challenges?

To counter all issues related to media capture of varying file formats, VIDIZMO is designed to be versatile enough to accept and process files from virtually any source and in any number of video file formats – all while preserving the file’s originality.

Automatic capture of all types of digital media and video file formats: VIDIZMO allows automatic capture or ingestion of content from every digital source, and in all digital media types such as videos, audios, images, documents, etc.

Compatibility with all common file formats for video: Presently, VIDIZMO supports hundreds of video file formats, and we are continuously adding support and compatibility with more formats, depending on the customer’s needs.

Support for proprietary video file formats: The system is also equipped to convert proprietary file format to open-standard format while keeping the original file intact – ensuring that no third-party programs are required for file processing.

Retention of original video file format: All media capture and file format conversion fully preserves the authenticity and integrity of the original evidence by retaining the file’s authenticity as well as the original video file formats, before converting it to a set of standardized formats.

Agile development of compatibility with additional file formats for video: VIDIZMO also specializes in agile development of requested formats, accommodating greater file support for conversion from lesser-known formats. Instantaneous support can also be developed for unique or any additional common video file formats upon request.

This way, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System manages numerous video file formats, facilitating utilization and processing of any evidence formats supplied to law enforcement agencies or any stakeholder group handling an influx of a mass of digital evidence in a large variety of file formats.

To know more about VIDIZMO’s enterprise video portal and digital evidence management solution, contact our team today or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

 DEM Whitepaper

Tags: Enterprise Video Content Management, Digital Evidence Management

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