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Enterprise Video CMS for Communicating During Crisis

VIDIZMO's solutions help enterprises bridge the gap for communication and interaction to accomplish business activities in the face of a pandemic.

With the rapid spread of the virus from China to the rest of the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency, and the world economy has taken a substantial hit. Approximately 150 companies, including Disney and Walmart, have forewarned of the evident threat to their income and performance for the year 2020 due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has impacted businesses worldwide, including enterprises, schools, airlines and travel agencies, shopping centers, sporting events, bars and restaurants, and every other establishment. From MNCs to small, private businesses, the sudden yet hefty consequences of the pandemic are being felt by everyone in the global market and economy.


The Consequences of a Pandemic 

Communication and interaction are an integral part of society and the bread and butter of any business. CEOs need to establish business relations, teachers need to teach their students, managers need to manage operations, government officials need to address the public, etc. Regardless of the kind of occupation a person may have, for most people, interacting or just being around other people is unavoidable, whether it's conversing with a colleague at the workplace, sitting in Biology at school, commuting, or picking up your morning coffee before work.

But what do you do when there's an ongoing epidemic or pandemic of a heavily contagious, and maybe even potentially lethal viral disease going around?

Offices are giving time-off for weeks, and governments are enforcing school closures and travel bans in response to the rising infections and contagiousness of the COVID-19. It's no surprise that businesses and the economy are in quite a dilemma. Of course, an organization, be it a can't afford to entirely shut down all its operations until the crisis resolves itself.


Bridging the Gap for Communication under COVID-19

VIDIZMO has been helping many organizations bridge the gap for communication through its solutions for video and digital media content management system. To resolve such challenges in communication, VIDIZMO is helping organizations to mitigate the consequences of the crises imposed on communication.





Whether you need to make an announcement or have a meeting where only one or two people are presenting, creating a live webcast is an ideal solution. You can initiate or tune into the live stream from anywhere in the comfort of your home, using a desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can also use surveys and Q&A's to let your audience to interact a little. And with a YouTube-like on-demand video platform, you can share recorded meetings and informative video content for employees to refer to at any time. It's an ideal way to connect and engage with your employees, especially if anyone lives in an area under quarantine.



Just like scheduling a class or lecture at a school or university, you can schedule live webinars right from home for students to attend live classes and lectures online. Live webinars allow students to continue their education from home, which is especially ideal for schools considering that children are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. Students can also ask questions and collaborate on chat. You can also use quizzes to test students and their understanding of the session. Furthermore, you can record these sessions for students to refer to in case they miss out on anything in the lecture.



The unanticipated rate at which the coronavirus has spread throughout the world from China to approximately 140 countries has left doctors and healthcare professionals scrambling to contain the pandemic. Using informative video and digital content, hospitals and healthcare facilities can share their research and educate dispersed medical staff and the general public on the precautions and measures they should take to deal with the COVID-19, especially those in quarantined areas. Furthermore, doctors can share videos and digital media with their patients on their personal records and preventive measures for COVID-19 on an assigned private portal.


Other Industries

VIDIZMO's solutions can be used for numerous other establishments and industries whose operations and activities have been hindered as a result of the ongoing pandemic; for example, government officials can use VIDIZMO's live streaming to address the public, and airline companies can inform passengers on precautions to take while traveling to afflicted countries through informative videos.

Furthermore, VIDIZMO's portals can be customized to represent a business's brand image, and solutions can be integrated with other new or existing software and systems, including video conferencing systems (e.g., Zoom), CMS (e.g., SharePoint) and LMS (e.g., Blackboard) to provide a platform


VIDIZMO: A Mold Breaker

The coronavirus pandemic is a global tragedy that has alarmed the entire world, and the global economy has taken a significant hit from the hindrance in consistent business operations, travel bans, closure of schools and institutes, and mass quarantines. In light of the circumstances, VIDIZMO is providing discounts and faster deployment to help minimize the consequences of the pandemic and provide a platform for communication and interaction.

VIDIZMO can be deployed on a shared or private cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid model and is available on the Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.


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To learn more about how VIDIZMO's solutions can help resolve your communication and operation challenges, contact us.




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