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Is your content engaging? Do viewers watch your videos? Want to track the insights? Viewing User Analytics can answer all these questions!

Tracking user performance with user analytics has rapidly increased in a decade. These analytics play an adequate role in digital transformation, decision-making, and improving organizational performance.  

But how do these analytics turn the table for a business?  

Analyzing bulk data requires an enormous amount of time, but visualizing data through analytics represents user behavior and trends and predicts the future in no time, making space for business professionals to move ahead of their competitors.

A survey by MicroStrategy 2020

Source – MicroStrategy 2020 

What are User Analytics?

The previous years have influenced business professionals to become data-driven. User Analytics is a business driving force because organizations use these analytics to increase business performance and help in efficient decision-making.

They are the key to creating new business models and achieving adequate financial performance. With these benefits, user insights can change the game for a business, and the offerings are worth the try!

However, the hits and flops in the business industry are decided by the one who collects the valuable user data. These analytics allow an organization to understand what users need and how they purchase a product.  

Some additional benefits of user analytics:  

  • It helps to evaluate large data sets.  

  • It allows organizations to improve product designs.  

  • It decides future trends.  

  • It works to fix bugs and create a road map for your business.   

Well, user analytics offer way more than just insights!  

Impact of User Analytics

User analytics positively impacts your business and helps you know more about users interacting with your business and here is what you can achieve by evaluating them!

For instance, if multiple users visit your website, the user analytics will help you evaluate how a group interacts with your website, behavior, interests, in-app sessions, and events.

These insights become the basis for data-driven decisions and increase revenue for an organization.  

Understand who watches your videos 

User Analytics Dashboard Display


To understand your target audience for marketing and lead generation, it's essential to understand who watches your videos.  

On the other hand, using user analytics is essential for organizations that want to train their employees with videos. You can keep track that your videos are being watched by the employees and understand that your videos are engaging enough to grab the audience's attention.  

Similarly, video-based learning can be evaluated by using analytics. Here you can see how many hours your videos have been watched, which video segments gain user attention, and where users lose attention.  

Know more about User Needs  

Knowing user needs can make a difference in your organizational results. Understanding user needs can help you change content according to the user needs to achieve the best results and make your videos engaging.  After evaluating these needs an organization can implement these changes and transform the user experience. 

Evaluate how your videos are performing! 

User Analytics Dashboard

Are your videos being viewed? Are your viewers gaining something out of your videos?  

You can track viewer interactions with various Video Content Management platforms.

The most prominent offering of Enterprise Video Content Management is the analytics dashboard which helps organizations improve their visibility and provides a consolidated analytics report.  

Understand the Conversion Rate  

How many viewers converted into leads? User analytics depicts everything! For example, 1000 viewers visit a website daily, and 50 users purchase a product, which means the conversion rate is 5%.  

How does User Analytics work?

User analytics are perfect for tracking website performance and helps to generate visitor insights.

As an organization, these insights are adequate to evaluate the top sources of generating traffic, tracking marketing activities, discovering user behavior patterns, and assessing user demographics to identify audience engagement.  

Visualizing data helps to understand the number of users and their impact on your business; however, it also evaluates the bounce rate, which depicts the percentage of users who leave your site without any action, and helps you determine session durations and goal completions.  

By keeping an eye on these analytics, an organization improves its marketing campaign and helps to retain customers, which is essential for website performance and conversions.  


How do user analytics solve business problems?  

Several industries use analytical business solutions like healthcare, education, insurance, marketing, etc. 

MicroStrategy Survey 2020

Source -  MicroStrategy 2020 


Knowing your target audience is one of the critical elements in marketing strategy. However, user analytics allows you to find potential buyers by narrowing down the large audience because not everyone will buy a product.

User analytics will also help generate user insights, know who views your videos, get audit trails and reports, and make data-driven decisions.  


Creating a virtual academy is the new norm since Covid-19; however, a video solution helps you upload SCORM files to compile courses under a single roof.

But this video content management system also allows you to track who watches your video along with the watch time.

An Enterprise Video Content Management system allows access control features to ensure only people with access watch your videos.

It also gives you an optimized playback experience that works perfectly on all devices and bandwidth conditions.  


Even the healthcare system is switching towards technology for training its employees. An Enterprise Video Content management system works to manage videos and provides insights into employee training.

Know which employee watched the training and when a user left the video.  

Change your training videos by analyzing the user analytics and adding interactive elements for evaluation. A Video Content Management System helps you accomplish these features and track viewership and generate actionable insights.  

Final Words!  

User analytics tunes you into customer behavior and patterns which becomes the basis for improvement for an organization.

However, an organization can use analytics to rebuild its content, videos, engagement, and retention.

If you are looking for a Video Content Management Solution which provides in-depth insights into user analytics. In that case, you can try out VIDIZMO Enterprise Tube which offers user analytics for enterprises to ace organizational goals  

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