Adapt Effectively to Change Through Video Change Management

Learn how you can adapt effectively to organizational changes with the help of Video Change Management. And how VIDIZMO can help you achieve this.

Who moved my cheese? A classic book for change management that summarizes how things can constantly change, so we must adapt accordingly. The quicker we adapt, the better we can come out alive from the burning fires of change. No pun intended!

Change is hard, but change is now the new constant. Since the pandemic, many business strategy changes have been observed, such as digital transformation, organizational restructuring, or remote working. Do you know, 55% of the businesses offer remote working to some extent? Complex transitions demand a strong leader, team and different factors to make the change successful.

You know management gurus make a fortune just to teach managers on how to adapt to the changes efficiently. Since, the organization has its own way of dealing with change management, more and more are leveraging video during the time of change nowadays.

We have a quick guide for you that will help you understand what video change management is, the reasons and challenges when the change is made and how an enterprise video platform, VIDIZMO, can lead to effective change management.

What is Video Change Management?

It’s no surprise that organizations deal with continuous shifts such as market conditions, competition, technologies, customer demand and input cost. In most cases, their business model is continuously re-evaluated, aligning with their fast-paced industry.


Video Change Management is an approach to deal with the transformation and transition related to organizational goals, technologies, processes or even core values with the help of video. The main reason for companies implementing a video change management process is to improve and effectively manage workflows.

The 7R’s of Change Management  

During the whole change management process, there are some points that need to be taken under consideration. Whenever the request for change is made regarding the organization, these 7 reasons help answer the questions arising in the management process. The checklist consists of 7 simple questions, which are as follows

7Rs of video change management infographic

Change Management Challenges

Companies often face daunting challenges with regards to change management. According to the HBR, 70% of all change initiatives fail. To avoid such failures, it’s a good idea to be aware of these challenges beforehand. Here are 7:

  • Resistance

Change may result in extra work, which employees may resist. Training, transparency, planning and patience can help mitigate resistance and improve overall morale.                                

  • Communication

Communication is key! Often an organization fails to be consistent in communication. Change-related communication is important to make the change successful and that everybody is looped into what is going on.


Source : Mckinsey Report

  • Resource Management

When implementing the change, managing and keeping track of the intangible and tangible resources is one of the challenges faced by change management.

  • New Technology

It is necessary to get rid of the legacy systems and jump on the new technology bandwagon, which in the process can disrupt employees’ entire workflow.


Source: Oracle

  • Scheduling Issues

Determining whether the change must be defined for short-term or long-term can be challenging, thus resulting in scheduling and change management issues.



  • Many Points of Views

In change management, success varies for everyone based on their roles. This creates a challenge with regard to managing multiple priorities simultaneously.


How Video Can Lead to Peaceful Change Management?

  • Keep it clear, watch anytime and as many time

Instead of writing long paragraphs and manually documenting the changes, record video and make it available to employees on-demand. This will help you delivering a clear and consistent message to everyone ensuring every detail is covered and received as intended.

  • Better Understanding with Detailed Video Analytics

Get a clear idea on how your communication efforts are being received. With detailed video analytics, how many people watched the video, the number of views and track every other video-related activity. This will help in analyzing how people are receiving your message and if improvement is needed.

  • All in one go With Internal Live Streams

Internal live stream can save the day rather than having separate meetings, which employees can miss out or skim through. You can live stream your crucial change initiative messages while employees in different departments can tune into it from their respective places.

Random-Surges-in-Audience-Size-No-Need-to-Worry (2)

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  • Increase Collaboration and Share Knowledge Across Teams

Collaborating on change management projects is directly proportional to thousands of meetings and emails that are not as effective as video. Let’s suppose a new system is being implemented; a team leader can give a walkthrough sharing their screen and recording the session, just like that knowledge sharing becomes easy via video, which increases productivity and collaboration.

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  • Video tutorials

Having to type instructions and documenting the whole working process can be time-consuming and complex. Take an example of YouTube tutorials, people prefer watching YouTube tutorials to learn a new skill rather than going to an institute. Skip your training sessions and manuals. Start recording How-to videos which will save time and resources.

  • Searchable Content Library

As processes change, organizations have a lot of materials/assets to manage, the same goes for videos. When you have a plan for video change management, there can be tons of videos to keep up with such as How-to, knowledge sharing videos and others. You can have a searchable video content library that can fetch you the required video fast.                               

VIDIZMO to Support Your Video Change Management Needs

In order to lead a peaceful video change management, you need a video platform to upload and share videos with your employees. VIDIZMO can be your best bet. It provides you a YouTube-like platform with all the above capabilities and much more. Stream live and on-demand videos to internal and external audiences while adding live Q&A, interactivity such as quizzes and feedback making it more engaging. VIDIZMO also offers in-depth features like security, access controls, and limited sharing, as well as the flexibility offered for various deployment models and customizations. 

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