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How Video Redaction Services are Helping Transportation Companies

Video redaction services have become crucial for the transportation industry to comply with legal requirements and protect sensitive information.

Many US-based transportation companies have leveraged videos to reduce crime, monitor operations, enhance security, and point out problem areas. Since this footage includes sensitive data, those in the transportation industry turn to video redaction services.

It is pretty alarming that transportation ranks among the top 10 industries with the most client leaks. Add to that — a single data breach may cost around US$ 3.75 million.

This is why an AI-backed redaction tool is needed more than ever because threat levels have risen, leading to many privacy challenges.

You see, if recorded videos are shared or stolen with sensitive information like transactional data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), number plates, and more, they can be used for fraudulent activities like identity theft, unauthorized credit/debit card usage, etc.

Plus, depending on the intensity of the breach, the penalties and ridicule that follow can be steep. Moreover, gaining back the lost trust and goodwill is next to impossible.

Thankfully, video redaction services are assisting transportation companies in safeguarding their data and making video information sharing secure and seamless.

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Understanding Video Redaction Services for the Transportation Industry

What does the word redaction mean? Redaction is a common term that removes or alters sensitive data from audio, video, or text documents.

Video redaction means editing a video to remove details like PII, license plates, faces, addresses, and other identifiable information.

With redacted video, businesses and government organizations can mitigate risks and safeguard privacy.

Only specialized software can redact videos. They edit the clip and mask specific information that should not be disclosed to the public or any unauthorized source.

Benefits of Video Redaction Services for the Transportation Industry

Redacted videos enhance the overall security of any transportation industry. Below are some operational and safety benefits of video redaction services.

Protecting Passenger Privacy

Individual rights are crucial, and failing to adhere to them will negatively impact trust with the brand.

Public Transportation companies often record the passengers in their vehicles; this raw footage include sensitive information.

Video redaction tools can blur the passengers' faces, numbers, and custom objects. This way, they can maintain trust with their customers.

If they also record audio, they can use the audio redaction feature to remove sensitive information by bleeping or muting.

Protecting Employee Identity

Like protecting passenger identity, transportation companies also must uphold privacy of their employees. You see, employee data also consists of PII and other sensitive elements.

Transport companies can foster a secure environment for their employees by redacting their names, faces, and other recognizable information.

Enhanced Incident Investigation

Redacted videos can help focus only on the relevant details while removing unnecessary and confidential information in case of misfortunate incidents.

It will speed up the process and allow law enforcement agencies to extract information without risking personal privacy.

Data Management

Thanks to video redaction services, there is no longer the need to manually redact videos, which can take hours to days.

New age redaction tools leverage AI to automatically redact all instances of pre-defined sensitive information within a video.

Moreover, it prevents data clutter and makes seamless access to the desired information.

Why do Companies in the Transportation Industry seek Video Redaction Services?

Integrating video surveillance in the transportation sector brings many benefits but also complex issues concerning data security and exposure of sensitive data.

That said, here are a few reasons a redaction software is needed in the transportation sector:

Increasing Security

Surveillance systems have a pivotal role in increasing security by detecting criminal activity and preventing thefts, vandalism, unlawful activities, and acts of terror.

However, confidential information must be redacted before sharing this footage with internal and external stakeholders.

This is why companies falling into the transportation sector have targeted redaction practices in place to remove all sensitive and irrelevant information.

Increasing Efficiency

Video surveillance allows transport organizations to optimize their operations. They can monitor the traffic situation on roads and assess congestion. It will enable companies to ensure the seamless operation of their vehicles.

These recordings can have objects, audio, and information that can be used for malicious purposes if they get into the wrong hands.

This is why video redaction services mask sensitive data like PII, PHI, NPI, and PCI.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns can arise when using video surveillance in large numbers, threatening the company's reputation.

They can keep the integrity of their establishment with video redaction software by redacting PII information and custom objects.

Understanding Privacy Concerns in The Transportation Industry

Since the transportation industry heavily relies on digital technology and video surveillance, they host a vast amount of vulnerable data sets and records.

Cybercriminals can get their hands on sensitive data and use it for identity theft and financial gains, among other fraudulent activities.

The victim in question can be left with a warning or a heavy fine (depending on the intensity of the breach). Besides that, it is pretty hard to gain back the damaged trust and reputation.

For instance, British Airways was fined £20m because of a massive data breach that landed customer information in the wrong hands.

What Are the Compliances for the Transportation Industry?

Transportation companies must meet several state and federal compliances for data protection and privacy of their customers, employees, and confidential data.


Transport businesses that are working within the state of California must comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). The act empowers consumers to have more control over their data.

CCPA provides the following privacy rights.

  • People can know how a business collects data from them and how they use and share it.
  • They can ask for the deletion of their personal information. (There are some exceptions)
  • They can ask to halt the share or sale of their information.

With the help of redaction, transport organizations can ensure that California consumer data is secure by redacting sensitive information.

NIST Framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology framework of the US Department of Commerce assists businesses to understand cybersecurity and data privacy risks better.

Although it is not mandatory compliance to follow, it is internationally recognized and highly appreciated to comply.

The framework works on five principles, that are as follows:

1. Identify (Identifying the devices and networks that can pave the way for data breach)
2. Protect (Control the logs and access to devices and networks)
3. Detect (Monitor unauthorized accesses, activities, and devices)
4. Respond (Have an action plan in case of a cyberattack)
5. Recover (Restore and restore the data)

By following the NIST guidelines, transport businesses can safeguard their data and use video redaction software to protect the confidentiality of information.


The ISO/IEC 27001 is one of the most reliable and robust ISMS (information security management systems). It guides businesses of all sizes in maintaining, implementing, establishing, and constantly improving ISMS.

It is not a mandatory regulation from the state or federal government. However, it is crucial in the US and its 160 member states.

The ISO standard deals with the constantly emerging cyber threats and helps organizations and businesses proactively identify risks. It works on the CIA Triad principles.

  • The first is confidentiality, which means only authorized people should access the data.
  • The second is information integrity, which means securely storing their or their customer data.
  • The last is the availability of data. The clients or organization can access the data to ensure their information is handled correctly.

Redaction software allows us to ensure the confidentiality of data so that no privileged information is disclosed in the event of unauthorized access.

VIDIZMO's Video Redaction Services

The digitalization of the transportation industry and the rapid use of video surveillance have created the need for a robust, targeted redaction strategy.

Fortunately, VIDIZMO Redactor enables transport businesses to take steps towards data protection to comply with federal, state, and international regulations.

Along with redacted videos, VIDIZMO Redactor is one of the best PDF redaction software in the industry. Below are some of the many ways you can use it:

  • Automatically detect and redact faces, people, guns, license plates, objects, and vehicles.
  • Censor spoken PII in audio files with auto redaction feature
  • Define objects and track them throughout a video
  • Enhance security by setting role-based access controls

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is data redaction vs data masking?

Data masking refers to replacing authentic and sensitive information with unauthentic ones. In contrast, data redaction means removing classified or sensitive information from files.

What is the best redaction software?

There are many software redaction services and software available in the market. However, VIDIZMO's redactor features are more diverse and offer various data redaction services.

What is the difference between data redaction and data anonymization?

Data anonymization protects sensitive and private data by encrypting or erasing identifiers that connect a person to data. In comparison, data redaction means removing sensitive data like PII by blurring or removing it from any file.

Can we get the redacted data back?

You cannot return the redacted data if you have redacted the original file. However, you can do a redaction and save a copy of that file. The original file will be intact, and the copy file will have redacted data and can be shared without the risk of data breach.

Can we redact a bank statement?

Organizations and individuals can redact their bank statements so that their PII information, such as name and address, is not disclosed. Moreover, it is also necessary to remove financial details to prevent malicious activities.

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