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Video Training Platform: Managing Employee Compliance Training Courses

Working in a highly regulated industry? Need to conduct compliance training? Here is why an engaging video-based training program is the most effective.
by Sabika Tasneem Updated on March 31, 2022

Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Accounting, Construction – These are just a few of the highly regulated industries, with various compliances to meet. Fulfilling the required compliances alone is not enough. Most mandate regulatory compliance training for employees to ensure readiness and understanding of the procedures. In this tech age, with organizations having offices in multiple countries and employees working from home (especially during the pandemic), organizations prefer to conduct regulatory compliance training online by utilizing the efficient capabilities of video learning platforms.

VIDIZMO is one such enterprise-grade video training platform that supports organizational learning initiatives made possible by either conducting live trainings that can be recorded and uploaded for on-demand playback or directly uploading training videos that can be used to create course playlists. Benefit from a YouTube-like platform with roust security, easy-to-use UI, interactive video player, extensive search capabilities, and whatnot.


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Before discussing how a video learning platform can ease up the compliance training process for you, let us first explore what exactly regulatory compliance training is, its general requirements, and what benefits it offers you.

What is Regulatory Compliance Training?

Regulatory compliances are put in place for various industries or regions are to be followed by different departments within an organization. Most compliances are put in place to ensure good data governance practices, accountability, and transparency. They also protect the interests of employees as well as the data privacy of consumers. However, all this will amount to nothing if the employees are not aware of the procedures to be followed. This is why most compliance trainings are compulsory and are mandated by the law.

Examples of Regulatory Compliance Training

  • Data Protection and Privacy Training (e.g. GDPR)
  • Information Security Training (e.g. HIPAA)
  • Workplace Safety Training (e.g. OSHA)
  • Anti-Harassment Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training


  • Make your workplace safer where employees are reassured of good practices
  • Avoid penalties and any chances of legal action being taken against your organizations
  • Maintain and protect business reputations
  • Establish trust with customers

Key Requirements

The key purpose of conducting online regulatory compliance training for employees is to ensure accessibility of courses so that all employees understand the policies they need to adhere to and practices they need to adopt. It is critical to design, share, and manage the courses efficiently in a time-saving manner. However, completion alone is not the target. Most compliances cover complex topics that can seem boring. These topics are also not directly linked to their day-to-day tasks. Hence, break down the concepts based on their level of understanding. Here are some key things to consider:

Course Content and Timeline:

Course content should be designed based on the requirements provided. Simplicity is the key. Try to avoid jargon as much as possible. Make the content easy to swallow. Provide a concrete deadline based on requirements. Plan it out in advance and inform the employees beforehand.

Video-based learning is the best way to go. Make engaging and interactive videos. Create micro-learning bites. These are not as overwhelming and ensure engagement. Insert quizzes within your videos to monitor learning and progress. Take feedback at the end of the course regarding the improvements that can be made.

Progress Monitoring and Completion Tracking:

Have processes in place to ensure consistent monitoring of the progress your team makes. Analyze quiz results to judge understanding. Track course completion to fulfill your compliance requirement. Observe other analytics to gain insight regarding how to improve your course effectiveness.

Interactive Platform Supporting Asynchronous Course:

Opt for a video learning platform that automates course creation, analysis, and sharing process for you. It can be remotely accessible worldwide with asynchronous training courses that your workforce can flexibly complete in their own time.

The analytics on the platform can easily help you monitor the progress. You can also add interactive elements to your videos. Above all else, this platform can be your knowledge repository removing the need of redundantly conducting the same course again and again with new employees.


VIDIZMO | SCORM-Compliant Video Training Platform with LMS Integration

In the online corporate learning space, traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) fall short in many aspects. Neither are they designed to handle extensive video load, nor are they optimized for streaming videos. They won’t support AI-powered search within your video. You won’t be able to make your videos interactive. Worst of all, they don’t have live streaming capabilities.

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In the age of video, traditional methods of learning are no longer effective. Rather than being force-fed text-based training material, create a video-based learning program that is actually engaging. VIDIZMO is perfect for that. VIDIZMO’s video training platform allows you to create a secure internal or external YouTube-like video portal filled with your online regulatory compliance video training courses. Live stream interactive training sessions with live chat, Q&A section, quizzes, handouts, and surveys.

VIDIZMO Capabilities That Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Here are some of the key capabilities that will help you deliver effective video-based regulatory compliance training to employees:

Self-Serve On-Demand Video Library

The YouTube-like library can be a centralized video learning portal for your whole organization. Create different compliance course playlists. Feature the most critical ones on the home page. You can also restrict certain user groups to relevant departments to limit it to only authenticated viewing. Employees can easily complete these asynchronous video courses in their own time. Secure the entire portal with SSO integration and other key security features like end-to-end encryption, IP restriction, role-based access controls, geo-restriction, etc.

End-to-end brandable enterprise video platform

Interactive Elements

VIDIZMO allows you to add interactive elements in your videos. These include:

  • Quizzes to test the comprehension of viewers
  • Handouts to provide additional information to the sub-topics present in each of your videos
  • Surveys to collect feedback from the employees regarding their course experience and to collect recommendations

Analytics Dashboards and Reporting

Keep tabs on your course completion and interaction analytics through easy-to-understand dashboards that showcase different metrics. The dashboards also have data visualized in the form of tables, graphs, and heat maps.


You can also similarly analyze quiz results and view the recommendations provided in the feedback surveys. There are also quality of experience analytics available showcasing statistics such as load time, player buffering, etc.

LMS Integration

Don’t want to let go of your LMS account? Bring videos right to your LMS through VIDIZMO’s LMS integration. You can either have your VIDIZMO videos be embedded within your LMS courses. Or directly have a separate tab for the VIDIZMO application showcasing your course library with your compliance training course playlists.

SharePoint Video Integration with VIDIZMO

Zoom & MS Teams Integration

Do you conduct real-time compliance training sessions on video conferencing solutions like Zoom or MS Teams? Be sure to record these to preserve them for a lifetime. Integrate Zoom or MS Teams with VIDIZMO’s video learning platform. Auto-ingest and manage these recordings securely. Split them up into chunks and remove any unnecessary bits. Add any relevant handouts for additional information. Finally, create playlists if you have a series of lectures to align them in a sequence.


Automatically transcribe your videos and translate these into more than 80 languages to provide access to all your employees globally. These transcripts are also searchable. You can jump right to a particular spoken word.

Intelligent Platform-wide and In-Video Search

Search across the platform based on your title, meta-description, manual and auto-generated tags (using transcript), and custom identifiers that you can assign to your videos to improve the filtering functionality.

You can even go one step ahead and use AI-based facial recognition to search for faces, object detection to search based on objects (like buildings), and optical character recognition (OCR) to search for on-screen text like a license plate number or handwritten documents.

Security and Access Controls

Have your videos be accessible to the entire organization or specific groups and users. You can also utilize the limited sharing capability to share password-protected videos externally with a limited number of views allowed and an availability period defined.

Utilize the functionality of role-based access controls that provides to assign your team certain roles with pre-defined permissions to limit the actions they may perform (like downloading or sharing).

Overall, VIDIZMO provides a variety of security measures to protect your internal content, including:

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Optimized Viewing Experience on Device of Your Choice

The platform is built to handle large video files and delivers a high-quality viewing experience while combatting network and bandwidth challenges. All this is made possible through the help of automatic transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, and CDN support.

Completion Certificate

Reward your employees with a course completion certificate to appreciate their efforts and encourage others to follow through as well.

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Try It Out Yourself!

Doubting that all this is too good to be true? Try it out yourself today and provide your employees a highly engaging compliance training experience.

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Video training is just one way videos can be used in an organization. And VIDIZMO’s platform can be used for multiple uses cases other than just video training. Do check out our detailed guide on video platforms.

Posted by Sabika Tasneem

Sabika is the Associate Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO, an expert in video streaming technologies and solutions. You can email at websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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