How to Use Zoom and a Video Platform to Provide Telehealth Services?

Zoom can be used to provide Telehealth & Virtual Care, these videos can be recorded and shared with patients through a YouTube-like portal such as VIDIZMO.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, only 1 in 10 US patients used Telehealth facilities, as per a July 2019 JD Power survey. Amidst city-wide social distancing measures, new patients are now signing up for telemedicine applications, creating a surge in demand for telehealth services (even using Zoom) in the US virtual health market. Besides telehealth providers, the video conferencing solution Zoom is also being used for telehealth services.  

Zoom for telehealth reliably delivers virtual care technology and consistent clinical user experiences, seamlessly integrating into other video technology and workflows, like video content management systems, while meeting security and compliance requirements. With high-quality two-way video communication, even in low-bandwidth environments, organizations can support healthcare teams and patients around the globe. 

But what happens after the meeting? Unless the meeting is recorded, all the valuable information exchanged will be gone - reviewing it for an after-care plan or future visits will be impossible.

Even if the meeting has been recorded, how do you share that recording securely with other participants? Can the meetings be shared if it is recorded locally? And over time, how do you catalog all your recordings, make them discoverable, and ensure swift searchability of their content for better virtual care? 

All these questions lead to a single answer – a video content management system, like VIDIZMO that can integrate with Zoom to securely ingest your recording for automated management, search and sharing of these Zoom telehealth meetings. 


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VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is an enterprise video platform for live and on-demand video streaming and management of all your video content, large and small alike. Imagine have an internal YouTube - all your recordings organized neatly in different categories and playlists and you having the autonomy to limit which user can access what and perform what video actions (like downloading). This is exactly what you get with VIDIZMO.

It provides your organization an out-of-the-box integration with Zoom. What this entails is that as soon as your recorded meeting ends, it will be auto-ingested into VIDIZMO's secure video platform and be auto-deleted from Zoom's database. VIDIZMO allows you to store, stream, transcode, manage, index, search, and share your telehealth recordings securely inside and outside your organization.

End to End Management of Zoom Recordings 

With VIDIZMO, all of your Zoom recordings are automatically uploaded securely to any public, private or hybrid cloud in the region of your choice. Or you could choose to secure them on-premise securely behind your firewall. There is even a ready-made SaaS version  (Learn more on How to Buy VIDIZMO).

Automatic transcoding functionality will optimize your recording for high-quality playback on any browser, device, or location. If you have various types of content, you could even create multiple independent video portals - each with its own security policies, administrative controls and separate billing.

Fine-grained control over security  

A violation of Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), a subset of the HIPAA regulations, can result in substantial fines, criminal charges and civil action lawsuits being filed. Healthcare providers who have access to patients personal health information need to address technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. 

Furthermore in the case of telehealth, patients Personal Health Information (PHI) such as information about health status, provision of healthcare, payment for healthcare that is created or collected by a Covered Entity, and can be linked to an individual needs to be protected. 

Even though Zoom is HIPAA compliant in terms of video conferencing. Its recording storage, sharing, and management functionality lack in this arena. VIDIZMO picks up where Zoom falls short. VIDIZMO provides robust security offering with various safety controls, both at an application level and stored content. It provides platform-based security through authentication, authorization, audit logs, login encryption, inactivity timeout and user logouts. 

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Furthermore, admins can implement security policies at the portal level and assign specific security policies to each Zoom meeting that is uploaded to help you meet HIPAA compliance without worry. 

SharRecorded Meetings 

With Zoom Cloud, videos can be password protected or be available only to Zoom account holders within your organizationFor meetings recorded locally, they can be shared with others by uploading them to third-party cloud storage or video streaming service. Sharing recorded meetings then becomes a challenge, especially in times when relevant information is so crucial. 

VIDIZMO addresses this by allowing straightforward content sharing with internal and external (third party) users by generating a link and password protecting recorded meetings. These features enable medical professionals to share recordings with specific viewers (internally or externally) or groups.  

Admins also have the option to make recordings available by email or specifying viewers and groups for a particular time frame by entering details such as hour, minute, beginning and ending date of the meeting to be shared. 


Find important Zoom meetings and conversations instantly with VIDIZMO’s powerful search 

Healthcare providers need to share a ton of information quickly to spread awareness and guide their patience. 

A physician who records a Zoom meeting with a patient might need to revisit a particular part in the hour-long recording a couple of days later. That is a lot a huge recording to sit through just to find a couple of minutes of relevant discussion. There has to be an easier way.  

Once the meeting is uploaded, VIDIZMO provides a robust platform that allows you to search inside the video that makes finding information as simple as searching for content in an email.   

Furthermore, for recorded meetings, you can search within the platform through categories, tags, custom attributes (user-defined, and system-generated), and metadata generated from various sources such as Artificial Intelligence.  Use these to filter down your search to find the required recording in seconds.

Transcription for your recordings 

VIDIZMO also provides machine-generated automatic transcription as well as a human transcription for accuracy, which converts spoken words into searchable and indexable text, thereby speeding up video processing for in-video search, and retrieval. 

Edit Zoom Recordings 

Before sharing with other relevant stakeholdersZoom meeting hosts can use VIDIZMO’s video clipping tools to remove unnecessary casual conversations at the beginning of a Zoom call, cut out off-topic conversations that take place in the middle, or trim it down to only the most critical discussions.  

You can even attach handouts to educate patients with additional materialsmake a collection of videos and other digital assets or splice multiple recordings on the same topic to make your recorded meeting a complete informational asset for your patients, to ensure better healthcare. 



Telehealth through video conferencing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Video content management systems such as VIDIZMO act as a force multiplier by making it easy to preserve and share those online telehealth meetings especially during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.  

As two of the fastest-growing vendors in our respective markets, VIDIZMO and Zoom see this integration as a natural step towards helping healthcare professionals provide quality care through telehealth. 

Contact us today know more about how VIDIZMO can help store, manage, index, search and share your telehealth recordings done through Zoom. Or try our solution for to experience the ease yourself!

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