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VIDIZMO & ZOOM, Transforming Meeting Recordings into a Video Knowledge Base

VIDIZMO allows you to create a video portal or knowledge based from Zoom recorded meetings, to better share and view them
by Usman D. Updated on September 1, 2021

Video Conferencing has transformed the world into a single-room office. Years back, one would need sophisticated hardware and proprietary software to have a video conference. Then came ZOOM, the video conferencing platform that has empowered organizations to have a meeting with executives in any part of the world.

The meetings provide the opportunity to make critical decisions as if one is physically present at the other end of the camera. ZOOM meetings provide the best opportunity to have creative sessions and discuss all sort of matters about the organization’s success with stakeholders. Manual sharing of ZOOM meeting videos takes too much of an organizer’s time, and management of too many recordings is very time-consuming. Read on to see how VIDIZMO empowers ZOOM.

ZOOM alone managed a mammoth 39 billion annualized meeting minutes. Each organization and individual participate in tons of video meetings in a year. Apart from challenges of storing and securely sharing the meeting recordings with internal and with an external audience, cataloging and making these videos easily searchable with the selected audience is the biggest challenge for users of video conferencing.

How will these meetings be stored, shared, and become discoverable?

Organizations are continuously adopting Video Content Management Systems like VIDIZMO, which offer tight integration with their video conferencing solutions like ZOOM. These integrations bring out the best of the two technologies, provide efficient knowledge management, and enhance the efficiency of employees. 

VIDIZMO working with ZOOM made a custom integration using ZOOM API to resolve the challenges of recorded meeting storage, sharing securely, and making them discoverable. ZOOM meetings are transferred to VIDIZMO automatically and becomes available for sharing with desired audiences. 

VIDIZMO & ZOOM – Secure & Automatic Storing, Cataloging and Sharing of Recorded Meetings

VIDIZMO, in its new Version 6, has released native integration with ZOOM, automating the complete workflow of storing, metadata generation using optional AI components and securely sharing of meeting recordings. 

Zoom Video Library Infographic

Learn More About  Managing Recorded Meetings in VIDIZMO

This integration allows ZOOM credentials to be set up in VIDIZMO, and all recorded meetings are automatically transferred to VIDIZMO’s Enterprise Video Content Management System. 

What happens to these recordings when they arrive in VIDIZMO? Find out below:

  • Recordings are stored and shared as per default Zoom account settings, removing any manual process to publish them. 
  • A moderator can edit the video, clip the required video section, and publish the focused part from complete recording and set other preferences as per need.  
  • Videos fetched from ZOOM go through complete content management lifecycle: Encode, host, manage, and stream videos over CDN. This workflow automation enables smooth video playback on any device. 
  • VIDIZMO portal allows detailed video analytics to track content engagement. 
  • VIDIZMO’s role-based access and integration with SSO providers provide comprehensive content security and access to videos. 
  • VIDIZMO portal allows you to edit the ZOOM meeting recording and share the edited version as VOD.
  • Using a Zoom admin account, specific ZOOM accounts can be specified in VIDIZMO to download meeting recordings from those accounts only. 
  • Sometimes a same meeting recording is paused and then resumed which create multiple recording files. VIDIZMO can automatically join these videos and share as a single recording. 
  • If you are worried about cloud storage available at ZOOM or wish to keep all recordings off ZOOM, VIDIZMO offers recording deletion from ZOOM cloud once the meeting recording is downloaded in VIDIZMO, enabling content security and improving resource usage. 
  • VIDIZMO offers the option to auto publish the videos or save them in Draft to share manually, giving more control over your meeting videos.  

How ZOOM Recordings in VIDIZMO Improve Productivity?

Have you ever found yourself juggling during the meeting to take notes, responding to conversations, and thinking during the meeting?

VIDIZMO offers automatic recording ingestion from ZOOM, and with its optional AI, features provide machine transcription and are synchronized with video timeline. Participants can later watch the video, take notes, and even export the transcript. This transcript can be setup to generate multilingual transcript to audiences around the world. 

VIDIZMO also offers auto-tag cloud generation based on the transcript, offering deep search capability in videos. These tags, along with other objects and text detected via optional AI components, enable users to search and find relevant content with great accuracy.

How to Edit Zoom Recordings?

Meeting recordings some times require minor editing before making them shareable as VOD. VIDIZMO portal provides a basic edit to trim the meeting recording and share edited version easily with selected or anonymous viewers. So to your question, can you edit a ZOOM recording with VIDIZMO? answer is Yes you can.  

Easy ZOOM Setup

VIDIZMO Control Panel offers a separate tab for configuring ZOOM accounts with default content publishing settings. This allows the administrator to setup once all zoom accounts in the portal. 

Once it's done, ask your team to use ZOOM as they normally would with the cloud recording enabled. VIDIZMO, once the meeting is finished will make the meeting available as per default zoom account settings.  

Do you want to get more out of ZOOM and your meetings?

Unified collaborations technologies have transformed the productivity of employees with live video conferencing. VIDIZMO video content management platform with ZOOM integration enables automatic ingesting of ZOOM videos and allow organizations to automate video content workflows. Optional AI features provide deep search facilities transforming a video into a easily searchable knowledge base. 

Looking to learn more? Schedule a live demo now by contacting us today.

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Posted by Usman D.

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