Follow These Essential Steps to Create a Successful Webcast Strategy

Essential steps that helps in strategizing and creating webcast content with technologies that will attract the right audience and fulfill desired goals.

Enterprises are gradually realizing the power of webcasts as core elements for communication, marketing, strategic planning, training, etc. Webcasts are a vital communication tool that enables you to connect and interact with a large audience.

Conduct webcasts to acquaint the market with your product faster, engage a broader audience, educate customers and prospects about your product, shorten the sales cycle, strengthen relationships, do collaborations, reduce costs, save time, and do much more. Arranging webcasts are an excellent method of providing various types of information to customers and engaging them through this medium. According to Content Marketing Institute, webcasts and other online events are used by 55% of top-performing businesses to distribute various types of educational and informational content.

Here are the key steps to help create a webcast that meets your requirements:

Create a Webcast Using Well-Defined Strategy and Goals

As much as organizing webcasts to engage different audiences is necessary, having a clear strategy of each webcast's audience and what content is to be shared in each webcast is equally necessary to ensure the webcast's success. Thus, it is imperative to pre-define the goals, strategy, and agenda to maximize ROI.

Create Awareness for Your Webcast

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Once you have chalked out your strategy, the next step is to make your potential viewers aware so that they can view it on time. Do the following to get the desired response:

  • Think up an interesting title for the webcast to appeal to the sensibilities of your audience.

  • Announce the webcast with the name, the timings, link where it will take place, and an engaging, crisp description to ensure participation. Moreover, using searchable keywords will help you index better on search engines, creating more awareness and lead generation.

  • Share the announcement on all relevant social media and communication platforms.

  • Encourage the potential viewers to register beforehand to estimate how many people are planning to attend the webcast.

Work on Marketing Your Webcast

Garner more interest and engagement by promoting your webcast event on different online platforms that your target audience uses. Drafting the right marketing plans can do wonders for your business. Here are a few ways through which you can market to your target audience:

  • Come up with an integrated campaign with the help of various tools, either free or paid, based on the requirements and budget limit. Making use of emails, e-newsletter, websites, etc., will increase awareness and create interest in the webcast.

  • Coordinate with partners for promotional activities.

  • Create a website for the webcast and a database to track registrations.

  • Integrate social media options as part of your registration process.

  • Send invites and drive engagement using various social media platforms.

Create the Webcast to be More Interactive Through External Cues

It is important to break your content into small digestible chunks to increase retention. You would not want your prospect, employees, partners, or customers to be overloaded with information and lost during the discussion. Thus, producing shorter webcasts with external cues such as slides, sources, documents, images, and texts can make the content easier to grasp as well as enjoyable to watch.

Try to keep your presentations as natural and coherent as possible to engage the attendees. It is advised to only write the brief, main points in your slides. The presenter can expand on the main points while presenting as per need.

Narrate A Story Through Your Webcast

It is crucial to have a well-spoken presenter to carry out the webcast and create the right environment. A good presenter will use stories, anecdotes, and illustrations to engage audiences and explain complicated concepts. By making use of case studies and everyday examples, the participants can grasp the concept better. However, be sure not to overdo this as it will take away from the webcast's actual aim.

Webcast Presenter smiling while delivering her content.

The presenter should also try to nurture an interactive environment for the audience. An engaged audience minimizes the need for multitasking and offers a richer experience to all. It is always a good idea to take questions during the webcasts rather than saving them for the end.

Moreover, to gauge your webcast's effectiveness, you can roll out a poll during the event to learn how your audience is responding to the topics. This information will help the narrator in tailoring the content and pacing their delivery accordingly.

Make Your Content Memorable

Create a successful webcast using creative and memorable content. Entice your audience by discussing interesting topics, inviting engaging speakers, and making use of vibrant themes. You can also invite industry experts to present. Such people can add value and credibility to the topic being discussed.

Moreover, it is not a great idea to endorse your products and services unless the agenda behind your webcast is product training or demonstrations. By adding value to your prospects' knowledge regarding best practices or industry trends, more effective awareness of your company or product will be generated. This will be much more authentic and useful than an upfront sales pitch.

It is also crucial to remember that the ideal time for a webcast is below 60 minutes. If participants wish to discuss further, then directing them to emails or discussion platforms is a better option.

Create Dialogue with Participants through the Webcast

Webcasts are not just isolated events. They should be considered as conversation drivers. There can be a series of webcasts centering around similar subtopics. Alongside these webcasts, blog posts and messages on discussion forums can be shared to immerse the audience in the topic and encourage them to share their opinions. You can also create a portal for the participants where they can interact with like-minded people and get access to various resources.

Record and Share the Webcast as an On-Demand Video

Always be sure to follow up with the participants after the event. They can then be informed of future events, insights or discussions. There might also be some participants who were not able to make it to the webcast. Be sure to have your webcast recorded, stored, and shared as an on-demand video format on your enterprise video portal. Moreover, you can inform everyone of the available webcast recording through an email by first thanking those who attended and sending something like "Sorry! We missed you." to those who were not able to make it to the webcast.

Analyze Your Event

It is vital to gauge the success of your event with the help of analytics and metrics. Enterprises can go through surveys, polls, feedback, and ratings to determine the response of participants. Moreover, the nature of the questions asked during the event will help you evaluate the expectations and demands of the audience. Evaluate using all these things and improve your future webcasts accordingly to produce a better result.

Enterprise Video Content Management

Hence, keep in mind the above steps to arrange webcasts for various types of audiences. Opt for an efficient Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) system, like VIDIZMO, to create webcasts conveniently. You can also use these platforms to record, store, manage and share them later as an on-demand video in a secure, private platform where the video can be restricted to the relevant users.


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