5 Different Ways Through Which Video Can Help Grow Your Business

5 ideas to achieve more with your existing resources through self-serve customer service libraries, marketing videos, sales pitches, & training videos.

How can you grow your business with video? Before we answer this question, let’s take a step back and ponder on what we mean by growth. Growth, according to the Cambridge dictionary is “increasing in size”. For an organization, we would define growth as increasing your impact. This might be increasing your revenue, increasing your customer base or increasing the amount of people that you are able to help.

Video is a powerful tool and there are multiple ways in which you can use video. You can use videos for marketing, customer service, internal training, attracting new talent, explainer videos to customers or internal employees, and much more. The ultimate goal should be to use video in such a way that it helps you make more of an impact, while consuming less of your resources.

Here's an example of what we mean. We at VIDIZMO, have had success in using video for our customer service. Rather than contacting our customer service agents every time, customers can now visit our video knowledge base, where we have recorded and uploaded videos of all commonly asked queries. You can do this for your organization as well.  

Here's How We Use Video!

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Now that’s just one example of how you can use video to achieve more and grow your business with limited resources. In this blog, we’ll talk about the different ways in which you can use video to achieve more, with your existing resourcesWe’ll discuss 5 ways, which are:  

  • Training Videos for Onboarding New Employees 
  • Customer Service: Videos for Common FAQs 
  • Sales: Standardized Pitch for Leads 
  • Human Resources: Attracting New Talent 
  • Marketing: Advertisements and Testimonials 


1. Spend Less Time on Training and More on Growth Related Activities 

According to Statista, small companies spend 42 hours and midsize companies spend 35 hours per employee annually in training. If your senior executives are spending time training junior employees, you are losing out on the time these senior executives could have spent on growth of your company. Similarly, if you are engaging an employee for training every time a new recruit joins your organization, then you are losing on the time this employee could have spent on helping your company grow.  

Here’s where video can help. You can pre-record trainings and and provide them to new recruits. This way senior executives and employees will only need to spend time once in recording the training, and the same recording can be replicated across other new recruits. This process is even easier if you are using Zoom, MS Teams or any other online meetings solution, as you can record your meetings and discussions and share them ahead with new employees.  

You can also show recorded public footage for office procedures, guidelines etc. Here’s an example 

Using video for training to grow your business has 3 major benefits:  

  • It helps employees retain information
  • It helps you save time
  • It standardizes your training
  • It makes it easy to revisit information 
  • It improves the quality of your onboarding
  • It improves the quality of your products and services

We did a whole blog on how to effectively use video based training

A new recruit watching an onboarding training video


2. Customer Service| Answer FAQs and Common Queries Through Video 

Customer service is important, as according to a survey by HubSpot, 93% of customers would do repeat purchases with a business if it has good customer service. However, for a small or medium size business, having a large customer service team to respond to each customer, can be costly and resource consuming.  

Businesses can use video to have excellent customer service, by creating a self-service video knowledge base. This way, customer service representatives would receive less calls for simple queries and will have time to respond to much complex issues. A self-service video knowledge base can help support your growing customer base as your business grows.   

We have created a video knowledge base for our organization, and it has helped improve our customer service tremendously. For instance, if a customer searches “insert handout video” to understand how to add a handout to a video in a portal, this would appear:

A screenshot of how a video knowledge base helps in customer service

This way customers can easily resolve their issues, and you can achieve more and grow your business with limited customer service resources.

We did a whole blog on how you can use video for customer education and better customer service.

3. Communicate with More Prospects| Standardize the Sales Pitch

Your sales team would usually give the same introductory sales pitch every time they start a conversation with a lead or prospect. For instance, they would start by saying something like “Hi, we at VIDIZMO provide video content management solutions …..”.

Rather than giving the same pitch again and again, you can record it in a video, and it send it out to prospects through email before they set up a meeting. Sending a video before a sales pitch has multiple advantages:

  • You can start conversations with prospects by taking about their challenges, rather than introducing your organization first.
  • You can save time and reach out to more prospects, hence achieve more growth.

Your follow-up email can look something like this:

A sample of how videos can be included in sales emails.

You can add a link to a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. You could also use VIDIZMO to better track viewing analytics, add forms, handouts, or a survey.

4. Attract Great Talent Through Video

Video has been a great tool to attract new talent and let them know about your work culture. You can record simple videos, where you interview your existing employees and ask them what they love about your workplace. You can always record office premises, the challenges you solve, inspirational messages from senior executives, and compile them into a single recruitment video.

Watch This Video by KPMG to See How They Promote Their Workplace and Attract Talent

Attracting great talent can always help you grow your business, as well as its employer brand.

5. Video For Marketing

Needless to say, using video for marketing can really help your business grow. According to Wyowl, 93% of the marketers think that video is an important part of their strategy. However, if you are a small business, you probably don’t have a large budget for marketing videos. Here are few tips on how you can create marketing videos on a low budget and grow your business:

  • Use a compilation of stock footage: you can get a good stock footage subscription and compile different footages, add overlay text and voiceover. Through good stock footage, you can grab your audience’s attention and get your message across.
  • Testimonials: You can record reviews from your customers, compile them, and add a bit of background music. Testimonials show real experiences and are a good way to show the benefits of your products or services.
  • Product Demos: You can record a video of your products or provide details of your service. This way, your audience can get an idea of what you offer.

These methods do not require you to spend a lot on producing an advertisement video. You can upload these videos on your YouTube channel, website or share it through social media.


This blog talked about 5 different ways to grow your business through video. We did a more detailed blog as well, where we listed 51 use cases for video in business

Using a Video Content Management System

At VIDIZMO, we provide video content management systems that helps an organization unlock the potential of video. You can use videos effectively and achieve more by utilizing your existing resources.

It's a YouTube-like portal at the very basic level, but offers a range of features to enable users to make the most out of video content. For instance, quizzes, comments, live streaming, integrations with unified communication systems and much more.

Here are a few benefits of using VIDIZMO for video:

  • Flexible: You can choose how you use video, where you store it and how you define access for videos.
  • Scalable: You can live-stream, upload on-demand videos, ingest Zoom or other online meetings; all through one platform.
  • Start Using Today: You can start using our SaaS solutions today.

Or Get Customized Solutions: You can get customized features, integrations or deployment on Azure, AWS, or on-premises, by contacting us.



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