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How to Set Up a Video Based Training Platform for You Organization?

By Shahan Zafar
A woman watching training on a video based platform

A video based training platform is an essential tool for organizations in the modern era as it helps in sharing of knowledge amongst employees. A survey of 9,000 business and HR leaders in 119 countries by Deloitte, 75% believe that knowledge management is important for the success of their organizations over the next 12–18 months. Such knowledge management can practically be implemented by an organization through means of a centralized video platform that hosts all training & learning videos and can be accessed by employees across the organization.


The benefits of using a video based training platform are:

Helps Employees Retain Information

Video is an effective tool for communication. Employees are likely to retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video as compared to 10% when reading it in text. By hosting training videos or other informative videos, organizations can be sure that the information being shared by their employees is being rightly comprehended. ​

It Helps you Save Time

A video based training platform eliminates the need to conduct employee trainings over and over again. Training sessions conducted by experienced employees can be recorded and uploaded on to a video platform. These can be accessed by other employees later on, and the whole process essentially helps experienced employees in spending less time on training and more time on productive tasks.

Standardize Training

Training delivered to different employees by different trainers at different times is likely to have variations. What organizations can do is that they can record a single training and distribute it to employees through means of a training platform. This way, organizations can ensure that information is effectively shared with all employees in a standardized manner.

Easy to Revisit Information

Attended a crucial training, but having trouble in recalling information? Video platforms with powerful search features make it easier for employees to revisit information when they need. Video platforms allow users to add tags to training videos and this makes it easy to search for the required information. More advanced video platforms offer 'search inside video' features to allow users to search for exact spoken words or objects within videos.

Improved Quality

The bottom line is that employees within your organization would be better informed, could improve their skills and eventually produce superior products and deliver service with improved quality. Video platforms allow organizations to add quizzes to videos to ensure that information is effectively being registered by employees.

How a Video Based Platform Can Provide Value in Multiple Industries?

Here are a few practical examples of various businesses and industries where the use of such a platform can help improve sharing of knowledge within organizations and enhance training and learning.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Doctors

Healthcare providers can create a library of CME courses for doctors with video, documents and other digital content for education of healthcare providers. This is required to ensure that doctors are up to date with the latest knowledge and are able to better serve their patients.

Educating Patients

Healthcare providers can use a video based training platform to educate patients, where they can upload videos to inform patients about pre-surgery dietary requirements, medication, etc. Healthcare providers can also use such a platform to stream videos that help patients suffering from chronic diseases to learn more about their condition and adopt healthy habits to slower the progression of their disease.

Technical Knowledge

For complicated products and services in industries such as manufacturing, aeronautics, software, IT infrastructure, organizations can upload detailed technical videos to explain these products to new and existing employees as well as customers. Rather than going through long documentation, people can watch videos and gain the knowledge that they need more effectively while saving time.

Product Demos

Rather than providing product demos again and again to prospects and customers, businesses can host demo videos in a centralized video platform, send customers with a link to the platform or use the same platform to share videos with customers through email, social media, or embed videos onto their website.


Existing employees spend a considerable amount of time training new recruits, and the whole process can be revolutionized by recording such trainings and uploading them on a training platform. This will help save time for existing employees and help the organization by providing standardized training to employees.


VIDIZMO Virtual Academy is a video platform where organizations can host training videos and other learning content, organize content based on topics and courses, and insert quizzes within videos. To learn more click here.

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