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Which Virtual Training Software Is Right For You?

Read more about three different types of Virtual Training Software - video conferencing, video content management systems and learning management systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the evolution of e-learning, transforming the way we work. As a result, the training and learning process has changed radically, with the distinctive rise of virtual training software. With classroom learning quickly becoming unfavored, organizations need to adopt new learning techniques. The training and learning process needs to be conducted in a more simulated environment instead of the typical classroom space by blending virtual locations, web-based learning, live webcasts, and several other collaboration tools.

Remote learning is dependent on some engagement with an educator and has replaced the traditional classroom model with virtual training software, an automated and more scalable format, less dependent on in-person instruction. By leveraging the best-of-breed technology and fit-for-virtual learning design, it is possible to successfully deliver a high-impact human learning experience. You don’t need to be in the same room as your learners to keep them engaged and help them develop new skills and remain productive.


While remote learning is partly about leveraging the right tools, the greatest challenge in supporting distance learning is designing an online learning experience with interactive Live and On-Demand video that lives up to the reputation you expect. Fortunately, there are plenty of virtual training software out there that can do that for you. Here is a breakdown of the best:


Video Conferencing Tools


ZOOM has transformed the world into a single-room office, helping organizations and employees connect face to face and communicate from anywhere in the world as e-learning has become the new normal, and with the Coronavirus pandemic forcing the closure of workplaces, ZOOM has become pivotal for training and communication continuity planning. Although zoom appears to be an unparalleled force, it doesn’t come without its weaknesses.

Zoom is best for organizations with a small number of trainees and whose training content requires live interactions. A simple video conferencing solution would suffice for them.



Microsoft Teams

With the world struggling with the global pandemic, organizations are considering e-learning through virtual training software as an option to lessen the spread of the COVID-19, resulting in video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams becoming ubiquitous across the corporate world. Using Microsoft Teams, organizations can unite and captivate learners easily and create content in Office 365. But unlike other video conferencing applications, Microsoft Teams also doesn’t come without its weaknesses.

Microsoft Teams is best for training that involves sharing documents and maintaining separate channels for each departmental unit. 



Video Content Management Solutions


The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented measures, first by schools and then businesses as they try to limit the spread of the virus. Up to 70% of organizations are continuing virtual training as part of their setup going forward. In addition to working remotely, a growing number of organizations are now rethinking their ways of delivering an engaging impactful learning experience remotely, which has led to a major gap in virtual training. VIDIZMO bridges the gap by offering a complete enterprise video streaming and content management platform, for those moments when LMS video hosting isn’t enough for video learning needs.

The best part of VIDIZMO is that it is more than just a virtual training software. It is designed with enterprise video needs in mind and facilitates several use cases from video training to corporate communication to external sharing.

VIDIZMO is best for enterprises with a large volume of videos and other digital media used for training that needs to be delivered securely with AI-driven insights and LMS integration.


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Microsoft Stream

Microsoft stream experienced a sudden spike as countries across the globe entered a lockdown, forcing businesses to adopt virtual learning practices on a global scale. Incorporated in Office 365 subscription, Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video content management system, that can integrate with any Microsoft-friendly virtual training software, but lacks the capabilities to allow secure sharing externally, Artificial Intelligence insights, and limited search facility, making it difficult to manage large amounts of training.

Microsoft Stream is best for organizations that are already using Office 365 Suite and don't have particular video management requirements that warrant a third-party video streaming solution.



Learning Management Systems


With the spread of the global pandemic in a short time, the circumstances all over the globe changed within days, and the organizations switched from face-to-face learning to e-learning through virtual training software. With a substantial move to e-learning in an exceptionally short time, organizations are accessing their training diversely through Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, a leading educational technology that empowers excellence in education, to embed interactive videos and design learning through unique strategies, and on different devices.

Blackboard is best for organizations that have a structured training program and stringent criteria for training completion. These organizations need a solution that will organize their learning plans and report on progress and performance diligently.


Adobe Captivate Prime

Forced into lockdown with most of the employees working remotely, organizations started investing in e-learning, to cut off human interaction and travel reduction, but faced a challenge in driving the training process and arranging effective virtual training software, that does not compromise the innovative objectives of on-site training. This has resulted in Learning Management Systems like Adobe Captivate Prime becoming pervasive across the corporate world. Adobe Captivate Prime allows you to manage end-to-end training effectively and gives the complete control to produce tailored learning capabilities to your employees, partners, and resellers.

Adobe Captivate Prime is best for organizations that use the Adobe Suite and deliver comprehensive, structured training.

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It’s worth mentioning that all of the aforementioned applications are great in their own markets and comparing one with the other is the textbook definition of apples to oranges. But that doesn’t change the fact that these are the most commonly used virtual training software for corporate training and learning. It’s up to you to decide which works best for you based on your needs and preferences.


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