51 Video Use Cases for Business through Enterprise Video Platform

Build and grow your business through the 51 most rapidly advancing video use cases that can be easily streamed through one enterprise video solution.

Video is everywhere in the enterprise today. With decreasing cost of bandwidth and video production, businesses are adopting video for internal and external communication, employee training and collaboration as well as sales and marketing to reach customers and prospects.


Organizational videos serve a range of purposes. By replacing in-person conferences, events, and training activities, a video brings about a significant reduction in communication and collaboration costs while also improving time efficiencies. Additionally, video enables better resource management by eliminating the need for repetitive communication, as videos can be recorded and sent to any number of viewers or stakeholder groups for live or on-demand viewing. Not only this but a video also gives users flexibility and convenience to watch and learn at their own pace, from a device of their choosing.  Being a powerful visual media, a video also helps increase viewer engagement and improves knowledge retention and recall.

Moreover, the growth of video streaming solutions for business has simplified the adoption and integration of comprehensive enterprise video platforms that serve end-to-end video capture, streaming, storage, sharing and processing needs in one comprehensive platform.


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51 types of videos used in the enterprise

51 Business Video Use Cases in the Modern Workplace

Video continues to replace text documents, PowerPoint presentations, classroom-style sessions, and in-person meetings for various business functions. With many types of videos being used across organizations, business video use cases continue to evolve.

We compiled a list of common or rapidly advancing video use cases that businesses are using to build, grow, improve and optimize their bottom line as well as increase employee engagement and productivity.

Recruitment videos

Recruitment videos are a great way to entice applicants, especially the younger generation of millennials who do not like to read blocks of text or brochures. Videos give applicants real insights, or a sneak peek of the company, its culture, available job details, etc., setting the company apart from other job adverts. Recruitment videos are also a great way to reach a bigger pool of applicants via digital channels such as social media or for recruitment activities on college campuses etc. Recruitment videos can be categorized as follows:

  • Job description video: Instead of lengthy text descriptions, record short videos to explain the job description of various vacancies in the company & what a candidate can expect in a certain role.
  • Company profile video: This could be an HR representative giving an overview of the company, its values, mission, and brand as well as the corporate culture to educate applicants about the firm.
  • Day-in-the-life videos: Existing employees can make ‘day-in-the-life’ videos, which could contain interviews with current employees in particular roles and their experience working with the firm.
  • Video resumes and candidate intros: Requesting or giving candidates the option to produce video resumes can give HR greater insight into a candidate’s professional and social skills.

New employee orientation and HR training videos

Engage your new hires with videos that not only help them orient themselves with the company quickly but also make their onboarding and induction a smooth, engaging and streamlined process with the following types of videos:

  • Workplace orientation videos: Give your new hires a virtual tour of the office to help orient them with their surroundings and different parts of the company’s buildings and offices.
  • Leadership welcome videos: Involve your company’s top management in welcome videos for new hires to introduce them to the firm’s leadership and their vision in a warm & personable manner.
  • HR & corporate policy videos: Give your employees easy access to all HR policies in clearly outlined videos for payroll, insurance benefits, leave policy, BYOD policies, etc.
  • HR compliance videos: Role-play videos of health and safety training, diversity training, sexual harassment prevention, etc. can be useful for enacting workplace compliance scenarios.
  • IT policies & cyber-security videos: Ensure all your new hires get proper training on your firm’s data policies and cyber-security training to safeguard company resources & prevent breaches.

Employees training and learning videos

Training and learning is a continuous part of employee knowledge growth and skill development. While most of the training is delivered to employees during their induction, continuous learning is an integral aspect of boosting performance, keeping your workforce up-to-date with new skills and providing them avenues for just-in-time learning opportunities.

  • Screencast training videos: Screen capture videos facilitate trainees through specific procedures and processes captured directly from the trainer’s computer screen to enable faster learning.
  • How-to videos: Provide your employees just-in-time learning with videos of certain skills and practices that can be learned conveniently using how-to videos presented by experts.
  • Interactive training videos: Include quizzes, surveys, polls or gamified scoring & certification elements in your training videos to make for highly engaging, interactive & competitive learning.
  • Continuous learning videos: Provide your employees with new skill training videos or innovative knowledge videos to enable continuous skill development, adaption to new technology, etc.
  • Knowledge experts’ video library: Create a video library of valuable industrial and skill-based knowledge captured overtime from subject matter experts and experienced professionals.

Video for internal communication

Video has major benefits and a wide range of use cases for internal communications for organizations of all size. The most common communication video uses include the following:

  • Recordings of Virtual Meetings: Recordings of online meetings held on video conferencing tools like Zoom and MS Teams should be stored and utilized for the purposes of knowledge retention and future reviews.
  • Live CEO speeches/ broadcasts: CEOs and other leaders can conduct live or recorded speeches to share the company’s overall progress, mission, values or updates with all employees and partners.
  • Policy updates and corporate change announcements: Video is a great tool to convey all internal policy changes or regulatory updates for implementation and compliance by the whole firm.
  • Event videos: Corporate events can be covered live or recorded for public relations archives while also being available to employees to watch in real-time or later on once the event is over.
  • Email videos: Substitute mass email announcements or CEO messages with video to better engage your audience in a more personalized and effective manner.


Video for external communications

Video is one of the most efficient and personal mediums for business leaders to reach out to and stay connected with a wide range of external shareholder groups to maintain their trust as well as the company image and reputation with the following types of video content.

  • Company profile video: Use a company profile video to present your value propositions to clients, investors, and other stakeholders in meetings, presentations, company website, social media, etc.
  • Crisis communication videos: Send collective yet personalized video messages to your shareholders, customers, and employees to quickly address any corporate reputational crisis or rumors to regain stakeholder trust and confidence.
  • Public relations videos: Modernize your public relations activities by engaging the media with video-based press releases, blogs & media stories to strengthen your corporate brand.
  • CSR videos: Use live or recorded video to publicize any philanthropic or environmental efforts of your company’s CSR activities and events, which are vital for corporate image building.
  • Case study videos: Video case studies help you visually showcase real-life examples of how your products or services were able to help your customers accomplish their goals.
  • Community relations videos: Engage your local community with video messages to maintain community involvement in business public processes, respond to public concerns, generate public attention, keep the public informed of any disruptions due to business activities, etc.
  • Video for investors & shareholders: Use video messaging for personalized communication with investors & shareholders about the company’s financial health, growth, dividend announcements, etc.
  • Videos for partners, suppliers, etc.: Use video to train, educate and support partners, third-party vendors, suppliers, contractors, and creditors about industry standards, protocols, service changes, etc.

Knowledge sharing and educational videos

In contemporary organizations, employees engage in continuous learning, a big part of which takes place via peer learning and knowledge sharing among and across teams, which you can facilitate with the following types of videos:

  • Seminar/ workshop videos: Live stream or record videos of your company’s seminars and workshops to make them accessible for everyone from the organization to view at their own time.
  • Webinar videos: Conduct live webinars to educate employees & customers on specific topics while also answering questions in real-time; also record webinars for on-demand viewing later.
  • Presentation videos: Record internal, customer, and client presentations to maintain a library of video presentations that are easily accessible for learning or presenting to other parties.
  • Conference/ meeting videos: Record your in-house meetings and video conferences over Skype, WebEx, etc. to maintain a repository of meetings for others to learn from or use for note-taking, etc.
  • Subject matter expert videos: Use video to capture, learn, utilize and preserve valuable business knowledge from your firm’s subject matter experts, experienced outgoing professionals, etc.
  • Internal skill enhancement videos: Senior professionals can record how-to or new skill videos to help junior associates learn faster from field videos that significantly shortens the learning curve.

Workplace collaboration videos

Video provides a great many options for workplace collaboration between departmental teams and employees, all of which makes up a highly engaging and interactive work culture for continuous learning with the following types of video content:

  • Mobile video: Encourage employees to record and share mobile video from business trips, conferences, developmental labs or conferences for others to learn, engage, and benefit from.
  • Video employee directory: Have all employees record a short video introducing themselves and what they do to promote easy icebreakers and collaboration among peers, especially new hires.
  • Department-wide communication videos: Department head or team leaders can use live video sessions to realign efforts and strategies, provide updates on team performance or simply congratulate employees for a job well done.
  • Employee-generated content videos: Empower your employees with the ability to record videos in a media repository for everyone to access, collaborate with peers, and share creative ideas.

Sales and marketing videos

Video is a highly engaging and interactive way to reach out to current and prospective customers and clients. Following are few types of sales and marketing videos you can use to entice customers:

  • Derivative video content from commercials: Use your broadcast commercials and create shorter derivative video content for social media campaigns, websites, and other digital channels.
  • Video in blogs: Substitute lengthy text in your blogs with a video that will be more engaging and personable for your readers, easier to promote on social media, and make your blogs stand out.
  • Expert interview videos: Increase your credibility and usefulness for customers by providing them expert industry or product advice and insights via interview or talk show-style video content.
  • Product/ service launch videos: Conduct new product launches via live video that helps engage viewers and creates buzz and excitement to boost overall promotion & marketing efforts.
  • Product/ service overview videos: Create videos for the promotion of your product line by summarizing product/ service overview and your value proposition, which improves sales efforts.

New media and innovative videos

If you aren’t using new media and creative video types, it will be difficult for your business to keep up with new and growing trends most favored by the younger generation, that originate with video marketing as follows:

  • 360 videos: Deliver near-to-live experiences with 360 videos for highly immersive, engaging & attention-grabbing marketing campaigns for everything from travel advertising, to automobile experience marketing for higher emotional value and longer viewer engagement levels.
  • Vlogs: Video blogs or vlogs are highly engaging media that is easy to create and execute due to their casual nature. Vlogs also help businesses gain a loyal following because of the personal touch.
  • Behind the scenes videos: The success of reality TV reflects the importance of real and personalized experiences and insights for people to relate to, which businesses can achieve with behind-the-scenes videos that humanize the business to its customers, & builds customer loyalty.
  • Drone video: Use drones to capture powerful video footage for diverse business activities such as entertainment, delivery services, site inspections, surveillance, evidence collection, or even repairs.

Customer-generated videos

Engage your customers to generate original and interactive video content that will help you attract new customers with the following video types:

  • Customer-generated videos: Marketing campaigns involving customer-generated content produce meaningful and highly engaging campaigns that go a long way in building customer loyalty.
  • Customer testimonial videos: Video testimonials from your loyal customers are critical to building rapport, credibility, and trust using content that resonates with your new or first-time
  • Product review videos: Engage renowned bloggers, other influencers as well as happy customers to conduct video-based product reviews that play a crucial role in influencing buying

Customer support or reference videos

Facilitate your business customers and clients with video-based support material that they can use to install, operate, or better understand your product with the following types of videos:

  • Screen capture videos for customer support: Record screencast training or support videos for your customer help site or post-sales support videos to share in response to customer queries.
  • FAQ videos library: Help and engage your customers with video-based FAQs for commonly asked questions, especially ones that are better explained using videos with visual or graphical support.
  • Video tutorial/ product demo video: Make explainer videos or tutorials for your product or services, demonstrating product benefits, value proposition, its functional features, etc.


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  • Platform-wide and AI-powered in-video search for swift video discovery
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